Name of Service

Approval of Building Plan


Urban Development and Housing Department, Govt. of Bihar

Regulatory Framework

Bihar Building Bye-Laws -2014

Service Condition(i.e. Who requires this service?)

Applicants intending building construction activity require this permission prior to the commencement of construction work. 

Application Method Manual;

(Form-II as prescribed in the Building Bye-Laws-2014) 

List of prescribed documents tobe submitted 

1. Application in prescribed format

2. 4 sets of layout plan (8 sets in case of  Govt. leased Govt. plots) (also the soft copy in PDF format and CAD format)

3. Ownership Document

4. Supervision Certificate (in form-V as prescribed in Building Bye-laws 2014)

5. Affidavit for peaceful possession of the land

6. Certificate for Structural Stability (in form-IV as prescribed in Building Bye-laws 2014)

7. Check List (in form-VI as prescribed in Building Bye-laws 2014)

8. NOC from lessee in case of lease hold

9. NOC from Fire Authority(if applicabl

10. NOC from Airport Authority(if applicable)

11. Environmental clearance (if applicable)

12. Details of Fee

Application Processing Fee (if any) and Mode of Payment 

i. Residential buildings: The fees for building permit shall be as per below table: (in Rs. per Sq. Meter built-up area) 

Sr. No. Height of Building Gram Panchayat within Planning Are NAGAR PANCHAYAT muncipal council Municipal  Corporation 
Population  up to 10 Lac  Populati on above 10 Lac 
(i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) (vi) (vii)
1 up to  10m  3.0 4.0 6.0 10.0 12.0
2 up to 15m  5.0 6.0 8.0 15.0 18.0
3 More than 15m 6.0 8.0 12.0 20.0 25.0

ii. Non-Residential Buildings: In case of buildings other than those mentioned in (i) above to be used for non-residential purpose, the fees charged shall be double of therates prescribed in above table

Application to be submitted at: (Manual application) 

Office of the Planning Authority/Municipal Corporation /Nagar Panchayat/Nagar Parishad 

Key Approving Authority 

Designated Officer of the Planning Authority/Chief Municipal Officer of the respective municipality

Whether prior inspection is required for this approval 


Prescribed Timeline for service delivery (from date of application) 

60 days (Notified under Bihar Building Bye-laws, 2014) 


The UD&HD has empanelled architects & structural engineers etc. through ULBs to serve as a consultant/supervisor for the preparation of the building plan and even supervise the construction work as per the Bihar Building Bye-laws. List of such technical persons are available on urban local body website/UD&HD website. A prospective entrepreneur/investor is required to hire only an empanelled architects/structural engineers to help them in the construction of the required building/supervise the 


The permission granted shall remain valid up to three years from the date such permission is granted. The completion certificate shall have to be submitted within this period. However in case of failure to submit the completion certificate within the prescribed period the permission shall have to be revalidated before the expiry of the above period on payment of such fee as may be prescribed by the authority and such revalidation shall be valid for another two years. If the development work is not completed within the above mentioned five year period, the applicant shall make a fresh application for approval of building plan.   


A guideline has been issued by the UD&HD for approval of building plan approval by the ULBs. A copy of this guideline is attached at annexure for reference.  

A format for the monthly report to be submitted by the ULBs in regard to the application received and disposed by the ULBs has been issued by the UD&HD. A copy of the format is attached at annexure for reference.


1. Keep the hard copy ready of all the necessary documents. 

2. Fill in the Form-II i.e. “Building Plan Application Form” as prescribed under the Bihar Building Byelaws-2014.  

3. Attach all the documents with the filled in application form.  

4. Submit the application form with all the documents at the office of designated officer of the planning authority/ chief municipal officer of the respective municipality 

5. Filled application form will be scrutinized at the office of the designated officer of the planning authority/ chief municipal officer of the respective municipality 

6a. In case permission for the proposed building plan is granted, it shall be communicated to the applicant in Form-VIII A prescribed under Bihar Building Bye-laws-2104 within 60 days from the receipt of the application.  

6b. In case permission for the proposed building plan is refused the refusal shall be communicated to the applicant in Form-IX prescribed under Bihar Building Bye-laws-2104.  

6c. In case there is an objection pointed out in the plan, the applicant shall be communicated to modify the plan and comply with the objections raised and re-submit it. The authority shall scrutinize the re-submitted plan and if there will be further objections, the applicant should be given one more chance to comply with the objections raised within a period of 30 days after which if the final revised plan are not resubmitted the plan shall be rejected. If the revised plan is submitted within 30 days of raising the objection, the scrutiny and approval/ rejection would be done within next 30 days after the receipt of the revised plan.