Subject to the provisions of Section: 26, 27, 28, 34 &49 of the Act, any person intending to carry out any development as defined in the Act in any  building or in or over any  land, within the  limits of Development Area  in  conformity  with  the    Development      Plan    proposals    shall  make  an application in   writing   to   the Competent   Authority in prescribed form No. C or C(a)   along with the  receipt  of  the  payment  of  the  scrutiny  fee,  development    charges  betterment    charges,    net demand  as  per  sanctioned   final   T.P.  Scheme  and  other  charges   and  dues  if  any  to  be  leviable under the Act and the regulations.


A person applying  for  a permission  to  carry  out any development   shall have to pay scrutiny fees along  with    his    application    to    the Competent Authority/Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation at the following rates:


For low rise building Rs. 3.00 per sq. mt. of Built up area of all floors for the intended residential development or part thereof subject to minimum scrutiny fee of Rs. 300.00


For  high-rise,  commercial,  mix  development  and  other  than  residential  use  Rs.  5.00  per  of Built area of all floors for the intended development or part thereof subject to minimum scrutiny fee Rs. 300.00


a) Rs. 1.50 per sq. mt. of building unit/plot area for subdivision and amalgamation of all types of development.

b) Rs. 0.50 per sq. mt. of building unit/plot area for subdivision and amalgamation for agricultural use.Minimum scrutiny fee shall not be less than Rs. 300.00


50%   of the scrutiny fee as mentioned in   Regulation   No.3.2.1, 3.2.2 and   3.2.3 for the respective uses and type of dwelling  units  subject to minimum scrutiny fee Rs. 300.00


Development  permission  granted  under  these  regulation  shall  be  deemed  to  be  lapsed,  if  such development  work  has  not  been  commenced  till  the  expiry  of  one  year  from  the  date  of commencement certificate/development permission. Provided that, the Competent Authority may on application made to it before the expiry of above period (one year) extended such period by a further period  of  one  year  at  a  time  by charging  Rs.300/-  for  renewal  of  development  permission.  Theextended period shall in no case exceed three years in the aggregate.


Rs.500.00  if  the  intended  development  is  for  hospitals,  dispensaries,  schools  or  colleges  or  a place   of  worship, dharmshala, hostels etc. constructed by  a  public  charitable  trust registered under  Public  Charitable Trust   Act,  1950   or  for  any  other  purpose  which  the  Authority  may specify  by a general or special order.


In case of mining, quarrying and brick kiln operations, the scrutiny fees will be as under.

(i)      Mining, quarrying and brick kiln operation.

Rs.500.00 per 0.4 hectare or part there of and a maximum of Rs. 2500.00

(ii)     Brick kiln without Chimney.

Rs. 25.00 per 0.1 hectare or part there of and a maximum of Rs. 500.00

(iii)    Processing of lime sagol etc. without construction.

Rs. 25.00 per 0.1 Hectare or part thereof and maximum of Rs. 250.00

(iv)    Renewal of permission for mining, quarrying Rs. 50.00 for one year.

(v)     Renewal of permission for brick kiln (without chimney) Rs_25.00 for one year.

(vi)    Renewal of permission for processing of sagol, lime etc. without construction Rs. 10.00 for one year.

Note :- Fees to be decided by Competent Authority from time to time


Every person who gives notice under relevant section of the Act    shall furnish all information in   forms   and     format   prescribed   under  these  regulations  and  as  may  be  amended   from time  to  time  by the Competent Authority.  The following particulars and documents shall be submitted along with the application.

(I) (a) The applicant shall submit satisfactory documentary  legal evidence  of his right to develop or to build on the land    in question including extract from the Property Register for   city survey  lands  or  an extract from the  Record  of  Rights  for  Revenue lands or the copy of the index of registered sale deed as the case may be.

(b) He shall   also submit a certified copy of   approved   sub- divisions/layout of final plot from the concerned Authority   or latest   approved sub-division/layout of city survey numbers   or revenue   numbers  from  relevant  Authority,  as  the  case   may   be,  showing  the  area  and measurements  of  the  plot  or  land  on   which   he  proposes  to  develop.  Provided  that  the Authority may dispense with this requirement  in  the cases where it is satisfied regarding the ownership   of land on the basis of any documentary evidence or proof   produced     by the applicant.

(II)  A  certificate  of  the  licensed  structural  designer  in  regard  to  the  proposed  building  shall  be submitted under  these  Development   Control   Regulations.

(III) A site plan (req uired copies) of the area proposed to   be developed   to   a scale not less than 1:500  as  the  case   may   be  showing  the  following  details  wherever  applicable;  In  the   case where plot is more than 10 Hectors, scale shall not be less   than 1:1000.

i)  The boundaries of the plot and plot level in   relation to neighbouring road level.

ii) The positions of the plot in relation to  neighbouring streets.

iii) The name of the streets in which the plot is situated.

iv) All the  existing buildings  and  other   development  exists on or under the site.

v)  The position of buildings and of all other buildings  and construction which the applicant intends to erect.

vi)  The means of access from the street to the buildings or the site  and  all  other    building and constructions which the applicant intends to erect.

vii) Yards and open spaces to be left around the buildings to   secure  free circulation  of air, admission  of  light and access.

viii)The width of street in front and of the  street  at the side or rear of the building.

ix) The direction of north point relative to the plan  of the  buildings.

x)  Any   physical  feature  such  as   trees,   wells,   drains,  O.N.G.C.  well  &  pipeline,   high tension .Line, railway line.

xi)a) Existing  streets  on  all  the  sides  indicating  clearly  the  regular    line  for  streets  if  any prescribed under  the  ACT and passing through the building units.

b) The  location of the  building in  the  plot   with complete dimensions.

c) The area within the regular line of the street  not to be  built  upon but to be added to the street,  hatched   in green together with its measurements.

xii) Area  classified  for  exemption  of  built-up area calculations.

xiii)A plan indicating parking spaces, if required  under these regulations.

xiv) The  positions  of the  building  units  immediately  adjoining the proposed development.

xv) The  position  of  every  water  closet,     privy,   urinal,  bathrooms,     cess   pool,  well  or cistern  in   connection  with  the building other Than those  shown in the detailed plan.

xvi) The  lines of drainage of the  building,  the  size, depth  and  inclination of every  drain and the means   to be provided for the ventilation of the drains.

xvii)   The position and level of the out fall of the drain.

xviii)  The position  of sewer, where the drainage is intended to be connected to sewer.

xix)     Open spaces required under these Development  Control Regulations.

xx)      Tree plantation required under regulation No.31.

(IV)    A    detailed    plan  (required  copies)    showing    the    plans,  sections  and  elevations  of  the proposed  development    work  to    a  scale     of     1:100    showing    the    following    details wherever applicable:

a)   Floor   plans of all floors together   with   the   covered, area; clearly indicating the size and spacing of all framing  members  and sizes of rooms and the position of  staircases, ramps and lift wells.

b) The use of all parts of the building.

c) Thickness   of   walls, floor slabs   and   roof slabs    with   their   materials. The   section shall indicate the  height  of building  and  height of rooms and also the  height  of  the parapet, the drainage and the slope of the roof. At least one section should be taken through the staircase. The  position,  form  and  dimensions  of  the    foundation,  wall,  floor,    roofs,  chimneys  and various parts of the building, means of  ventilation  and accesses to the various  parts of  the building and  its  appurtenances also should be shown  in  one  cross section.

d) The building elevation from the major street.

e) The  level  of the site of the building,  the  level  of lowest of building in relation to the  level of any    street   adjoining the   cartilage of the building in relation to   one   another and some known datum or crown of road.

f)  Cabin plan.

g) The north point relative to the plans.

h) The forms and dimensions of every water closets,   privy, urinals,    bathrooms,   cesspools, well and  water  tank  or cistern  to be constructed in connection with the building.

i)  One copy of the detailed working drawing including structural details based on the approved building plan shall be submitted before 7 days of commencement of the construction work at site  for  information  and  record.  The  applicant  will  inform  the  authority  the  date  for commencement of work”. Provided that in the case of individual residential buildings up to G+2 on a plot not more than 500 sq.mts. in size, the Competent Authority shall not enforce, on request of the owner/developer, to submit such details, subject to the condition that for such  area  similar  types  of  structures  and  soil  investigation  report  are  already  available  on record.

(V) For high rise building and for special building like assembly, institutional, industrial storage and hazardous occupancy the following  additional  information  shall  be furnished/indicated in the following plans in  addition to  the   items under clause 3.3.

a)    Access to fire appliances/vehicles with details of clear motorable    access  way  around the building  and  vehicular  turning circle.

b)    Size  (width)  of  main  and  alternate  staircase    along  with  balcony      approach,  corridor, ventilated  lobby approach  as the  case may be.

c)    Location and details of lift enclosures.

d)     Location and size of fire lift.

e)    Smoke stops lobby/door, where provided.

f)     Refuse chutes, refuse chamber, service duct etc. where to be provided.

g)    Vehicular parking space.

h)    Refuse area, if any.

i)     Details of building services, air-conditioning  system with  position  or dampers, mechanical ventilation  system, electrical services, boilers, gas pipes etc. where provided.

j)     Details  of  exits including provision of   ramps  etc. for hospitals.

k)    Location   of generator, transformer  and  switch  gear  room where required.

l)     Smoke exhauster system, if any.

m)   Details of fire alarm system network.

n)    Location  of  centralised  control,   connecting   all   fore   air,  suste,  built-in  fire  protection arrangements and public address system etc. where required.

o)    Location  of  dimension of static water storage  tank  and pump room.

p)    Location and details of fixed fire protection installations    such   as  sprinkles  wet    risers, house   reels, drenchers, CO2 installations etc.

q)    Location and details of first-aid fire fighting equipment  /installations.

r)     Location for electric transformer.

(VI)In case of layout of land or plot:

A)A site-plan (in required numbers) drawn to a scale not less than 1:500 showing the surrounding lands and existing access to the land included in the layout plan.

B)A layout plan (in required numbers) drawn to a scale of not less than 1:500 showing:

  1. Sub-division of the land or plot or building unit with  dimension  and area  of  each of  the proposed sub-divisions and their use according to these regulations.
  2. Width of the proposed streets and internal roads.
  3. Dimensions and areas of open space provided for under these regulations.

V11)Certificate of undertaking: Certificate in the prescribed form No.2(a),2(b), 2(c) and 2(d) by the registered Architect/Engineer / Structural Designer /Clerk of Works/ /Developer/ Owner.

V111)Full information should be furnished in Form No.3 and Form No.4 as the case may be along with the plan.

1X)The applicant shall also obtain copy of N.O.C. From relevant Authority as per Regulation No.4.2 wherever applicable.??????


The following notation generally shall be used for plans  referred to in 3.3; (III); (IV); (Vand (VI).

Sr. No. Item Site Plan Bldg. Plan
1. Plot line Thick black Thick black
2. Existing Street Green ------
3. Future Street if any Green dotted ------
4. Permissible lines Thick black dotted ------
5. Open space No colour No colour
6. Existing work Blue Blue
7. Work     proposed     to     be demolished Yellow Hatched Yellow Hatched
8. Proposed work Red Red
9. Work without permission if started on site Grey Grey
10. Drainage     and     sewerage work Red dotted Red dotted
11. Water supply work Black dotted Black dotted


a)  A person who is required under relevant section of the  Act to give any notice or to furnish any plans/sections or  written particulars by these Development Control  Regulations, shall sign such notice, plans, sections or written  particulars or   cause them to be signed by him and his duly authorised   registered  Architect,  Engineer,  Developer  etc.  as  the  case  may  be.  such  person  or authorised registered Architect, Engineer, Developer shall furnish documentary evidence of his Authority.   If such notice or other document is signed by such authorised registered Architect, Engineer, Developer   it shall state the name and address of the person on whose behalf it has been furnished.

b) Any notice or document shall be delivered to the office of the Competent Authority, within such hours as may be prescribed by the Competent Authority.

c) The forms, plans, sections and descriptions to be furnished under these Development Control Regulations shall all be signed by each of the following persons :

i)  A person making application for development  permission under relevant section of the Act.

ii)  A person who has prepared the plans and sections with  descriptions who may be registered, engineer  or an architect.

iii) A person who is retained or engaged to supervise the said construction.

iv) A  person  who  is  responsible  for  the  structural design  of  the  construction  i.e. a  structural designer.

v) A clerk of works who is to look after the  day-to-day supervision of the construction.

vi)A Developer

d) A person who is engaged either to prepare plan   or to prepare a structural   design   and structural  report  or to supervise  the  building  shall give  an  undertaking  in  Form No.2(a), 2(b), 2(c) and 2(d) prescribed under these Development  Control  Regulations.

e) Every  person  who under the provisions  of   the  relevant  sections of the Act may be required to  furnish  to  the  Authority any   plan  or  other  documents  shall  furnish  copies  (in   required numbers)  Of  such plans and other documents  and  copies  (in required)  of  such documents which he may be  called  upon  to  furnish.  One  copy  of each such plan and  document  shall be returned, on approval, to the applicant duly   signed   by   the Competent Authority of the Authority or authorised officer.

f) It shall be incumbent on every person whose plans have   been approved to submit amended plans for any deviation amounting to increase in built-up area, F.S.I., building height or change in  plans, he proposes to make during the course of construction of his building work, and the procedure laid  down for plans  or other  documents here to before shall be applicable to  all such amended plans.

g)It  shall  be  incumbent  on  every  person  whose  plans  have been approved,  to submit  a completion plan  showing  the final position of erected or re-erected building in duplicate  or in required numbers and one copy of plan to be returned to the applicant after approval.


The plans and particulars prescribed under regulation No.3.3 above shall be prepared by a  registered architect/engineer.  The  procedure  for  registration  of  architect/engineer  shall be as laid down in these regulations.


If the plans and information given as per regulation No.3.1, 3.2 and 3.3 do not give all the particulars necessary to deal satisfactorily with the development permission application, the application may be liable to be rejected.


The development permission if secured by any person by any misrepresentation or by producing false documents, such development permission will be treated as cancelled/revoked.