Annexure 04:Fire Safety


(Extract taken from National Building Code of India – For the complete provision, refer Part-IV of NBCI)  (See clause (iv) of sub-regulation (3) of regulation 5 and regulation 55)  


The Part-4 of NBCI covers the requirements for fire prevention, life safety in relation to fire and fire protection of buildings. This Part of NBCI specifies occupancy-wise classification, constructional aspects, egress requirements and protection features that are necessary to minimise danger to life and property from fire. Lifts escalators and revolving doors shall not be considered as exits.  

2)The provisions of this Part are applicable to the followings unless otherwise mentioned specifically in the provisions:— 

(i) all high rise buildings; and

(ii) special buildings, those are,

(a) hotel, educational, institutional, business, mercantile, industrial, storage, hazardous and mixed occupancies, where any of these buildings have floor area more than 500 square meters on any one or more floors;

b) educational buildings having height 9 m. and above;

(c) institutional buildings having height 9 m. and above;

d) all assembly buildings;

(e) buildings, having area more than 300 square meters of incidental assembly occupancy on any floor; and (f) buildings with two basements or more, or with one basement of area more than 500 square meter.  

3)The extract of the provisions related to life-safety of Part-IV of NBCI in relation to general exit requirements, occupant load and egress components, are given in the subsequent part of this annexure:—