Important issues for State Schedule of Rates

Section A - General Notes 

Schedule of Rates prepared for the year 2019-20 is operative from 01 July, 2019 and is applicable for all the Districts of Maharashtra. Schedule of Rates are worked out considering the rates of materials prevailing in all districts. If the basic rates of murum, sand, metal and bricks for a particular district deviates from the rates considered in the SSR, then the Superintending Engineer, PWD of that particular district may change rate/s for that particular item/s. While doing so concerned Superintending Engineer, PWD shall keep the reasons in writing on record.

For the rates in Corporation area, Municipal Council Areas, Notified Tribal area, Hilly inaccessible areas & Central Jail premises, Sugarcane factory area, Tiger Project areas, Coal / Manganese /Lime Mining area, Naxalite affected area and Mental Hospital premises, an increase of percentages over the normal schedule of rates (Basic completed item Rates) prescribed for the year 2019-20 are as follows:


Specific Areas

Percentage in Rates


Corporation Areas



Municipal Council Areas



Sugarcane factory area (within 10 km. radius)



Notified Tribal Areas / Hilly Area / Inaccessible areas



Inside Premises of Central Jail, Mental Hospital, Raj Bhavan, Yerawada Printing press.



Tiger project area in Amaravati, Yavatmal, Wardha, Nagpur, Bhandara, Gondia & Chandrapur Distt.



Coal / Lime / Manganese Mining area



Naxalite affected area


In addition to this, for items involving construction and repair of sewer lines/ storm water drains, concerned Superintending Engineer, PWD shall increase the rate accordingly 

Issue rates of Schedule 'A' materials for above notified area shall be increased by respective percentage. The above percentage shall be applied on the cost of  items after deducting the cost of Specified materials, if issued on Schedule 'A'.
The Superintending Engineers (PWD) shall Specify the Sugar factory areas/ Coal mine areas/ Notified Tribal areas under their circles.

The Notified Hilly / Inaccessible areas shall be considered as per Government Resolution, Planning Department No. DVK-2009/CR-6/D-1483 Dated 18.01.2010 & 31.01.2018, No. DVK-2015/CR-42/D1481A Dated 15.06.2018 & 20.11.2018 and DVK-2015/CR-35/D-1483 Dated 31.07.2015 and applicable GRs of Planning Department.

The Superintending Engineer, PWD shall decide necessary increase in ii(a) above if required for traffic restriction hours and Labour rates for night working.

 1) For all district excluding Gadchiroli, following instructions are applicable:The works which are pertaining to inside premises of central jail, Mental Hospital, Raj Bhavan, Yerawada Printing press as well as in Corporation area, an increase of percentage over normal scheduled rates shall be considered both simultaneously e. g. If central jail is situated in corporation area an increase of 5% for corporation area and 15% for jail premises total 20% shall be considered.

2) For Gadchiroli District Notified Tribal area, Hilly or inaccessible area, an increase shall be (10%+20%)=30%.

Schedule of rates is based on the following basic rates of materials: The basic rates for materials Cement, Steel, Sand, Bricks may vary from district to district. While preparing the item rates for State Schedule of Rates, the basic rates from all Districts are considered at an average level. 

Sr. No.


Basic rate for 2019-20(Excluding GST)


Cement /PPC

Rs. 4,700/-    Per M. T.



Rs. 4,840/-    Per M. T.


GGBS (IS-16714)

Rs. 3990/-    Per M. T.


TMT-FE-500 reinforcement

Rs. 41,200/- Per M. T.


HCRM/ CRS reinforcement

Rs. 44,000/- Per M. T.


Structural Steel

Rs. 44,100/- Per M. T.


Bitumen VG-30 (Packed)

Rs. 32,500/- Per M. T.Ex. Refinery Mumbai


Bitumen VG-10 (Packed)

Rs. 31,700/- Per M. T. Ex. Refinery Mumbai


Bitumen VG-40 (Bulk)

Rs. 30,180/- Per M. T. Ex. Refinery Mumbai


Bitumen VG-30 (Bulk)

Rs. 29,200/- Per M. T. Ex. Refinery Mumbai


Bitumen VG-10 (Bulk)

Rs. 28,400/- Per M. T. Ex. Refinery Mumbai


Bitumen VG-40 (Packed)

Rs. 33,580/- Per M. T. Ex. Refinery Mumbai


Bitumen Emulsion

Rs. 23,490/- Per M. T. Ex. Refinery Mumbai


CRMB - 55

Rs. 30,555/- Per M. T.


CRMB - 60

Rs. 30,735/- Per M. T.

The Rates of Bitumen given above are basic rates as on 16 June 2019. While preparing estimates, the rates prevailing at that time of Ex-Refinery Mumbai, shall be considered. The Rates of Steel given above are as per SAIL Dtd. 21.06.2019 & rates of Cement are of  Dtd. 21.06.2019.

The Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) & Portland Slag Cement (PSC) shall be of reputed manufacturer only.

While preparing estimates if any specific grade of structural steel other than the SSR and grade of Bitumen other than SSR is required, then Superintending Engineer, PWD shall be competent to incorporate the same in the detailed estimate.

 If the contractor procures Bitumen/Tar/Emulsion from any source other than Govt. refinery as permitted by Govt. vide Circular No. ºÉEÆòÒhÉ-Ç2018/|É.Gò.30/ªÉÆ.¤ÉÉ.ºÉÉ. ÊnùxÉÉÆEò 27 ¨ÉÉSÉÇ 2019, the Executive Engineer concerned, on requisite testing of such material shall work out the variation between the prevailing Govt. refinery rate and rate of private refinery produced by contractor on date of purchase of such material. If the variation is found negative, it shall be deducted from the amount payable to contractor against relevant items. If the variation is positive, the contractor shall not be paid for such positive variation and all the extra cost shall be borne by the contractor.

iv) Taxes and  Govt. Circulars.

Material Rates are exclusive of GST (Goods & Service Tax). Rates for completed items are also exclusive of GST. While preparing the estimates, separate provision for GST shall be made in recapitulation  sheet.

As per Govt. Circular No.SSR - 1090/CR-6453/PLN-3 Dt. 14.07.1993 and as per GR of Industries  and  power Department  No. BCA–2009/CR-108/Labour 7-A dated 17.06.2010, Labour Cess at 1%  has been considered separately in Rate Abstracts.

For labour amenities and all other overhead charges, 10% provision is considered in Rate Abstract. In addition, 10% provision for Contractor's Profit is also considered separately. 

The Government of Maharashtra, Revenue and Forest Departments Gazette No. 67 Dt. 15 May 2015, States that the Royalty charges of Rs. 400/- Per Brass (i.e. Rs.141.34 /cum.) are to be considered. The surcharge levied on Royalty shall also be payable to the contractor. Royalty charges on all minor minerals do not form part of Rate Abstract and shall be reimbursed separately on production of proof to that effect. The Superintending Engineer, PWD may modify and circulate Royalty charges in case of any modification are made by Govt. of Maharashtra. Royalty charges against estimated quantity shall be included in Recapitulation sheet.
For crusher metal separate royalty charges shall not be considered as it is a finished product. 

In water scarcity area (the locality declared as drought prone area by District Collector for specified period), the Superintending Engineer, PWD concerned shall suitably increase the rate for particular item considering the requirement of water for that item.

Leads and lifts

Rates For transportation of material by Truck from different leads have been worked out as per table given by National Building Organization. The  cost per trip shown in statement 'C', also includes charges of running empty vehicle for return trip. For calculation of transportation charges rates tabulated in material master for following items are considered in the formula a ) Mazdoor       b) Diesel            c) Mobile Oil         d) Truck 

For calculation of pay load factor a truck of 10 M. T. capacity is considered. The rates worked out in the Rate Abstract include initial lead of 50 m. for all completed items. Actual lead charges are to be added for items while framing the estimate wherever applicable. 

Lead charges for various materials are given in statement C-1 and these are inclusive of loading and unloading charges. Hence loading and unloading charges shall not be considered separately

The Basic rates for all quarrying materials such as Rubble, boulders, aggregates, sand, murum, selected earth etc. are taken as rates at quarry with lead of 50 mtr. (Head load lead is not to be deducted from  lead)

ix) Hot-Mix Hot laid Bituminous Works:- 

The rates of Bitumen VG-40, Bitumen VG-30, and Bitumen VG-10 grade bitumen are Separate. Hence specify the grade accordingly in items of work to be executed. 
References of PWD Standard Specifications, MORTH specifications are mentioned in  bracket below the description of the items. 

The concrete works :- The rates of cement concrete item are based on Standard consumption. The mix design shall be carried out for Concrete Grade above M-20 grade. If the consumption as per approved mix design varies ( more or less 5% ) from standard consumption, accordingly the positive difference in the cost of cement shall not be paid to contractor.  Work in Severe / Adverse / Foul Condition  : 

In case of sudden rush of works like Kumbhmela at Nasik, Guru-ta-Gaddi at Nanded, Asian games at Pune, the Department may face shortage of material and other resources. In such situation the concerned Superintending Engineer, PWD shall prepare the new Schedule of Rates or make necessary amendment/s in SSR with the prior permission of the respective Chief Engineer, PWD.   

For works in Gadchiroli, Ratnagiri, Sindhudurg districts specific District Schedule of Rates shall be prepared by respective SE. 

The testing facilities, for construction materials, which are not available in Government Laboratories/ Institutions, test results can be obtained from ISO Certified and NABL Accredited private quality control Laboratories / Govt. approved Engineering colleges, Polytechnic.

Use of Geo textiles, for strengthening the soil is work of special techniques requiring precise use of materials and skilled supervision. Use of Geo textiles in soil stabilization may be included in estimate only after the prior permission of the Chief Engineer concerned.

As far as possible, use of Cold mix items shall be discouraged. However, if found necessary, Rate Analysis for cold mix item with seal coat shall be approved by  the Superintending Engineer, PWD of that particular Circle. 

For such work, the rate for excavation shall be increased by 25% over the scheduled rates of excavation. 

For other items required to be executed in foul condition up to Ground Level / Bed Level, the rate shall be increased by 5% over schedule rates of individual items of CSR. This increase is over and above under general note 2. 

The above hike in rates of (a) & (b) shall be subject to the express condition that the prior approval of Superintending Engineer, PWD is obtained. The foul condition shall be certified by the Executive Engineer.

General Guidelines :- 

The contents of SSR Annexure are as follows :- Statement A-1 - Material Master. (Basic rates of materials) Statement A-2 - Labour Master.  

References of PWD Standard Specification/ MORT & H Specification are mentioned in schedule of rates.  

Machinery  hire charges rates are provided by Mechanical Wing of PWD. 

Superintending Engineer, PWD shall decide reduced task rates for Items required for diversion, wherever diversion is required.

Section B - Instructions for preparing estimate

As per revised circular issued by Dy. Directorate of Insurance Maharashtra State vide letter No.31/03/2015, Insurance towards labour is not considered in rate abstract of SSR items. Provision for the same shall be made in the recapitulation sheet as follows.

a Work value upto 25lakhs 1.00%
b Work value above 25lakhs 0.50.%

For items of buildings having ground plus upper floors rate shall be increased as follows for the floor lift.

Sr.No Floor For every floor separate item 
Rate to be increased by 1%
a Ground floor Nil
b First floor 1%
c Second floor 2%
d Third floor 3%
e Fourth floor 4%

Above fourth floor the percentage increase in Rates floor wise shall be decided by concerned SE, PWD

Note : The lift height for floor to floor shall be considered as 3.8 Mtr.

Transportation Charges:-

The transportation charges beyond 30 km to 50 km are with 5 km interval, 50 km to 100 km with 10 km interval, 100 km to 200 km with 25 km interval. The transportation charges for intermediate km. within the range shall be worked out by linearly interpolating between rates of the lower and upper values in the range.

Statement C2 is for loading, unloading and stacking charges. Loading and unloading charges are to be deducted from Transportation charges in Statement C1, wherever transportation charges without loading and unloading are required.

Rate of transportation of bulk bitumen from refinery to the plant site is Rs. 8.00 / M.T./ km. Rate of heating and decanning bulk bitumen is Rs. 110.00 / M.T.

The items for which rates are not included in state schedule of Rates, the rates shall be approved by concerned superintending Engineer, PWD.

The rates for items pertaining to Parks & Gardens shall be taken from the SSR of Parks & Gardens wing 

For items of excavation, foundation concrete and masonry etc. for C. D. works, rates shall be adopted from corresponding items under respective building sections.

Rates for items of excavation are worked out by considering the excavation using machineries. But where site is inaccessible for machinery then rates for manual excavation shall be taken with prior permission of the Superintending Engineer, concerned.

For scaffolding work required to be erected for carrying out repairing work on external faces of building at various heights (viz. Repairs to chajja, external plastering, painting etc.). The rate of respective item shall be increased by 1%, provided the work is carried out by erecting scaffolding. For specific cases rate analysis shall be got approved from concerned Superintending Engineer, PWD. If separate item for scaffolding is considered in estimate, then this increase shall not be applied.

All concrete items considered in SSR are inclusive of normal curing system

For building works costing more than Rs. 25.00 Crore, curing shall invariably be done by intelligent curing system. Separate Rate analysis approved by concerned Superintending Engineer, PWD shall be used for estimation purpose.

For repair works considering small quantity of work nominal mix shall be used for PCC / RCC items.
Provision shall be made for taking Photographs, Video Shooting, load testing etc. separately in detail estimate and shall form part of Schedule B .

The use of Power Roller shall not be encouraged.

For building works for the excavation beyond 3.0 metre depth, following increase in basic rate of an item shall be made:-
3.0 m to 4.50 m depth add 20 %
4.5 m to 6.0 m depth add 30 %
Depth beyond 6.0 m extra percent to be decided by concerned Superintending Engineer.

If higher Concrete grade, is required for any specific work, the rate analysis of the same shall be derived by adding difference in standard cement consumption in relevant SSR item’s rate and shall be got approved from the Superintending Engineer, PWD of concerned circle.

For deep foundation works, if found necessary, additional deep work charges, shall be got sanctioned from the Chief Engineer of concerned region.

For preparation of estimates the detailed plans (Civil and Electrical) shall be finalized with consent of user department and then the detailed estimate is to be prepared and submitted for Administrative Approval.

In respect of new buildings and bridges, type of foundation should be fixed on the basis of detailed soil investigation report and no change in foundation shall be made without study of technical and financial implications. If such change is required out of technical necessity, the approval of the competent authority, which has given administrative approval, be taken first and then only changes should be executed.

While preparing Estimate, if the item of dewatering is necessary in estimate, proper item must be included and verified by the Superintending Engineer of concerned District. The dewatering rates in Bridges/Building section includes post monsoon flow of river/Nallahs having general seepage of water only and dose not include provision of cofferdam, caging etc. In specific condition, if cofferdam/caging/dewatering using mechanical pumps is felt necessary then appropriate dewatering item from SSR shall be taken or separate rate analysis shall be prepared and got approved from concerned Superintending Engineer, PWD.

While preparing Estimate, actual and practical distance of worksite from quarries shall be taken and adequate quantity of good quality material shall be ascertained by concerned Executive Engineer. Extra care shall be taken in case of lead of murum and sand.

For minor works if use of scada is not possible as ascertained by field officers, rates shall be accordingly reduced by the concerned Superintending Engineer, PWD.

For RCC / PQC items involving modified type of curing, the basic rate of such items shall be increased by 5% to consider cost of curing compound.

For built up drain, the basic rate of item shall be increased as mentioned for foul conditions ( i.e. Point No. (x) Page No. 4 of this general note)

The DPR and estimate must certify on quarry chart that
a) Quarries selected have sufficient quantity of required of specific quality needed.
b) That shortest lead has been considered while preparing the estimates.

For murum & earth, lead from nearby farms / private lands shall not be taken. It should be taken from approved quarries only.

The rates of sand shall be average of the sand sale rates of last five years obtained from respective District Collector. Also the rates of items shall be in two parts i.e. 1) small works requiring sand upto 10Cum & 2) works requiring sand more than 10 Cum.

Section C - Testing of Materials

Laboratory testing charges are not considered in the Rate Abstracts. Wherever required separate item shall be taken in the estimate for material testing charges, on the basis of testing frequency and charges fixed by Vigilance & Quality Control Circle, for the current year and shall form part of Schedule B of tender.

For Specific tests like span load tests, plate/ pile load test etc. which are not included in the rate analysis of item, the rates for these tests shall be prepared on the basis of rates approved by M.E.R.I./ any competent Institute of Govt. of Maharashtra or Govt. of India.

Section D - Instructions for tender Clause

Tender Percentage for Royalty, Testing charges and Man power

While preparing D.T.P, the Schedule "B"/BOQ amount shall be divided as(A) work Portion and (B), Royalty charges, Testing charges and Man power for Dept
For B-1 tender the Percentage shall be applied to work portion. (A) only.
For B-2 tender the Rate of item shall be applied to work portion. (A) only.

In above both case the part "B" of schedule B/BOQ will be intact.
Considering above, relevant clause shall be included in DTP.

Contractor shall produce the work insurance policy, the same will be reimbursed tothe contractor.

If contractor fails to produce the work insurance policy, Concerned Executive Engineer shall draw the policy, the expenditure incurred for drawing the policy shall be recovered from the1 st R.A.bill of the contractor as penalty to the Contractor.

If completion period of work is Extended, then period of work Insurance must be renewed/ extended as per requirement.

Mandatory Testing of Material and Penalty Clause

It is mandatory on the part of contractor to carry out all the required tests of various construction materials as mentioned in schedule 'B' of the tender. If the contractor fails to submit required test result of the various construction materials as mentioned in the items of schedule 'B', he will be liable to deposit the amount at penal rate of five times of the amount of particular test which he has not carried out.

Contractor will be informed by the Engineer-in-Charge through letter. On receipt of letter, contractor will have to either deposit the said amount or to carry out the required test within ten days. If he again fails to carry out the required tests in stipulated time limit, the said tests will be carried out by the department and total expenditure incurred on the testing charges plus five times amount of testing charges will be recovered from the contractor's bill.

As this recovery is only due to the negligence on the part of contractor to carry out work as per Tender conditions and Executive Engineer's decision will be final and binding on the contractor and it can not be challenged by the contractor by way of Appeal, Arbitration or in the Court of Law.

Considering above, relevant clause shall be included in DTP.

Section E - Additional notes for Coastal Items

Coastal items are applicable for Mumbai City, Mumbai Suburban, Thane, Palghar, Raigad, Ratnagiri & Sindhudurg Districts.

This schedule of rates is applicable to all coastal protection works such as Anti Sea Erosion Bund, Groyne, Breakwater etc. to be constructed in the tidal condition along the sea coast & in the sea/creek area of all Coastal Districts.

For all completed items no initial lead is considered for material like sand, metal, stones etc. Lead charges for these materials shall be added while estimation.

Following increase over normal schedule of rates mentioned in this schedule are admissible on following accounts.

a) Defence Area [such as INS Hamla, Malad for security reasons] : 10%

In Case more than one percentage increase on basic rates is admissible, instead of adding both the percentages, the higher percentage should be considered. (e.g. if any Defence area falls in the Municipal Corporation area then percentage addition will be only 10% and not with 10% + 5%). The above percentage increase should be applied on completed item rate.
Items which comes under tidal condition 10% is to be added over completed item rate.

The head load is to be considered with prior permission of Coastal Engineer while preparing detailed rate analysis for inaccessible area where shifting of materials by head load is necessary. The State Schedule of Rates shall be adopted.

For the works in Elephanta, Arnala Fort, Panju island and such other islands and works such as light houses, guide poles to be constructed on the island or in the Sea/Creek, the actual boat charges for transportation of materials and labours shall be taken and detailed rate analysis for transportation of materials by boats shall be done and approved by Coastal Engineer. The boat charges shall be considered

a) Small boat (Single Cylinder @ Carrying Capacity = 1.50 MT) : Rs.5000/- per Day
b) Big boat (Double Cylinder @ Carrying Capacity = 5.00 MT) : Rs.10000/- per Day

The items included in this Section of schedule of rates are special items required for Harbour Engineering Works. For other items, State schedule of Rates should be adopted.

Section F - Road Furniture

IRC 67 2012 Table 6.2 Suggested Guidelines for Usage of Retro-Reflective Sheeting



Class of Sheeting


Type of Sheeting (ASTM)

Category of Road


National/State Highway


Major District Roads


Rural Roads


Urban/City Roads


Express way


Class A

Type I






Type II







Class B

Type III






Type IV







Class C







Type IX






Type XI






IRC 67 2012 Table 8.3 Colour Pattern for Direction Information Signs

Road Type






National Highway (NH)



State Highway (SH)



Major District Road (MDR)



Village Road (VR)



Urban/City Road



 Warranty for Class B and Class C sheet of Cautionary / Mandatory / Informative Sign boards

Class B ( Type IV High intensity micro-prismatic grade sheeting-HIP) shall have 7 years written warranty from the manufacturer and authorised distributor/convertor issued for field performance including the screen printed areas and cut-out sheeting and cut-out durable transparent overlay film and this warranty certificate in original should be submitted to the Engineer in Charge by the contractor/supplier.

Class C ( Type XI Micro prismatic grade sheeting) shall have 10 years written warranty from the manufacturer and authorised distributor/convertor issued for field performance including the screen printed areas and cut-out sheeting and cut-out durable transparent overlay film and this warranty certificate in original should be submitted to the Engineer in Charge by the contractor/supplier.

The contractor shall produce the written warranty from the manufacturer and authorise distributer/convertor, else 20% of single item amount shall be deducted from his first R.A. Bill.