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Esay provides conversion calculator for all the units in length, area, weight, volume, etc. which are helpful for field engineers as well as students..


Units of temperature

F= 9/5 C+32 The measurement of temperature in the English system is usually in Fahrenheit (F), the above equation is used to convert to Celsius for 10F of temperature, the temperature in Celsius is -17.220C.


Units of Area

1 acre = 4046.86 sq.m = 43560 sq.ft The area measurement (acre) in the Metric systems is measured in square meters (sq.m), one acre is equal to 4046.86 sq.m. Whereas in the English system the area is measured in square feet (sq.ft) with one acre equal to 43560sq.ft.


Units of Volume

1 US gallon = 3.785 litres; 1 imperial gallon = 4.55 litres The popular measurement of the fluid volume in English system is gallons with one US gallon is approximately equal to 3.8 litres (Metric system) that means the US gallon is 2.8 litres more than a metric litre and one imperial gallon is equal to 4.55 litres which are 3.55 litres more than a metric litre.


Units of Weight

1 ounce = 28.35 grams; 1 pound = 453.59 grams The measurement of weights in English systems is usually made in Ounces and pounds, with one ounce equal to 28.35 grams and one pound equal to 453.9 grams. 1 Metric ton = 1.10 ton The other popular measurement of the weight is a Metric ton in the English system with one metric ton equal to 1.10 times a ton (Metric system) that means a metric ton is 0.10 more than one ton. 1 lbf = 4.45 Newton The lbf is a measurement of force in the English system, with one lbf equal to 4.45 N. The Newton is the derived unit of force (Metric system) required to accelerate one kilogram of mass at a rate of one metre per second. The various other measurements of weight include maund, tola and seer.


Units of Weight per unit length

1 lb per feet = 1.488 kilograms per meter In the English system of measurement of lb per feet is equal to approximately 1.49 times the kilogram per meter (metric system).


Units of Stress

1 t/ft2 = 1000 N/mm2 The measurement of stress, which is the average force per unit area in the English system for one ton per square foot is equal to 1000 times the Newton per millimetre square (metric system).


Units of Velocity

1ft/sec = 0.3048m/s; 1 miles per hour = 1.609km/hr The English system of measurement of the velocity of 1 ft/sec is equal to 0.3048 times the metres per second of the metric system of measurement. Similarly, one mile per hour is equal to 1.69 times the kilometre per hour.


Units of Discharge

1 gl/sec = 3.785 litres The popular measurement of the discharge in the English system is the gallons per second whichare equal to 3.785 times a litre of discharge in the Metric system.


Units of Moment

1 lb.feet = 0.138 kg metre The measurement of the moment in the English system of one lb.feet is equal to 0.138 times one kg metre of the metric system.


Units of Power

1 HP = 0.7457 KW The English system for measurement of the power of one Horse Power is equal to 0.7457 times the Kilo Watt of the metric system.


Units of Pressure

1lb/in2 = 0.068 bar The measurement of pressure of 1lb/in2 in the English System is equal to 0.068 times the atmospheric pressure in the bar of the Metric system.


Units of Length

1 inch = 0.0254 Meters; 1 mile = 1.60934 kilometres This show that one mile (English system) is approximately 1.61 times of a Kilometre (Metric system) that means a mile is 0.61 more than one kilometre and one inch is 0.0254 times a meter.