Chapter 6     

                                                                         REGULATIONS NOTIFIED BY DELHI DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY 

6.0 Regulations notified by Delhi Development Authority: Regulations notified by Delhi Development Authority in exercise of power conformed by sub section (1) of section 57, of Delhi Development Act , 1957 the Delhi Development Authority, with the previous approval of the Central Government Notified the following regulations:

 6.1 Building regulations for Special area, Unauthorized Regularized Colonies and Villages:  Building regulations for Special area, Unauthorized Regularized Colonies and Villages, Notified vide S.O. 97 (E), F.No.F.3 (28)2008/MP/Part], Dated 17th January 2011.    


6.2 Regularizations and Guidelines for Redevelopment: Regularizations and guidelines for redevelopment of existing planned industrial areas, Notified vide    

   S.O. 683(E), [F.No .F. 17(5)2007/MP], Dated 1st April, 2011.

http://dda.org.in/tendernotices_docs/april11/gazette%20of%20india%201%20april%202011_683. pf 

 6.3   Regularization of Farm Houses: Regularization of Farm Houses in Delhi, Notified vide S.O. 2622 (E), [F.No.F.3 (103)96/MP], Dated 30th October, 2012.


 6.4  The (Permission of Banquet Halls) Regulations, 2012, Notified vide S.O.2272(E), Dated 21st September, 2012        


 NOTE: Regulations notified by the GOI/DDA from time to time shall be part of this document and shall be enforced accordingly.