Bearing Capacity

Bearing Capacity :

1. GEO5 Spread Footing

Program computes bearing capacity, settlement and rotation of a footing, and determines required longitudinal and shear reinforcement.

2. Soil mechanics test processor from Iran

SMTP software for analyzing all soil mechanics tests.A very powerful software with a SQL database. all tests could be printed with company info and logo.

3. Geotechnical Engineering Software from Iran

"Peysanj" software is designed for geotechnical calculations : 1- bearing capacity and settlement 2- plate load test 3- pressuremeter test 4- lequifaction evaluation

4. WinFAD

- WinFAD designs or checks a reinforced concrete Footing using either the "1996 AASHTO with Interims" or the "2000 Caltrans Bridge Design Specifications" of the California Department of Transportation.

5. SPTfoundation

- SPTfoundation is a spreadsheet that performs shallow foundation design for bearing capacity and for settlement criterion using data from the Standard Penetration Test (SPT). Alternative methods are used.

6. sFooter

- sFooter performs analysis and design of reinforced concrete and plain concrete rectangular footings supporting a single column or a continuous concrete or masonry wall.


- RC-PIER is an integrated tool for the AASHTO Standard and LRFD analysis and design of reinforced concrete bridge substructures and foundations.

8. RcPad

- RcPad is a program to design reinforced concrete spread footings. Users can select either the ACI 318-95 Code or the CSA A23.3-94 Standard.

9. Pocket Loadcap

- Pocket Loadcap carries out the calculation of bearing capacity by the methods of Terzaghi, Meyerhof, Hansen and of elastic settlement according to Timoshenko and Goodier. The files created can be input directly to the PC version of Loadcap.


- PLATTDIM helps design shallow foundations. The program allows input of the size of the slab and the soil parameters and then calculates a serviceability limit state load according to Eurocode 7 Annex B. MSExcel 97 program.

11. Multiple Load Footing Design

- Multiple Load Footing Design calculates reinforcement for footings for a combination of applied loads. Define combined, trapezoidal or strap footings with multiple loads.

12. LoadCap

- LoadCap carries out the calculation of bearing capacity, failure loads and settlement of foundations on soils according to the methods of Hansen, Terzaghi, Meyerof, and Vesic and of ...


- GGU-UPLIFT calculates hydrostatic uplift and hydraulic base failure stability in one-dimensional systems. Colour output and bitmap graphics are supported.


- GGU-UNDERPIN allows the design of foundation underpinning. Screen input and graphical output. The basis is the "Recommendations of the Working Group for Excavations" ("Empfehlungen des ArbeitskreisesBaugruben") (EAB).


- GGU-FOOTING for the calculation of base failure and settlement. The program includes data input with permanent presentation of the system on the screen.

16. German Standard (DIN 4017)

- German Standard (DIN 4017) is used for analysis of bearing capacity for raft foundations with inclined and eccentric loading.

17. Foundation pad analysis

- Foundation pad analysis is an MS-Excel worksheet that solves for foundation pads such as light-tower bases, sign-bases etc. It can handle inclined loads, and investigates bearing capacity of the base, sliding stability, overturning stability.

18. Footings

- Footings provides facilities for the design of single or adjacent footings, wall footings and spread footings. It is possible to adjust the way the program reviews the data to fit various code requirements. Metric and US units.

19. Footing Design

- Footing Design will design isolated column footings and calculate required reinforcing and quantities. Designs or checks isolated column footings for dimensions, steel requirements and quantities.

20. Footing (Inducta)

- Footing can be used to design strip footings loaded by a masonry wall, and isolated footings in bi-axial bending.

21. FIDES-Bearing Capacity

- FIDES-Bearing Capacity enables the execution of bearing capacity checks according to DIN 4017/DIN 4017-100 for rectangular, circular and strip foundations.

22. DC-Bearing

- DC-Bearing carries out the analysis of bearing capacity of rectangular, circular and strip foundations. Main features include: Any number of load cases,...

23. Daystar FootingMaster

- Daystar FootingMaster provides facilities for the analysis and design of reinforced concrete wall footings and rectangular spread footings.

24. CE.CA.P.

- CE.CA.P calculates the bearing capacity of foundations. The following methods can be used: Terzaghi, Meyerhof, Hansen and Vesic.

25. Cbear

- Cbear analyses the bearing capacity of shallow foundations. It can analyse strip, rectangular, and square footings. It also considers the effects of embedment, inclined and eccentric loads, sloping ground surface, and surcharge.

26. Bearing capacity

- Bearing capacity is spreadsheet for assessment of bearing capacity

27. BearFoot

- BearFoot calculates the bearing capacity of a square or rectangular footing resting on a multilayer bearing medium using Terzaghi, Meyerhof, Vesic and Hasen methods.


- BEAREF (BEARing Capacity EFfective Stress) is an Excel spreadsheet for bearing capacity analyses based on the NTH-method with the Janbu/NTH bearing capacity pore pressure factors.

29. BearCap

- BearCap is a bearing capacity analysis program with the following features: Both types of factor of safety (load and shear strength) can be used; Eccentric and inclined loadings are considered;....

30. BCAP

- BCAP is part of the Prokon suite of programs, but is also available separately. It evaluates the ultimate bearing capacity of a shallow foundation.

31. BCAF

- BCAF analyses the bearing capacity of shallow foundations. It can analyse strip, rectangular, and square footings. It also considers the effects of embedment, inclined and eccentric loads,...

32. BabyFoot

- BabyFoot is a conventional square and rectangular pad footing design program, specifically for the PalmPilot, Handspring, and Windows CE platforms.

33. AFES (Raft Foundation Design)

- AFES is software for raft foundation design. It includes: structural calculation report, construction drawing with bar schedule, material quantities and 3D CAD modeling.

34. ABC

- ABC uses the method of stress characteristics (also known as the slip-line method) to solve the classic geotechnical bearing capacity problem of a rigid foundation, resting on a cohesive-frictional soil mass,...

35. Tapsoftware

- Bearing capacity, lateral support and standard penetration test software.