Applicability of the Bye-laws 

3.1  Where a building is erected, the byelaws apply to the design, construction and utilities of the building. 

3.2  Where the whole or any part of the building is removed, the bye-laws apply to all the total building whether removed or not. 

3.3  Where the whole or any part of the building is demolished, the bye-laws apply to any remaining part and to the work involved in demolition. 

3.4  Where a building is altered, the bye-laws  apply to the whole building whether existing or new except that the bye-laws apply only to the part if that part is completely self contained with respect to requirement of tile bye-laws. 

3.5  Where the occupancy of a building is changed, the bye-laws apply to all the parts of the building affected by the change.

3.6 Existing building

 Nothing in the byelaws shall require the removal, alteration or abandonment, nor prevent continuance of the use or occupancy of an existing building, unless in the opinion of the RMC, such building constitutes a hazard to the safety of the adjacent property or the occupants of the building itself , subject to the provisions of moratorium , if any placed in the master plan for any area. 

3.7  Where a land is to be developed, or  redeveloped or subdivided into plots , the byelaws apply to the entire development and .modifications to the land layout. 

4.  Application for Development or Building permit. 

4.1  Permit required

 No person, including organisation / department of Centre/State  Governments or local bodies or public sector Undertakings shall erect, re-erect or make material alteration or demolish any building or cause the same to be done or develop or re-develop any parcel of land without first obtaining a separate building or development permit for each of such building development activity from the RMC. 

4.2  Every person who intends to erect, re-erect or make material alteration in any place in building or part thereof to develop or redevelop any piece of land within the jurisdiction of the RMC, shall give application in writing to the RMC in prescribed form (Appendices n&I3). Such application shall be accompanied by plans and statements in quadruplicate as required under bye-laws no. 5.2 and .5.3. The plans may be print, ammonia print, or photographic prints of which at least two sets of plans shall be cloth mounted for the RMC out of which one print shall be retained in the office of the RMC and the other two sets shall be handed over to the owner after due permit/ refusal. 

4.3  No application referred to above shall be valid and entertained by the RMC unless and until the person giving the notice has paid such fees to the RMC as are fixed. An attested copy of receipt of such payment shall be attached with the application. 

4.4  In the event of a building or a development permit is not issued the fees so paid shall not be refunded to the owner, but he shall be allowed to resubmit the plans without any fees after complying with all the objections of the RMC within a period of 3 months from the date of issue of the rejection order, by the RMC after which fresh fees shall have to be paid. 

4.5  No application and building permit is  necessary for the following alterations which do not otherwise, violate any provisions regarding general building requirements, structural stability and fire safety requirements of the bye-laws.  

 (a) Providing or closing of a window or door or ventilator not opening towards other’s property. 

 (b) Providing intercommunication doors;  

 (c) Providing partitions;  

 (d) Gardening;

 (e) White washing;  

 (f)  painting  

 (g) Plastering and patch work 

 (h) Re-flooring; and 

 (i)  Construction of sunshades over windows, doors and other openings on one’s own land. 

4.5.1 No permit is necessary for carrying out works by any department of the Central/ State Government or any local bodies having jurisdiction of any works for the purpose of inspecting repairing or renewing any sewers, main, pipes, cables or other apparatus. 

Section 2 of the Act be referred for more clarification

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