1.All notes under General Notes on Schedule of Rates and Notes on Lead, Lift, Loading and un-loading charges are applicable to Canal and Allied Works also to the extent they are relevant.

2. Unless otherwise specified the basic rates are inclusive of all lifts.

3. For earth / rockfill embankment works 1 km initial lead is considered in the basic rates. As no storing/stacking and re-handling of materials is involved for these works the lead charges for additional lead shall be worked out for total lead including initial lead of 1 km and then the cost of first km lead shall be deducted. No loading and un-loading charges shall be added as the additional lead does not involve rehandling of materials.

Example : For soil.  
Total lead for soil from approved borrow area 2 km
Initial lead included in the basic rate in the SR 1 km
Additional lead charges : Lead charges for 2 km    78.60
Less Lead charges for 1 km   -66.60
Additional lead charges    12.00

No loading and un-loading charges shall be added.

4. Cement content specified for cement concrete works in the item description is based on theoritical design mix computations and is exclusive of wastage and requirement for any incidentals. The actual cement content may vary based on trial mix studies. A suitable clause shall be included in tender for regulating payment for any upword or downword variation in cement content.

5 The quantities of materials including wastage, requirements for incidentals etc., for working out additional lead charges shall be as per the statement of requirement of materials under this section.