(Civil, Water Supply & Sanitary, Electrical and Electro-Mechanical items)



The Government have issued orders vide . G.O.Rt.No.95, T, R&B (R.1Buildings) Dept., dt:18.01.2015 constituting a Committee comprising of Chief Engineers of departments in-charge of execution of building works for finalization of Standard Schedule of Rates for Buildings (Civil,Water Supply & Sanitary,andElectrical and Electro-Mechanical items). The meeting of the above “SoR Committee for Buildings (Civil, Water Supply & Sanitary, Electrical and Electro-Mechanical items)” was convened several times during the year 2019 and finalized on 08.07.2019 with an objective to finalize and release the Buildings-SoR: 2019-20.


The rates of labour, common materials & work items, Public Health items, conveyance rates of materials &hire charges approved and published in Common SoR-2019-20 remain applicable. The specifications, stipulations& all other conditions of Common-SoR other than those specified in this context remain applicable.


a. The provision of Over Heads and Contractor?s Profit @ 13.615% shall be allowed in all the data items of the estimates and rates of the finished items in building works where Contractors All Risk policy is dispensed with.

b. It is reiterated that the provision of „Over Heads and Contractor?s Profit is applicable to Building works since the advent of the AP. Revised standard data-2009, which is approved by the Government in G.O.Ms.No.49 I&CAD (PW-Reforms) Dept., dated: 02-03-2009 and this component shall be operative on all the data items of the estimates and rates of the finished items published in Buildings SoR for all original works and major Renovation works subjected to the fulfillment of the conditions given below:

i. Site accommodation, setting up plant, access road, water supply, electricity and general site arrangements.

ii. Office furniture, equipment and communications.

iii. Expenditure on:

a) Corporate office of contractor.

b) Technical agents for site supervision. (Reimbursement to the technical agents provision is dispensed with where „over heads and contractor?s profit? provision is included in the data rates)

c) Documentation and “as built” drawings.

d) Mobilization/ de-mobilization of resources.

e) Labour camps with minimum amenities and transportation to work sites.

f) Light vehicles for site supervision including administrative and managerial requirements.

g) Laboratory equipment and quality control including field and laboratory testing. (For all the works costing more than Rs.2 Crores contractors have to establish Quality Control laboratory)

h) Minor T & P and survey instruments and setting outworks, including verification of line, dimensions, etc.

i) Watch and ward.

j) Traffic management/ Safety management during construction.

k) Expenditure on safeguarding environment

iv. Sundries.

v. Financing Expenditure.

vi. Sales/ Turn overtax is replaced with GST wef 01.07.2017. The rates arrived in this SoR are only basic rates which are exclusive of all taxes. However,as per the suggestion of BoCE, the provision towards Works Contract Tax as per applicable GST ratesshall be added in the estimates.

vii. Work Insurance/ compensation - Works insurance is dispensed with vide G.O. Ms. No: 61 Irrigation & CAD (PW:Reforms) Department Dt. 25-06-2013. Further,It is decided not to insist upon insuring all the building works as provision for this component is already deleted from the „Overheads & Contractor?s Profit? in building works.


1. Municipal Area Allowance, Agency or Tribal area allowance or any such allowance on the labour components of civil, water supply & sanitary items, Electrical and Electro-Mechanical items of building works shall be allowed wherever applicable as per the guidelines and preamble of Common SoR: 2019-20. For the building work estimates taken up in the notified Area Development Authorities constituted by the Government, the Area Allowance on the labour components of civil, water supply & sanitary items, Electrical and Electro-Mechanical itemsof building works may be allowed on specific recommendation from such Area Development Authorities.

2. Wherever the concrete pump is used in the data, 8 working hours per day can be considered for rate analysis purpose.

3. For the structures where the Standard and High Strength Concretes vide IS: 456-2000 is required,mix design shall be carried out and rates may be arrived as per the rate analysis appended in the A.P. Revised Standard Data-2009.

4. Certain items in the SoR are deleted due to change in the specification, non-availability in the market, etc

5. The Electrical items and corresponding rates as proposed by the Chief Engineer (R&B) Electrical in the meeting, have been considered in the Buildings SoR-2019-20.

6. The specifications of the aggregates for sizes and gradation and its adoption shall be as per IS 383-1970 and IS 2386 (Part 1 to Part 8).

7. No allowance towards „Labour Importation & Labour Amenities? shall be added to the datas as they are included in the provision of „Over heads and contractor?s profit?.

8. For sand, gravel,murum, stones, course aggregates etc, the basic rates are for delivery at site, excluding seigniorage (royalty) charges, unloading charges by machinery / manual means and idle hire charges of machinery shall be allowed (as per table under chapter “conveyance or lead and lift charges”) as applicable.

9. For all the materials, the basic rates given in the Buildings SoR are „landing prices? at the sitewhich are exclusive of all taxes, except where mentioned specifically.

10. For the materials where the basic rates are mentioned as „quarry rates? in the Buildings SoR, which includes initial lead of 1.0 km, lead charges are to be added for the lead distances from the approved quarries as applicable. Wherever the term “carriage” or “conveyance” is used in schedule item, it shall be taken to include actual leads, lifts, loading, unloading and stacking to the satisfaction of the technical sanctioning authority while making the price-adjustments.

11. The basic item rates provided in the schedule of rates include 50 m (conveyance by manual means) or 1 km (conveyance by mechanical means) as initial lead and no lead charges shall be allowed where the source of material is within the initial lead specified in item rate. Additional lead charges shall be allowed for the lead exceeding initial lead specified in the item rate.

12. The lead charges per unit quantity for conveyance of the materials are worked out, and included in the schedule of rates in increment of 50 m for head load and in increment of 1 km for mechanical mode.

13. The rates for lead charges by head load up to 150 meters and by machinery up to 5 km shall be cumulative and inclusive of lead charges for proceeding lead.

14. For building works taken up in the hill areas where the materials are conveyed on ghat roads,the lead distance may be taken as 2.0 times of the existing length of the road for the purpose of leads only for conveyance of materials based on the certificate for the Ghat Road given by the Superintending Engineer concerned.

15. Loading and unloading charges are not payable for conveyance by head load.

16. Loading and unloading charges are not payable for conveyance by mechanical means,for disposal of excavated material unless specified.

17. The rates for unloading of materials except earth, sand, gravel, coarse aggregate, rubble, size stone and cut stone, are inclusive of stacking wherever applicable.

18. The input rate for the water charges taken in Common Standard Schedule of Rates for the basic data is for the sources at site, any water lead as applicable may be allowed as per the conveyance charges.

19. Unless otherwise specified, all material rates shall be exclusive of all taxes, duties, levies, royalty/seigniorage, transportation, handling costs up to project area, and also the „Works Contract Tax?

20. Any errors, omissions, corrections or suggestions shall be brought to the notice of the „COMMITTEE OF THE CHIEF ENGINEERS (Buildings SoR)? for corrective action.

21. For any new items to be included in the „Schedule of Rates?, recommendations with specific remarks of the respective departments should reach the „Committee of Chief Engineers? well in advance.

22. The CWC (Ministry of Irrigation) has recommended that “where standard or schedule of rates are revised or where is necessary to do so, the primary guiding principle should be escalation in labour and material cost and not on trend of rates quoted by the contractors”. The „Committee of Chief engineers? (Buildings SoR) have considered the practicality and adoptability of the „Buildings-SoR? in construction of the building projects in finalizing the „Buildings-SoR?.

23. Wherever feasible, more emphasis is given to the technical specifications for the SoR items by removing the brand names of the manufacturers from the specification .

24. The technical specifications and the rates of the corresponding items given in the SoR are for the guidance only. The estimate preparing authorities are requested to obtain literature for usage / application of construction / water proofing materials, epoxies etc, from the manufacturers or authorized suppliers in the contract documents as per the requirement.


1. The Committee of Chief Engineers on Buildings-SoR: 2019-20 (Civil & Electrical) has met in the chambers of Chief Engineer (R&B) Buildings& RSW, several times during the year 2019 and approved the Buildings SoR:2019-20,without any tax elements based on the representations received from various Engineering Departments. As per the suggestion of BoCE, 12% GST rate on the Estimate Contract Value(ECV) towards works contract shall be provided in Part-B of the estimate during preparation of estimates.

2. SSR Rates for Civil, Sanitary & water supply and Electrical Items are purely for the guidance of the officers in preparation of estimates vide Para 113 of APPWD code. Authority who prepares the estimate is however responsible for proper rates as envisaged in Para 45 of APPWD code.

3. The rates published in the Buildings SoR are ceiling rates and the estimate preparing authorities are responsible for the correctness and reasonableness of the Technical Specifications and Rates adopted in the estimates.

4. The committee has resolved to amend the Standard Data / Clarificationwith the following Admendments:

a) Proc.No.20938/SOR/DCE(B)/EE(B)/DEE(B)/AEE/2019,