CHAPTER : 11.0
Item No. Descriptions Unit Rate
11.1 Planting Permanent Hedges including Digging of Trenches
Planting permanent hedges including digging of trenches, 60 cm wide and 45 cm deep, refilling the excavated earth mixed with farmyard manure, supplied at the rate of 4.65 cum per 100 metres and supplying and planting hedge plants at 30 cm apart.
metre 172.00

Planting of Trees and their Maintenance for one Year

Planting of trees by the road side (Avenue trees) in 0.60 m dia holes, 1 m deep dug in the ground, mixing the soil with decayed farm yard/sludge mannure, planting the saplings, backfilling the trench, watering, and maintaining the plants for one year.

each 633.00

Half Brick Circular Tree Guard, in 2nd class Brick, internal diametre 1.25 metres, and height 1.2 metres, above ground and 0.20 metre below ground

Half brick circular tree guard, in 2nd class brick, internal diametre 1.25 metres, and height 1.2 metres, above ground and 0.20 metre below ground, bottom two courses laid dry, and top three courses in cement mortar 1:6 ( 1 cement 6 sand) and the intermediate courses being in dry honey comb masonry, as per design complete.

each 2156.00

Edging with 2nd class Bricks, laid dry lengthwise

Edging with 2nd class bricks, laid dry lengthwise, including excavation, refilling, consolidation, with a hand packing and spreading nearly surplus earth within a lead of 50 metres.

metre 44.00

Tree Guard with MS Angle Iron and Steel Wire

Providing and fixing tree guard 0.60 metre square, 2.00 metre high fabricated with MS angle iron 30 x 30 x 3 mm, MS iron 25 x 3 mm and steel wire3 mm dia welded and fabricated as per design in two halves bolted together.

each tree guard 2488.00
11.6 Transplantation of Trees including trimming the branches of full grown tree as per the requirement, giving a wax treatment of the trimmed area of branches, uprooting the tree i/c trimming and transporting the uprooted tree to the specified site of transplantation as directed by the engineer-in-Charge up to 12 Kms. lead including all lifts, transplanting, the uprooted tree by digging a required size of pit, filling it with fresh garden soil and manure as per the requirement & maintaining it for a period of 4 months by watering, weeding, manuring etc complete.    
  A Trees having trunk girth upto 1.00 M. Per Tree 4712.00
  B Trees having trunk girth more than 1.00 M. upto 1.5 M Per Tree 7069.00
  C Trees having trunk girth more than 1.5 M. to 2.00 M Per Tree 9425.00
  D Trees having trunk girth more tha 2.00 M. Per Tree 11309.00


of the above rates may be paid after the transplantation of tree. If the tree does not survive after maintenance period, remaining 40% shall not be payable. The remaining 40% shall be paid after the expiry of maintenance period i.e. 4 months.