The  building  unit  intended  to  be  developed  shall  be  in  conformity  with  Regulation  No.  4.2.2. Generally   all development work for which   permission   is required shall  be subject to inspection by  the Competent Authority.

a) The applicant  shall permit  authorised  officers  of  the  concerned Competent Authority to enter the  plot  for  which  the      development  permission  has  been  sought  granted  for  carrying  out development ,at any reasonable time for the purpose of enforcing these regulations.

b) The applicant shall keep during carrying out of development, a copy  of  the  approved plans on the  premises  where   the     development is permitted to be carried out.

c)  The  applicant shall keep a board at site   of  development mentioning the survey No, city  survey No,  Block  No,  Final  Plot  No.,  Sub  plot   No.,  etc.  name  of  owner  and   name   of  Architect, Engineer , Developer ,Structural Designer,Clerk of the Works.


(a) Recognised stages for progress certificate and checking:-

1)   Following shall be the recognised stages in the erection   of every building or the execution of every work:-

i) Plinth, in case of basement before the casting of basement slab.

ii) First storey.

iii) Middle storey in case of High-rise building.

iv) Last storey.

2)  “At  each  of  the  above  stages,  the  owner  /  developer  under  these  Development  Control Regulations  shall  submit  to  the  competent  designated  officer  of  the  Competent  Authority  a progress certificate in the given formats [Form Nos. 6(a) – 6(d)].  This progress certificate shall be signed by the architect Structural Designer and supervising engineer.

3) No person in-charge at any stage shall, except with previous written permission of the Competent Authority, carry out further work after the issue of any requisition of these Development Control Regulations in respect of the any previous stage unless the requisition has been duly   complied with  and  the  fact reported to the  Competent Authority.

4) The progress certificate shall not be necessary in the following cases:

i) Alteration in Building not involving the structural part of the building.

ii) Extension of existing residential building on the ground floor up to maximum 15 sq.mts. in area.

(b)  “On  receipt  of  the  progress  certificate  from  the  owner/developer, it  shall  be  the  duty  of  the Competent  Authority,  if  found  necessary, to check  any deviation  from  the  approved  plan  and convey decision within 7 days to the owner/developer accordingly for compliance.

(c) Completion Report:

1)  It shall be incumbent on every person whose  plans  have been approved, to submit a completion report in Form No.7.

2) It shall also be incumbent on every person who is engaged under   this   Development   Control Regulations to supervise  the  erection or re-erection of  the  building,  to submit  the completion report in form No.8   prescribed under these Development Control Regulations.

3)  No  completion  report  shall   be accepted unless completion plan is approved by the Competent Authority.

(d) The   final   inspection of the work shall be   made   by   the concerned Competent    Authority within 21 days from the date  of receipt of notice of completion report.


The   applicant   shall obtain occupancy  certificate from  the Competent Authority prior to any occupancy or use of  development so completed.


(a) Notwithstanding the provision of any other law   to   the contrary the competent Authority may by written notice, order any  building  or  any portion  thereof  to be vacated forthwith or  within the  time specified in such notice:-

(i)   if such building or portion thereof has been unlawfully occupied in contravention of these regulation.

(ii) if  a  notice  has  been issued in  respect    of  such building  or  part  thereof  requiring  the alteration  or  reconstruction   of  any  works  specified  in  such  notice  have  not  been commenced or completed.

(iii) if  the building or part thereof is in a  ruinous ordangerous  condition,  which are  likely to fall  and cause  damage  to  any  person  occupying, restoring  to  or  passing by such building/structures or any other structure or  place in the neighbourhood thereof.

(b)The  reasons  for  requiring  such  building,  or  portion  thereof  to  be  vacated  should  be  clearly specified in every such notice.

(c) The  affixing of such written notice on any part  of  such premises  shall  be  deemed  a sufficient intimation  to  the  occupiers of such building or portion thereof.

(d) On the issue of such notice, every person in occupation   of the   building or portion thereof to which the   notice  relates shall vacate the building or portion as directed in the  notice   and  no person shall so long as the notice is withdrawn,   enter   the   building   or portion thereof, except for  the  purpose  of carrying  out any work of reinstatement which he  may  lawfully  permitted to carry out.

(e)The  Competent  Authority   may   direct  that  any  person  who  acts  in  contravention  of   above provision or who obstructs him in any action taken under  these  regulations shall be removed from such building or part thereof   by   any  police  officer, and may also use such  force  as  is reasonably necessary to effect entry in the said premises.

(f)The cost of any measures taken  under this   provision   shall   be  recovered from the owners/occupants.


(1)  If the Competent Authority is certified that the erection of any building or the execution of any such   work has been unlawfully commenced or is being  unlawfully carried on upon any premises he may, by   written notice, require the person directing or carrying on such erection or execution to stop the same forthwith.

(2)  If such erection or execution is not stopped forthwith, the Competent Authority may direct that any person directing  or carrying  on such erection or execution shall be  removed  from   such premises  by  any  police  officer  and  may  cause  such  steps  to be taken  as  may  consider necessary to prevent the  re-entry  of such person on the premises without permission.

(3)  The cost of any measures taken under sub-section(2)  shall be paid by the said person.


(1)If any work or thing requiring the written permission of the Competent Authority under any provision of this Act or any rule, regulation is done by any person without obtaining such written permission, is subsequently suspended or revoked for any reason by the Competent Authority, such work or thing shall be deemed to be unauthorised and, subject to any other provision of this Act, the Competent Authority may at any   time, by written notice, require   that the same shall be removed, pulled down or undone, as the case may be, by the person so carrying out or doing. If the person carrying out such work or doing  such thing is not the  owner at the time of  giving  such  notice  shall be liable for carrying out the  requisitions  of  the Competent Authority.

(2)If within the period specified in such written notice the requisitions contained there are not carried out by the person or owner, as the case may be the Competent Authority may remove or alter such work or undo such thing and the expenses there of shall be paid by such person or owner as the case may be.