Annexure 07:Water Supply



Table No.1: Per capita water requirement for various Occupancies/uses
Type of Occupancy Consumption
(In Litres per Capita per day )
(a) (b) (c)
1 Residential  
a) In living units 135
b) Hotels with lodging accommodation (per bed) 180
2 Educational  
a) Day schools 45
b) Boarding Schools 135
3 Institutional (Medical Hospitals)  
a) No. of beds not exceeding 100 340
b) No. of beds exceeding 100 450
c) Medical quarters and hostels 135
4 Assembly-  Cinema  theatres,  auditoria,  etc.  (per  seat accommodation) 15
5 Government or semipublic business 45
6 Mercantile (Commercial)  
a) Restaurants (per seat) 70
b) Other business building 45
7 Industrial  
a) Factories where bath-rooms are to be provided 45
b) Factories where bath-rooms are not to be provided 30
8 Storage ( including Warehouses ) 30
9 Hazardous 30
10 Intermediate Rail Stations (excluding mail and express stops). 45 (25)*
11 Junction Station 70 (45)*
12 Terminal Stations 45
13 International and Domestic Airports 70
* The values in parenthesis are for such stations, where bathing facilities are not provided.
Note: The number of persons for Sl. No. 10 to 13 shall be determined by the average number of passenger handled by the station daily with due consideration given to the use the facilities.


Table No. 2: Flushing Storage Capacities
Classification of Building Storage Capacity
(a) (b) (c)
1 For tenements having common conveniences 900 lt. net per w.c. seat
2 For residential premises other than tenements having common conveniences 270l lt. net for one w.c. seat each and 180 lt. for each additional seat.
3 For factories and workshops 900 lt. per w.c. seat and 180 lt. per urinal.
4 For cinemas, public assembly hall, etc. 900 lt. per w.c. seat and 350 lt. per urinal.


Table No. 3: Domestic storage capacity
Sl No. No of Floors Storage Capacity Remarks
(a) (b) (c) (d)
For premise occupied tenements with common conveniences:
1 Ground floor Nil Provided down take fittings are installed
2 Floors 2, 3,4, 5 and upper floors 500 litre per tenement  
For premises occupied as flats or blocks
1 Ground floor Nil Provided down take fittings are installed
2 Floors 2, 3, 4, 5 and upper floors 500 litre per tenement  
Note:   If the premises are situated at a place higher than the road level in front of the premises, storage at ground level shall be provided on the same lines as on floors. The  above  storage  may be   permitted   to   be   installed   provided   that   the   total   domestic   storage calculated   on the above basis is not less than the storage calculated on the number of down take fittings according to scale given below:
a.               Down take taps           70 liters each
b.               Showers                      135 liters each
c.               Bathtubs                      200 liters each

Notes for general guidance for water supply arrangements: 

For new construction: Provision shall be made for under-ground tank for the storage of water, having capacity at 200 litres per person with adequate pumping arrangements to supply water to upper floors. Filtered water connection will be allowed only for use of drinking and bathing needs. For other purposes i.e. flushing and gardening etc., the individual shall be required to have own.