Name of Service

Building Occupancy Certificate


Urban Development & Housing Department

Regulatory Framework

Bihar Building Bye-Laws-2014

Service Condition (i.e. Who requires this service?)

All kinds of building require this certificate after completion of the construction.

Application Method


List of prescribed documents tobe submitted 

1. Notice of Completion in  the prescribed format

2. Three copies of completed building plans.

3. Record of Rights relating to ownership.

4. Copy of approved plan and approval letter.

5. Certificate of establishment of fire safety appliances by the nominated authority wherever applicable.

6. Evidence to the effect of all public utility services, and in particular, sewerage, drainage, water supply, and electricity have been linked to the main public utility system.

7. A fee of INR 1000/- 

Application Processing Fee (if any) and Mode of Payment  

INR 1000/- 

Application to be submitted at: (Manual application) 

Office of the Planning Authority/Municipal Corporation /Nagar Panchayat/ Nagar Parishad 

Approving Authority 

Designated Officer of the Planning Authority/Chief Municipal Officer of the respective municipality 

Whether prior inspection is required for this approval 


Prescribed Timeline for service delivery (from date of application) 

30 days (Notified under Bihar Building Bye-laws, 2014) 


An investor is actually required to submit a Notice (Certificate) of Completion in Form-XII as per the Building Bye-Laws-2014 to obtain the occupancy certificate. This notice is to be given/issued by the empanelled structural engineer/ architect/ engineer hired for this construction by the investor. 


1. Keep the hard copy ready of all the necessary documents. 

2.Fill in the “Notice of Completion” in Form-XII as prescribed under the Bihar Building Bye-laws-2014.  

Note: The form should be filled and duly signed by the empanelled technical person 

3. Attach all the documents with the filled in application form.  

4. Submit the application form with all the documents at the office of designated officer of the planning authority/ chief municipal officer of the respective municipality. 

5. Filled application form will be scrutinized at the office of the designated officer of the planning authority/ chief municipal officer of the respective municipality. 

6a.  A team of officials shall visit the site within 15 days and verify the facts as per Bye laws-15(4).  (Please refer to the “Compliance Inspection” section of this booklet for details of inspection procedure.)   

6b.After verification of Notice of Completion, Occupancy Permission (Form-XIII) shall be issued or refused as the case may be, by the authority, within 30 days from the date of application as per the provision of Bye laws-16(1) & 16(3).    

6c. If the Occupancy Certificate is not issued within time limit mentioned above, the applicant shall submit a notice with an affidavit that the construction is strictly as per the approved plans and no dues in development charges or any other form of payment to be made to the Authority are pending and all the conditions for issuing of occupancy permission are complied with. In case of non-compliance of such notice within 15 days, it will be deemed to have been granted. 



Name of Service

Inspection of the Premise for Ongoing Construction


Urban Development & Housing Department

Regulatory Framework

Bihar Building Bye-Laws-2014 

Service Condition  

As per the Bihar Building Bye-Laws-2014, all construction or work for which a permit is required and granted shall be subject to inspection by the Authority at all reasonable hours with prior intimation. 

Competent Authority for conducting  the site inspection 

Designated Officer of the Planning Authority/Chief Municipal Officer of the respective municipality or a team of officials constituted by her/him


1. After approval of layout/building plan, the applicant has to submit “Notice for Commencement of Work” in Form-X to the Authority as s/he commences the construction work. 

2.The authority, upon receipt of this information, shall inspect the work within 14 days to verify that the building has been allocated and development work is being carried out in accordance with the sanctioned plans. If, the authority fails to make the inspection within the specifiedperiod, it shall be presumed that the Authority has no objection to the construction.

3.During the ongoing construction work, Periodic Progress Report in Form-XI should be submitted by the empaneled structural engineer/ architect/ engineer to the authority. Submission of inspection report is required at plinth level and different roof slabs level(s). 

4. Following the submission of the periodic progress report, inspection, where required, shall be made within 7 days.  

5. After the inspection, a report would be prepared and submitted for further action if required. The inspection report shall clearly record all the deviations observed (if any) from the approved building plan. A copy of the inspection report shall also be made available to the builder/ developer.   

If the Authority finds at any stage that the construction is not being carried on according to the sanctioned plan or is in violation of any of the provisions of these bye laws, it shall notify the owner giving details of deviation and no further construction shall be allowed until necessary corrections in the plan are made and the corrected plan is approved.