This Unified Schedule of Rates (USoR) is divided in 4 Chapters according to the nature of works involved viz. Chapter-I, covering Earthwork for Rivers, Channels, Embankments,

Chapter-2,covering Protective Works & Flood Protective Measures, Chapter-3, covering Special items for Sluice Structures and

Chapter-4,covering Miscellaneous items

The Executive Engineer of the concerned Division will be the Engineer-in-Charge in respect of the tender contract and all correspondences concerning rates, claims, change in specifications and/or design and similar important matters will be valid only if accepted/recommended by the Engineer-in-Charge. Instructions given by the Sub- Divisional Officer/Assistant Engineer and the Junior Engineer on behalf of the Engineer- in-Charge shall also be valid (who have been authorized to carry out the work on behalf of the Engineer-in-Charge) regarding specification, supervision, approval of materials and workmanship. In case of dispute relating to specification and work, the decision of Engineer-in-Charge shall be final and binding. The Engineer-in-Charge will however invariably take all decisions relating to tender contract only after consultation with the Tender Accepting Authority.

All construction materials, tools and plants / machinery, all labour ( both skilled and unskilled ) including their accommodation, sanitation, procurement of food stuff, medical aid, drinking water and all other basic needs, unless otherwise specified, are to be arranged by the Contractor. Cost for transportation of labour, materials and all items shall have to be borne by the Contractor.

The Contractor/bidder shall have to comply with the provisions of (a) Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition) Rules, 1970 including its revisions (b) Minimum Wages Act 1948 and the modification thereof or any other laws relating thereto as will be in force from time to time.

Renewal works include dismantling and taking out old work and mending good damages after renewal and clearing the worksite of all spoils and dismantled materials, as per direction of the Engineer-in-charge.

Any materials brought to site by the contractor subject to approval of the Engineer-in- Charge. The rejected materials must be removed by the contractor from the site at his own cost within 24 hrs of issue of the order to that effect. The rates in the schedule are inclusive of cost and carriage of all materials to worksite. The materials will have to be supplied in phase with due intimation to the Sub-Divisional Officer/Assistant Engineer concerned in conformity with the progress of the work. For special type of materials, i.e. Geo Synthetic Bags, HDPE Bags, Geo Textile Filter, Geo jute Filter etc. if any, relevant Data Sheet containing the name of the Manufacturers, Test Report etc. will also be submitted in each occasion. Engineer-in-Charge may conduct independent test on the samples drawn randomly before according approval for using the materials at site. In this regard decision of Engineer-in-Charge shall be final and binding.

Cess @ 1% of the cost of construction works shall be deducted from the Gross value of all works Bill in terms of Finance Department order No. 853-F dated 01.02.2006. Also it is instructed to register his establishment under the Act, under the competent registering Authority, i.e. Assistant Labour Commissioner / Dy. Labour Commissioner of the region.

All possible precautions should be taken for the safety of the people and work force deployed at worksite as per safety rule in force. Contractor will remain responsible for his labour in respect of his liabilities under the Workmen’s Compensation Act etc. He must deal with such cases as promptly as possible. Proper road signs as per P.W.D. practice  will have to be erected by the contractor at his own cost while operating public thoroughfares.

All working tools & plants, scaffolding, construction of vats & platforms and arrangement of Labour Campus will have to be arranged by the contractor at his/her own cost.

The contractor shall supply mazdoors, bamboos, ropes, pegs, flags etc. for laying out the work and for taking and checking measurements for which no extra payment will be made.

The contractor(s) shall not deposit material on any site which will seriously  inconvenience the public. The Engineer-in-charge may require the contractor(s) to remove any materials, which are considered  by  him  to  be a  danger  or inconvenience to the public or cause them to be removed at the contractor’s cost.

The contractor undertakes to have the  site clean,  free  from  rubbish to  the satisfaction  of the Engineer-in-charge. All surplus materials, rubbish etc. will be removed to the places fixed by the Engineer-in-charge and nothing extra will be paid.

Materials obtained by excavation/digging at site or dismantling of Govt.structures or part thereof shall remain the property of the Govt. The Contractor shall sort out and stack materials at site as per direction. He shall also dispose of the unserviceable rubbish etc. as per instruction of the Engineer-in-charge or his representative. The Contractor shall remain the custodian of such dismantled materials till the charge of the same is taken over by the Engineer-in-charge or his representative.

The Contractor must see that all damages to any property which in the opinion of the Engineer-in-charge are due to the work of the Contractor are promptly rectified as per his direction and to his satisfaction.

All the islands situated under North and South 24 Parganas, which are not connected by major bridges from the main land, the Schedule rates shall be enhanced by 20%.

For works of Bhutnir ghat in Malda district, the rates shall be enhanced by 15%. This conditions are not applicable for items related to Earthwork.

The carriage cost involved for the execution of works shall be based on shortest distance




  1. General Conditions


  1. Abbreviation


  1. Specification of works


    1. Earth work.


    1. Protection work


    1. Sluice


  1. Modes of measurement Consumption of Materials & Conversion Table



  1. Schedule of Rates



  1. Chapter-1: Earth work for River, Channels, Canals, Embankments etc.



  1. Chapter-2: Protective work and flood protective measures


  1. Chapter-3: Special Items for sluice structures



  1. Chapter-4: Miscellaneous



  1. Rate of wages



  1. Drawings



  1. Format for Analysis of rates of boulder,
  2. Annexures

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