1.the extent they are relevant.

2.shall be classified as thin jungle.

3.The area where the jungle growth is thick without noticeable vacant spots shall be classified as thick jungle.

4.from measurement for jungle clearance works.

5. In case of jauliflora clearance girth means spread of the bush.

6. Unless otherwise specified the basic rates are inclusive of all lifts.  Areas of large vacant spots and areas occupied by structures shall be excluded noticeable vacant spots but not large enough to exclude them from measurements The area where jungle growth is thin or the area where the jungle growth is thick with and un-loading charges are applicable to Preliminary and Maintenance Works also to All notes under General Notes on Schedule of Rates and Notes on Lead, Lift, Loading

8. charges shall be added as the additional lead does not involve re-handling of materials.
Example : For soil.
Total lead for soil from approved borrow area                                                                     : 2 km
Initial lead included in the basic rate in the SR                                                                    : 1 km
Additional lead charges : Lead charges for 2 km                   `                                            : 78.60
Less Lead charges for 1 km `                                                                                              : -66.60
Additional lead charges / cum                                                `                                            : 12.00
Quantity of soil required as per statement of requirement of material 1 .                            :20 cum
Additional lead charges to be added to basic rate `:                                                            : 14.40
No loading and un-loading charges shall be added.
9. of materials under this section. The quantities of materials including wastage, requirements for any incidentals etc., 1 km and then the cost of first km lead shall be deducted. No loading and un-loading charges for additional lead shall be worked out for total lead including initial lead of As no storing / stacking and re-handling of materials is involved for these works lead For embankment in breached section 1 km initial lead is considered in the basic rates.