10-Addl. New Items for Highways



Description of Item Unit

Basic Rate approved for the year 2020-2021 (w.e.f. 20.04.2020)

1 Supplying  and  installation  of  STRIP  SEAL  EXPANSION JOINT  system  confirming  to  specifications  for  road  and bridge works in the 40mm wide expansion gap provided in between decks over piers and in between deck and dirt wall over abutment with fatigue tested structural steel section at the   nosing   and   anchorage   assembly,   including   labour, equipment   and   incidental   charges   for   fixing   the   joints complete in all respects, as per section 2600 of MORT & H specification (V Revision) RM 12154.00
2 Supplying and fixing 300mm wide PVC EXPANSION JOINT in the 20mm expansion gap provided in between decks over piers  and  in  between  deck  and  dirt  wall  over  abutment  as shown  in  the  drawing  including  cost  and  conveyance  of expansion  joints  including  shalimar  pad  and  joint  sealant etc., complete RM 566.00
3 Supplying and fixing GI DRAINAGE SPOUTS 100mm dia as per GOI drawing SD/205 with  grating arrangements  at top as  shown  in  the  drawing  and  100mm  dia  drainage  spout projecting atleast 300mm beyond the bottom of deck slab as shown  in  the  drawing,  including  cost  and  conveyance  of Galvanised iron pipes and flats and fixing them in position, etc.,  complete  as  per  cl  2705  of  MORT&H  specification.  (V Revision) Each 2163.00
4 Supplying and fixing KRAFT PAPER for full width of seating of deck slab and including cost and conveyance to worksite, labour for fixing  the same in  correct  position  and  all  other incidental charges etc., complete. sqm. 100.00
5 Supplying and Fixing of ELASTOMERIC BEARING as shown in the drawing including cost and conveyance to work site, labour  for  fixing  the  bearing  in  position   and  all  other incidental  charges  etc.,  complete  as  per  section  2000  of MORT & H specification. (V  Revision) cu.cm. 1.54
6 Supply of NP3 Class RCC Pipe confirming to IS 458/2003 including cost of pipe as a finished work including all other incidental   charges,   testing   charges   including   loading, unloading, transport and delivery in good condition at work site etc., complete, as directed by the Departmental Officers, as per standard specifications.    
a 1200mm dia RM 5400.00
b 1000mm dia RM 3700.00
c 900mm dia RM 3300.00
7 Hoisting  and  fixing  of  NP3  Class  RCC  Pipe  and  Collars in  proper  gradient  including  all  labour  charges  and  all  other incidental    charges    etc.,     complete,   as   directed    by   the Departmental  Officers, as per standard specifications.    
a 1200mm dia RM 252.00
b 1000mm dia RM 238.00
c 900mm dia RM 206.00
NOTE :    
1 The  Basic  Rate  adopted  under  this Head,  "Annexure-X  - Additional  New  Items  for Highways Department" is exclusive of all taxes and GST.