1. All notes under General Notes on Schedule of Rates and Notes on Lead, Lift, Loading and un-loading charges are applicable to Gate / Hoist and Allied Works also to the extent they are relevant.

2. All materials / bought out components for embedded parts, gates, hoists and allied works shall conform to relevant Indian standards / technical specifications and approved drawings.

3. The basic rates are inclusive of preparation of designs / drawings / bill of materials etc., as per specifications and other technical data including revisions.

4. The basic rates are inclusive of cost of all materials, machinery, labour, fabrication, erection, commissioning and testing of gates, hoists and other related components as per technical specifications.

5. The basic rates are inclusive of taxes, duties, levies and all other incidental charges except sales tax on works contract. Separate provision shall be made in the estimate towards Sales tax on Works contract at the rate prevailing at the time of preparation of estimate.

6. The basic rates are inclusive of rehandling at fabrication and erection sites.

7.a The basic rates are inclusive of 1 km lead and all lifts for structural steel and all leads and lifts for other materials. For working out additional lead charges for structural steel 1 km lead included in basic rate shall be deducted from total lead. The quantity of structural steel for working out additional lead, loading and un-loading charges shall be as per Note: 2 under each item.

7.b The basic rates are inclusive of 3 percent provision towards cost of packing, forwarding and transportation of all materials other than structural steel from their source of supply upto work site. No lead charges shall be added for materials other than structural steel.

8. Unless otherwise specified the basic rates are inclusive of standard finish required for all the fabricated and bought out gate and hoist components.

9. The basic rates are inclusive of preparatory works such as rectification of damages, repairing shop painting, cleaning, positioning and anchoring first stage embedments, cleaning surface for field painting etc.

10. The basic rates are exclusive of cost of river diversion dewatering, desilting etc.

11. Unless otherwise specified , the basic rates for all items are on per tonne basis. The rate per set or per number shall be worked out on the basis of rate per tonne and the tonnage computed as per detailed designs or as per empirical formulae furnished in the " Note " under each item.

12. Minimum dry film thickness for zinc rich epoxy primer paint and coal tar epoxy paint shall be 40 microns per coat and 100 microns per coat respectively.