Cancellation of Permission:

11.1  If any time after permission to proceed with any building or development work has been given, the RMC is satisfied that such  permission was granted in consequence of any material misrepresentation or fraudulent statement contained in the application given or information furnished, the RMC may cancel such permission and any work done thereafter shall be deemed to have been done without permission. 

12. Completion of the work: 

12.l On completion of the work, licensed technical personnel shall give notice to the  RMC in prescribed form as given in Appendix’C’

12.2 1t will be mandatory to affix a token issued by the RMC along with the sanctioned plan depicting the name of the house and plan sanction number with year of sanctioning to the place-nearest from the entrance gate of the premises. If during inspection of the building by the competent Authority the affixed token is not found the owner/builder shall be liable to pay a penalty of Rs. 2500/- to the RMC. 

13.  Occupancy and Development Certificate: 

13.1 Occupancy certificate: No building hereinafter erected, re-erected or altered  materially shall be occupied in whole or in part until the issue of an occupancy certificate by the RMC affirming that such building is fit for occupation as per proforma given in Appendix’H’. 

 The Occupancy certificate should be issued by RMC as soon as request is made by the owner/developer in a prescribed format after the inspection of following aspects  of the building is completed :- 

• Structure of the building including external walls 

• Electrical connection to the building and in all habitable units. 

• Water Supply , Sewerage and drainage system 

• Stair cases , Lifts /Elevators ( if applicable) 

• Fire fighting installation (if applicable) 

• Boundary demarcations , Gates , Generator Room and Guard Room etc. 

• Common area finishing and lighting including staircase , passage , external lobby, lift lobby , pump room etc. 

• For special building identified in Byelaw no. 5.3.2, the inspection of the completed building shall be carried out by the RMC and the Director of Fire Services before the occupancy certificate is given.

The above mention application should be certified by the licensed engineer/ Architects supervising the construction works. 

13.1.1.  Temporary occupancy

 Upon the request of the licensed technical personnel, the RMC may issue a certificate of temporary occupancy of a building or a part thereof before the entire work covered by the building permit have been completed, provided such portion or portions may be occupied safely prior to full completion of building without endangering life or public welfare. 

13.2 Development Certificate

 No land or plot thereafter developed shall be given possession in whole or in part until the issue of a development certificate by the RMC after affirming that such development is in accordance with the sanctioned plan and prescribed specifications, as per proforma given in Appendix I . If the RMC fails to issue the development certificate within four weeks of the date of receipt of completion certificate by the RMC for issue of such certificate, the plots may be given possession to individuals without waiting for the Development Certificate but information to this effect shall have to be sent to the RMC by the owner before starting the handing over of plots. 

13.3 Connection of electricity

 Water supply and drainage main maybe permitted by concerned Authorities only after the owner receives the Occupancy / development Certificate from the RMC