Name of Service

Approval of Land Development Plan


Urban Development and Housing Department

Regulatory Framework

Bihar Building Bye-Laws -2014 Service Condition

(i.e. Who requires this service?) All kinds of subdivision of land for utilizing selling, leasing out or otherwise disposing it off require this approval.

Application Method Manual;

Form-I as prescribed in the Building Bye-Laws-2014)

List of prescribed documents tobe submitted 

1. Application in prescribed format

2. 4 sets of layout plan (8 sets in case of  Govt. leased Govt. plots) (also the soft copy in PDF format and CAD format)

3. Ownership Document

4. Supervision Certificate (in form-V as prescribed in Building Bye-laws 2014)

5. Affidavit for peaceful possession of the land

6. Certificate for Structural Stability (in form-IV as prescribed in Building Bye-laws 2014)

7. NoC from lessee in case of lease hold

8. NoC from Fire Authority (if applicable)

9. NoC from Airport Authority (if applicable)

10. Environmental clearance (if applicable)

11. Details of Fee 

Application Processing Fee (if any) and Mode of Payment

Sr. No Area of Plot Gram Panchayat within Planning Area (Rs.)  Nagar Panchayat (Rs.)  Municipal Council (Rs.)  Municipal Corporation (Rs.) 
(I) (II) (III) (IV) (V) (VI)
1 up to 1.0 hectare 5000 6000 8000 10000
2 above 1.0 hectare & up to 2.5 hectare 10000 12000 15000 20000
3 above 2.5 hectare & up to 5 hectare 15000 16000 20000 30000

i. For development permit above 5 hectare for every addition of 1 hectare or part there will be an additional fee of Rs. 2000 per hectare.

 ii. In the case of development permit for non-residential use the above fees shall be doubled for different sizes of land. 

Application to be submitted at: (Manual application) 

Office of the Planning Authority/Municipal Corporation/Nagar Panchayat/Nagar Parishad 

Approving Authority

Designated Officer of the Planning Authority/Chief Municipal Officer of the respective municipality

Whether prior inspection is required for this approval 

If the designated officer thinks it necessary 

Prescribed Timeline for service delivery (from date of application) 

60 days (Notified under Bihar Building Bye-laws, 2014


This approval is required in case the proposed land for the development falls within Municipal Corporations/Municipal Council/Nagar Panchayats/ Metropolitan area/Planning Area under various Planning Authority/Gram Panchayat areas covered under Development Plan/ Planning Authorities/ or Planning Scheme notified under Bihar Urban Planning and Development Act 2012. 


1. Keep the hard copy ready of all the necessary documents. 

2. Fill in the Form-I i.e. “Application for Land Development” as prescribed under the Bihar Building Byelaws-2014.  

3. Attach all the documents with the filled in application form.  

4. Submit the application form along with informations filled in forms-III, IV, V and cheklist in form-VI with all the documents at the office of designated officer of the planning authority/ chief municipal officer of the respective municipality. 

5. Filled application form will be scrutinized at the office of the designated officer of the planning authority/ chief municipal officer of the respective municipality. 

6a. In case permission for the proposed land development plan is granted, it shall be communicated to the applicant in Form-VIII B prescribed under Bihar Building Bye-laws-2104 within 60 days from the receipt of theapplication.  

6b. In case permission for the proposed land development plan is refused it shall be communicated to the applicant in Form-IX prescribed under Bihar Building Bye-laws-2104.