InformationAccompanying Application: 

5.1 The application for building or development permit shall be accompanied by the key plan, site plan, layout plan, building plan, services plan and specifications as prescribed in  Bye-laws 5.2 & 5.3. 

5.1.1 Size of drawing sheets: The size of the  drawing sheets for key plan, site plan layout plan, building plan, etc. shall be of any of those specified in table (1) below.



Sl. No.  Designation  Trimmed Size (mm)  


1. A0                              841 x 1189
2. A1   594 x 841
3. A2   420 x 594  
4. A3   297 x 420
5. A4     210 x 297 

5.1.2 Recommended notation for colouring plans

 The site and building plans shall be coloured as specified in Table 2 ahead. In the case of layout plans the colouring notations for services shall be as given in Table 2. and for other items. colours used shall be indexed by the persons preparing the plan. 

5.1.3 All plans shall he prepared in metric units.  

5.2 Application for development permit

 The  following shall accompany the application for development permit in the case of development or redevelopment of land into plot subdivisions or land use zones :

i) Key Plan

 This shall show the location of land proposed to be subdivided. This shall also show the North point and scale used.  

ii) Site plan

 This shall be drawn on a scale of not less than 1:1000 for plots up to 10  hectares and not less than 1:2000 for plots above 10 hectares and shall show :- 

a) The boundaries of the site with dimensions and the details of continuous land belonging to applicant indicating the khesra numbers or any other equivalent local denomination and in case, the contiguous land owned by the  applicant that had been subdivided earlier, public facilities provided in it and all streets within it opening out in the site for which the permission is being sought. 

b) The means of access or existing street (name and width of the street is to be mentioned) to the land which the applicant intends to sub-divide/develop. 

c) The position of all existing structures and features like high tension line, telegraph and electrical poles, underground pipe lines, trees, grave yards, religious building, railway lines, etc. within a distance of 30 meters from the nearest edge of the site.

d) All major physical characteristics of land  proposed to be developed which include the approximate location and sire of water body, normal flood affected areas and contours at an interval of 0.3 meters in case of the site which has a slope of more than 1 in 20. 

e) Present and proposed use of land. 

f) Scale used and North direction. 

iii) Subdivision layout plan

This shall be drawn on a scale of not less than 1:500, for plot up to 10 hectares and not less than 1:1000 for plots above 10 hectares. 

Table - 2


Sl NO         

Item Development Flan Building Plan  No 
    White Print    Ammonia  Print  White Print   Ammonia Print
1 2 3 4 5 6
2 Plot Lines       Thick Black Thick Blue Thick Black Thick Blue 
3 Existing street       Green Green Thick  Black Thick Blue 
4 Future  Street     (if any) Green dotted Green dotted Thick Black Thick Blue 
5 Permissible building lines  Thick dotted black Thick dotted black Thick Black Thick Blue 
6 Open spaces    No colour No colour No colour No colour 
7 Existing work         Black (outline)  Blue Black   Blue 
8 Work proposed to be demolished  Yellow Hatched Yellow Hatched Red Yellow  Hatched Red  Yellow Hatched 
9 Proposed work Red (Peripheral) Red  (Peripheral) Red  (Peripheral) Red  (Peripheral)
10 Drainage and work sewerage Red dotted Red dotted Red dotted Red dotted
11 Water Supply work                       Black Dotted thin Bluedotted thin Black dotted thin Blue dotted thin    

(iv) Specification

 Every application for permission of subdivision of land shall also be accompanied by the following statements: - 

(a) A statement containing general specification of all improvements proposed to be made within the area for example, grading and paving of roads and lanes, provision of gutters, side drains, provision of sufficient, safe and assured water supply, arrangement of sewage disposal, street lighting and development of parks and playfields and public utilities. 

(b) The purpose for which the land is to be used and a written analysis of distribution of land under different uses. 

(c) General specifications of the materials to be used and estimated cost of the proposed  development of the area. 

(d) The quality and quantity of effluent in respect of industrial units. 

(e) . The quality and quantity of effluent in respect of industrial units.  

(v)  Ownership title

 Every application for  development permit shall be accompanied by the following for verifying proof of ownership. 

(a) Attested copy of the original sale/lease deed, and 

(b)  Attested copy of the revenue receipt (Malguzari receipt) / Municipal Holding tax receipt with khesra / holding No. or mutation records. In case of mutual partition deeds (unregistered) DAKHAL KABJA’ along with malguzari  receipt is essential. 

 Affidavit or other documents acceptable to RMC. 

(vi)  Such other particulars as may be prescribed by the RMC.  

5.3  Application for building permit: 

5.3.1 The following shall accompany the  application for building permit in the case of permission for erection, re-erection or  making material alterations of a building or post facto approval of the existing building or activities. 

(i) Site Plan : Plan sent with an application shall be drawn to a scale of not less than 1:500 for areas up to 1 hectare and not less than 1:1000 for areas more than 1 hectare and shall show:- 

(a)  the boundary of the site with the   contiguous land around it; 

(b)  the position of site in relation to  neighbouring street along with the  municipal plot number and revenue plot number; 

(c)  the name of the street in which the  building is proposed to be situated, if any; 

(d)  all existing buildings standing on, over or under the site; 

(e) the position of the building or of all other building (if any) which the applicant intends to erect upon his contiguous land referred to in (a) in relation to :

1. The boundaries of the site and in case where the site has been partitioned, the boundaries of the portion owned by the applicant and also of the portion owned by others; 

2. All adjacent streets, buildings (with number of storeyes) and premises within a distance of 15m. of the site of the contiguous land (if any) referred to in (a) ; and 

3. If there is no street within a distance of 15m. of the site of the nearest existing street.

(f) the means of access from the street to the  building and all other buildings which the owner intends to erect upon his contiguous land referred to in (a) 

(g) dimensions of the spaces to be left in and around the building to secure a  free circulation of air, admission of light and access for exigency purposes and details of projection (if any) ; 

(h) the width of the street (if any) in front and of any street (if any) at the side or rear of the proposed building; 

(i) scale used and the direction of north point relating to plan of the building ; 

(j) Any existing physical feature(s), such as walls, drains etc. 

(k) sewerage and drainage lines up to  discharge point and water supply line and 

(l)  such other particulars as may be  prescribed by the RMC. 

4. All building plans comprising of no. of units/ flats irrespective of the height of building shall be accompanied with the following details : 

(i) Adquedcy of water availabiltity as per requirement. 

(ii) Quality of water available at site 

(iii) Recharging instructions to replenish the  withdrawal of underground water. 

Note: Certificate from recognised/empanelled hydrogeologist to be furnished in the perporma at annexure N 

(ii)  Building Plan

 The plan of the buildings and two elevations (front and side) and  sections accompanying the application shall be drawn to a scale not less than (1:100). The plan shall: 

(a)  include the floor plans of all floors together  with the covered area clearly indicating the size and spacing of all framing members and sizes of room and the position of staircase, ramps and lift wells along with the setback line. 

(b)  show the use or occupancy of all parts of  the building.

(c)  show exact location of essential services, for example, WC, sink, bath and the like including the water supply and drainage line;

(d)  include two elevations (front and sides and  two sectional drawings, showing clearly the size and spacing of framing members, floor slabs and roof slabs with their materials and size and locations of doors,  windows and other openings. The   section shall indicate the heights of   building and rooms and also the height of parapet and the drainage and slope of the roof. At least one section should be taken through the staircase; 

 (e)  show all street elevations (levels) 

 (f)  indicate details of compound walls   (including height and sections) around the boundary; 

 (g)  give dimensions of all components of the building including setback, height, projections etc. 

(h)  include terrace plan indicating the   drainage and the slope of the roof; 

(i) give indications of the north point relative to the plan and scale used;  and

(j) any other particulars as desired by the   RMC.

(iii)  Services Plan

 Plans, elevations and  sections of private water supply and  sewage disposal system independent of the municipal services, if any, drawn to a scale of  1: 10. 

(iv) Specifications

 General specifications   giving type and grade of materials to be  used shall accompany the application. 

(v) Ownership title

 Every application for   building permit shall be accompanied by   the following for verifying proof of   ownership and shall produce the originals   whenever required. 

(a)  attested copy of the original sale/lease   deed; and 

(b)  attested copy of the Revenue receipt /   Municipal Holding tax receipt with Khesra no. of mutation record. OR any other documents acceptable to the RMC. 

 OR affidavit or other documents acceptable to the RMC 

(vi) (a) In multistoried building having number of flats/units it is mandatory to ensure adequecy of water availability through field test/Engineering test by hydrogeologists. A certificate in this regard as per Appendix-N is essential while submitting the building plan for sanction. 

(vi) (b) Rain water harvesting system should be provided on the top/roof of the building & underground water recharging system should be provided through well/tube well etc. 

(vi) (c) In all multistoried buildings water harvesting facilities sholuld be provided in consultation with the Department of Water Resources, Govt. of Jharkhand. Approval must be obtained from the Department of water resources before digging the tube well. 

(vii) Such other particulars as may be   prescribed by the RMC 


The proposals for building permit for all buildings more than 16.00 meter in height and buildings with more than 500 sq. m. ground coverage and all other buildings of industrial (warehouse, factory, workshop etc.) storage, assembly and hazardous use group shall be subjected to the consent of Director of Fire Services before the building permit is given to that extent. One  additional copy of plans may be made available to the RMC for scrutiny by Fire Service Directorate. 

5.3.3 Existing building: Post Facto Approval.  The owner / builder of all existing buildings within the jurisdictions of the RMC constructed prior to enforcement of these Bye-laws shall get post facto approval of the building from the RMC. Also, read para 2.1 of Appendix’L’.  The existing building or the part theref shall be approved as per the then bye laws of the Authority or Improvement Trust or Municiapalties prevailing on the day of completion of the construction. The onus of proving the period of construction and completion lies on the owner/builder.Also read para 2.1 Appendix ‘L’.  In case of existing building where strict enforcement of the prevailing bye laws adversely affects the amenities / structure of the building, the site verification by the officer of the RMC shall be sought for and on the basis of aforesaid report and the submitted plan, a high power committee of Cheif Engineer, Executive Engineer and Assistant Engineer under the Chairmanship of the CEO of the RMC shall decide the parameters regarding penalty, condonation in height, covered area, set back, abutting road widening (if any) and all other parameters which adversely affect the amenities of the building if demolished / altered and accordingly the sanction of the plan will be granted / refused. 

5.4  Signing the plans

All the plans shall be  prepared and duly signed by the licensed technical personnel and shall indicate their names, address, qualifications and license numbers allotted by the RMC Further the plans shall be signed by the owner. 

5.4.1.Qualifications of licensed technical personnel

The technical personnel for preparation of various plans and design for construction of building schemes and planning of plot layouts shall be licensed by the RMC as competent to do the work for which they are employed. 

The qualifications of the technical personnel and their competence to carry out different jobs shall be as given in Appendix’C’. 

5.5  Supervision

 The application for building permit and development permit shall be  further accompanied by a certificate in the prescribed form given in Appendix’D’ for undertaking the supervision by the licensed technical personnel. The licensed technical personnel concerned shall frequently verify and affirm the construction as per sanctioned plan and if major deviations from the sanction plan  

are found, the RMC should be informed forthwith otherwise he may be required to pay penalty in addition to cancellation of his license. The qualifications shall be as given in Appendix ‘C’  

6. FEE 

6.1  No application for development permit or building permit as referred to in the Bye laws 4.1 and 4.2 shall be deemed valid unless and until the person giving notice has paid fees as per scale given in ByeLaws 6.2 and 6.3 and an attested copy of the receipt of such payment is attached with the application. 

6.2  Development permit

 The scale of fees for  development permit shall be as follows: - 

1. for apartment buildings(multifamily unit) where all the flats are of builtup area equal or less than 60sqm the fees shall be Rs. 10/- per sqm of total builtup area of the building. 

2 In all other apartment building not having all flats eqaul to or less than 60 sqm the fees shall be @ Rs. 30/- per sqm. of the total built up area.    

3.For development permit and other residential type of building, the fees will remain as prevailing and as given in sub clouse 6.2{i} and 6.2{ii} d, only change being in height which read as 12.00 mtrs and 16 mtrs in place of 11.4 mtrs and 15.25 mtrs. 

(i) Telecom tower permission with appropriate fees, should be abtained from the authority before erection on prescribed forms with certificate for structural safety from  the competent Arechtect/Engineer ii) Fees shall be Rs. 25000/- for tower upto 8 mtr height and for more than 8 meter height Rs. 50000/- shall be charged

6.4 Fixation of fees : 

6.4.1 The fixation of these fees shall be governed by the following: 

(a) For re-erection of existing building, the fees chargeable shall be the same as erection of a new building. 

(b)  For additions and alterations in the  existing building. the fees shall be  chargeable on the added portions only, and on the same scale as for a new building. 

(c)  For revised plan of a building which the RMC has already sanctioned, the fees chargeable shall be 1/4 of fees chargeable on the original plan subject to the condition that the covered area of the building has not increased than in the original sanctioned plan. 

(d)Additions and alterations of,          building, if the use of the building is also   changed, then the chargeable fees shall be calculated on the use proposed

(e) In case of basements, for the purpose  of calculating the fees the area covered under the basement shall be counted  towards the covered area. 

(f) In the case of buildings with principal  and subsidiary occupancies, in which  the fees leviable are different, then the fees for the total building scheme shall be calculated as per the rates for individual occupancies. 

(g) In the case of repetitive type of residential buildings, the fee shall be calculated for entire built up area of all blocks. 

6.4.2 The owner may withdraw his application and plans at any time prior to the sanction and such withdrawal shall terminate all  proceedings with respect to such  application, but the fees paid shall, in no case, be refunded. 

6.5 The fees for depositing building materials on public roads/highways etc. shall be as follows subject to the prior approval of the RMC owning the Road :-  

(a) for construction of residential  building .....Rs. 10 per sq.m. per day. 

(b) for construction of non-residential  building Rs 20 per sq. m. per day. 


 As soon as any buildings completed all rubbish, refuse or debris shall be removed by the owner from the public Road.