General Notes

CHAPTER XII -Madhaya Pradesh-2016

81. General

(1) The provisions of this Chapter shall, notwithstanding anything contained in any other provisions of these rules, but, subject to the provisions of the Act, apply in relation to more than one building on a plot. Provided that a two storied service building upto a maximum floor area of 200 sq. m. in the same plot shall not be considered as more than one building for this purpose provided such building complies with attract the other provisions of these rules.

(2) Every building on a plot containing more than one building which does not abut on means of access shall abut an internal road connecting the means of access of the plot. The floor area ratio shall be calculated on the basis of the width of means of access on which the plot abuts.

(3) The width of such internal roads shall not be less than 4.0 m. Where internal road of 4.0 m. of width is not possible to be provided due to an existing building constructed prior to the commencement of these rules, a building of not more than 7 m. in height may be allowed, provided that the width of the internal road shall not be less than 1.20 m.

(4) Provided that every internal road as required under this rule shall be kept free from any projection thereon and shall be kept open to the sky no chajja or cornice or weather shed more than 600 mm. shall overhang or project thereon.

(5) The minimum width and the maximum length of all such internal roads shall be as per table below: Table 6A Width and Length of Internal Roads

Minimum width of Internal
Maximum Length of Internal Roads
  For internal roads
closed at one end
For internal roads open
to street at both end
(a) 4. 00 m. 50 m. 100 m.
(b) 7.00 m. 100 m. 200 m.
(c) 9.00 m. No restriction No restriction


(6) The maximum permissible height of any building on a plot shall be determined by the width of the means of access on which the plot abuts according to the Table 5 of sub-rule (1) of rule 75.

(7) In case of buildings within a plot not being of same occupancy, any individual building of any particular occupancy shall comply with the rules for that occupancy excepting the provisions of ground coverage and floor area ratio.

(8) Every building shall have minimum external open spaces as prescribed under Chapter IX of these rules, provided that on these open spaces, internal roads may be constructed.