The Site survey be furnished as per the Prescribed check slip.

A)Report accompanying the site survey along with approved HPs of the canal on U/S & D/S of Regulator with typical canal section, list of structures on either side of structure for 3 Kms.

B)L.S. of the  canal for a distance of 1.0 Km.

C)If the Regulator is clubbed with Road Bridge,mention the Road level and type of bridge  i.e., Single Lane or Double Lane bridge.
Approved HPs of off taking distributary in case of  O.T. sluice combined with Regulator & mention the ayacut for the O.T., sill level proposed and the heighest field level.

D)Borehole data / Trial pit particulars up to hard strata or for minimum depth of 2.0m for shallow foundations & up to
1/3rd  embedment depth below maximum scour depth for deep foundations with minimum 3 nos T.Ps covering Abutment, Pier and Stilling Basin.

E):Note on design features indicating the vents proposed and design considerations etc., for all the components of the structure.
H.Ps of canal on both U/S & D/S.


Note on design features indicating the vents proposed and design considerations etc., for all the components of the structure.  

1. H.Ps of canal on both U/S & D/S. 2

(i) Fixation of crest level, vent way calculations and crest width, Glacis profile with U/S & D/S slopes with radius  of  curves.

(ii) Minimum thickness of Pier shall be 1000 mm to 1500 mm.

(a) For Head Regulator (IS:6531-1994)

(b) For Cross regulator (IS:7114-1993)

(c) For Escape regulator (IS:6936-1992 )

(d) For Bed regulator Text book of Irrigation Manual by W.M.Ellis

Energy dissipation calculations for determining the cistern level and length of Stilling Basin.These calculations are to be done for various discharge conditions namely for 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%, 15%,10% and 5% for one gate open, two gates open etc., conditions ((IS: 4997-1968))

Scour depth calculations (IS:7784 (Part-I)-1993)

R= 1.34 (q2/f)1/3 with relevant factor of safety.

If Road Bridge is combined  refer IRC code also. IRC:78-2000 6 Exit gradient calculations CBIP-12 & G E = (H/d)x [1/(π√λ)] ; Where λ = [1+ √(1+α2)]/2 ; α = b/d; IS:7114 - 1973 7

Design of floor thickness as per Khosla`s theory CBIP-12 & IS:7114 – 1973

Protection works on U/S and D/S side. In case of regulator combined with offtake / surplus escape refer offtake / surplus escape design guidelines issued separately.  (IS:7784 (Part-I)-1993)


1.      D.L.Bridge     (OR) MOST drawings,

2.      S.L.Bridge      (OR) (IRC:5-1998,)

3.      Hoist bridge slab IRC:6-2000,

The top of hoist bridge level shall be tentatively finalized considering crest level + 2 x Ht of gate +free board (0.6 to 0.9m) + thickness of hoist slab subject to confirmation of mechanical drawings. (IRC:21-2000)

4.      Design of bearing as given in MOST drawings (IRC:83(Part-II)-1987.)

5.      Breast wall wherever necessary. (IS:456-2000:)


1.Pier, abutment, wings & Returns   (with bridge)( IRC:5-1998 IRC:6-2000 IRC:21-2000 and IRC:78-2000)

2.Pier, abutment , wings & Returns ( without bridge) and hoist portion (IS: 456-2000, IS: 3370(Part-I&II)1965)

3.Wings and returns be designed adopting TVA procedure/Coloumb's theory/ Rankine’s theory adopting top width of 500 mm 

4 Adequate gate grooves in pier & abutment and provision of sill beam and embedded metal parts shall be made keeping in view Hydro Mechanical Guidelines.

5 Foundations for pier, abutment, wings  & Returns etc

(i) For shallow and open foundation (IS:1904-1986)

(ii) For raft foundation( IS: 2950-1981,Part-I)

(iii) For pile foundation (IS: 2911-1979(part-I Sec 1, 2, 3, 4) IS:2911-1980 (part- II) IS:2911-1980 (Part-III) IS:2911-1985 (Part IV))

Unless otherwise mentioned, the minimum grade of concrete shall be M 10  for PCC, M 20 for RCC.

6.Miscellaneous Items:  

a)weep holes in retaining walls (IS:7784(part I)-1993)

b) Bearings (IS:7784(part I)-1993)

c) Expansion, contraction & construction joints (IS:3370(part I)-1965 )


a) General Layout on net level plan duly showing contours.

b) General plan and sectional elevations, plan indicating half plan at top & half plan at foundation level, L.S. along the canal & C/S across the canal along with T.P. particulars. (Scale 1:50 or 1:100 or 1:200)

c) Sections of Pier, abutment, wings and Returns . (Scale 1:25 or 1:50)

d) R.C.C.details of deck slab, hoist slab and other miscellaneous items. (Scale 1:25 or 1:20 or 1:10)

e)The drawing shall contain assumptions made, TPs, specifications, HPs of canal, bar bending schedule (wherever applicable) ,stress table etc.,

f)To be mentioned specially  Hoist Bridge level, gate grooves. A special note shall be inscribed duly mentioning that the gate grooves are indicative and separate Hydro Mechanical Drawing shall be referred for details of Embedded Metal parts and Secondary Concreting.