Welcome to The one stop portal for your Constructional needs.

    We are a group of Engineers at ESAY with over 35+ years of experience in both Govt. and Private Construction sector.

    The ESAY portal has an ever expanding database of the contacts in the construction sector that can be instrumental for your project and the latest construction related information would be available on our portal.

    Our regularly updated database provides various contacts of Material / Machinery suppliers, Contractor, Consultants, Testing laboratories, Engineers, Workforce and New const. related products / services in construction sector in your Area or City.


Contacts of

  1. Consultants

    The contacts of the various consultants for a range of sectors such as Architectural, Structural designing, Interior Designing, Ground water survey and many more will be provided.

  2. Contractors

    The contacts of various Contractors such as Civil, Electrical, Fabrication, Road Laying, Painting, Plumbing, Centering and many more will be provided.

  3. Suppliers for material and machinery

    Our regular updated database provides the contacts with the list of suppliers and sources of various material /machinery that are essential for any construction related project in your area or city.

  4. Testing Laboratories

    The construction sector demands the testing of materials especially for Govt. related projects and other major projects in private sector. The contact information regarding quality control labs and the standards that have to be met are available.

  5. Engineers

    The contacts of Experienced / Retired Engineers and Freshers in Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical domain are also provided, so that they can be engaged by the registered Contractors or builders for their projects.

  6. Manpower or Workforce

    We also provide contacts of Masons and Manpower Suppliers such as plumbers, electricians, painters, carpenters and many more.

Engineering Info:

   This is regarding the Construction sector such as Registration procedure for the Contractors, Various Norms, Govt. Rates & Standard Data, grade of material to be used, related technical information, Quality Control aspects, Various Standards set in the Construction sector and many more will be available and are updated at regular intervals.

    Fellow Engineers, Consultants, Builders & Contractors will have a ready refer regarding various industry standards that need to be followed, coupled with other aspects such as latest government norms and rules set for Construction sector as a whole.

New Innovations & Practices:

   This portal provides the end user with information on new technologies, innovations and practices employed in the construction field.

Career Building Section:

   The Essence of four years engineering is readily available in a nut shell on ESAY portal. Coupled with that, the user can have insight into the practical way of executing the project and the ESAY would be more or less a reference point for people in the construction field or planning to enter into the industry.

    If you are a fresher / experienced engineer holding a degree or diploma in Civil / Mechanical / Electrical and are looking for a lucrative career in the construction industry, do register with ESAY and your details would be shared with the contractors / builders and you would be contacted as and when the need arises.

   ESAY would educate the user (CPD - continuing professional development) about the norms to be maintained during the construction process such as grade of material to be used, related technical information and rules set in the construction sector.