Annexure 09:Registration of Developers



1)Qualification and experience:

(i) The person/ firm engaged in construction activities/ building activities in an urban area having proven merit and experience may be considered for registration as a developer. He/ She should have at least five years experience in the line.

(ii) A person or group of persons having a qualification of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Town Planning may be registered as developer.

(iii) The Authority may classify the developers into three classes namely, Class-A, Class-B and Class-C considering their experience, expertise and annual turnover.  

2)Duties and Responsibilities of Developer:

(i) He/She shall appoint a qualified Architect/ Registered Technical Person to prepare plans, designs, drawings and specifications for execution of the works in accordance with the requirements of these regulations.

(ii) He shall not cause or allow any deviations from the approved drawings in the course of the execution of the project and shall bear responsibility for any irregularity committed in the use and function of the building or its parts for which the approval has been obtained.

(iii) He shall not commence the use of building or shall not give the possession to occupy the building to any one before obtaining the occupancy certificate from the Authority.

(iv) He shall provide adequate safety measures for structural stability and protection against fire hazards likely from installation of services like electrical installation, plumbing, drainage, sanitation, water supply etc. wherever required under the regulations.

(v) He shall explain the construction / design and its intended use as per approved plan, to the prospective purchaser of the premises under construction.  


(i) The Developers shall have to be registered with the Authority on payment of such fees as decided by the Authority from time to time

(ii) The Authority may cancel or de-bar the developer as referred to in these regulations.