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Important IRC documents (As on July 2019)

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 1 IRC:2-1968 Route Marker Signs for National Highways(First Revision)
 2 IRC:3-1983 Dimensions & Weights of Road Design Vehicles (First Revision)
 3 IRC:5-2015 Standard Specifications and Code of Practice for Road Bridges,  Section I – General Features of Design (Eighth Revision)
IRC:6-2017 Standard Specifications and Code of Practice for Road Bridges,  Section-II Loads and Load Combinations (Seventh Revision)
IRC:7-2017 Recommended Practice for Numbering  Culverts, Bridges and Tunnels (Second Revision)
 6 IRC:9-1972 Traffic Census on Non-Urban Roads (First Revision)
 7  IRC:11-2015 Recommended Practice for the Design and Layout of Cycle Tracks (First Revision)
8 IRC:12-2016 Unified Guidelines for Access Permission to Fuel Stations, Private Properties, Rest Area Complexes and Such Other Facilities Along National Highways (Fourth Revision)
IRC:14-2004 Recommended Practice for Open Graded Premix Carpets (Third Revision)
 10 IRC:15-2017 Code of Practice for Construction of Jointed Plain Concrete Pavements (Fifth Revision)
 11 IRC:16-2008 Standard Specifications and Code of Practice for Prime and Tack Coat (Second Revision)
 12 IRC:19-2005 Standard Specification and Code of Practice for Water Bound Macadam (Third Revision)
 13 IRC:20-1966 Recommended Practice for Bituminous Penetration Macadam (Full Grout)
 14 IRC:22-2015 Standard Specifications and Code of Practice for Road Bridges, Section VI – Composite Construction (Limit States Design) (Third Revision)
15  IRC:24-2010 Standard Specifications and Code of Practice for Road Bridges, Steel Road Bridges (Limit State Method)Third Revision)
16 IRC:25-1967 Type Designs for Boundary Stones
17 IRC:26-1967 Type Design for 200-Metre Stones
18  IRC:27-2009 Specifications for Bituminous Macadam (First Revision)
19  IRC:28-1967 Tentative Specifications for the Construction of Stabilised Soil Roads with Soft Aggregate in Areas of Moderate and High Rainfall
20 IRC:30-1968 Standard Letters and Numerals of Different Heights for Use on Highway Signs
 21 IRC:32-1969 Standard for Vertical and Horizontal Clearances of Overhead Electric Power and Telecommunication Lines as Related to Roads
 22 IRC:33-1969 Standard Procedure for Evaluation and Condition Surveys of Stabilised Soil Roads
 23 IRC:34-2011 Recommendations for Road Construction in Areas Affected by Water Logging, Flooding and/or Salts Infestation (First Revision)
24  IRC:35-2015 Code of Practice for Road Markings (Second Revision)
 25 IRC:36-2010 Recommended Practice for Construction of Earth Embankments and Sub-Grade for Road Works (First Revision)
 26 IRC:37-2012 Tentative Guidelines for the Design of Flexible Pavements (with CD)
27  IRC:38-1988 Guidelines for Design of Horizontal Curves for Highways and Design Tables (First Revision)
 28 IRC:39-1986 Standards for Road-Rail Level Crossings (First Revision)
 29 IRC:40-2002 Standard Specifications and Code of Practice for Road Bridges, Section IV – Brick, Stone and Block Masonry (Second Revision)
 30 IRC:41-1997 Guideline for Type Designs for Check Barriers (First Revision)
 31 IRC:42-1972 Proforma for Record of Test Values of Locally Available Pavement Construction Materials
 32 IRC:43-2015 Recommended Practice for Plants, Tools and Equipment Required for Construction and Maintenance of Concrete Roads (First Revision)
 33 IRC:44-2017 Guidelines for Cement Concrete Mix Design for Pavements (Third Revision)
 34 IRC:45-1972 Recommendations for Estimating the Resistance of Soil Below the Maximum Scour Level in the Design of Well Foundations of Bridges
 35 RC:46-1972 A Policy on Roadside Advertisements (First Revision)
 36 IRC:47-1972 Tentative Specification for Built-up Spray Grout
 37 IRC:50-1973 Recommended Design Criteria for the Use of Cement Modified Soil in Road Construction
 38 IRC:52-2001 Recommendations About the Alignment Survey and Geometric Design of Hill Roads (Second Revision)
 39 IRC:53-2012 Road Accident Forms A-1 and 4 (Second Revision)
40  IRC:54-1974 Lateral and Vertical Clearances at Underpasses for Vehicular Traffic
 41 IRC:55-1974 Recommended Practice for Sand-Bitumen Base Courses
 42 IRC:56-2011 Recommended Practices for Treatment of Embankment and Roadside Slopes for Erosion Control (First Revision)
 43 RC:57-2006 Recommended Practice for Sealing of Joints in Concrete Pavements (First Revision)
 44 IRC:58-2015 Guidelines for the Design of Plain Jointed Rigid Pavements for Highways (Fourth Revision) (with CD)
 45 IRC:60-1976 Tentative Guidelines for the Use of Lime- Fly Ash Concrete as Pavement Base or Sub-Base
 46 IRC:62-1976 Guidelines for Control of Access of Highways
47  IRC:63-1976 Tentative Guidelines for the Use of Low Grade Aggregates and Soil Aggregates Mixtures in Road Pavement Construction
 48 RC:64-1990 Guidelines for Capacity of Roads in Rural Areas (First Revision)
49  IRC:65-2017 Guidelines for Planning and Design of Roundabouts (First Revision)
 50 IRC:66-1976 Recommended Practice for Sight Distance on Rural Highways
51  IRC:67-2012 Code of Practice for Road Signs (Third Revision)
52  IRC:69-1977 Space Standards for Roads in Urban Areas
 53 IRC:70-2017 Regulation and Control of Mixed Traffic in Urban Areas (First Revision)
 54 IRC:71-1977 Recommended Practice for Preparation of Notations
55  IRC:72-1978 Recommended Practice for Use and Upkeep of Equipment, Tools and Appliances for Bituminous Pavement Construction
56  IRC:73-1980 Geometric Design Standards for Rural (Non- Urban) Highways
57  IRC:74-1979 Tentative Guidelines for Lean-Cement Concrete and Lean-Cement Fly Ash Concrete as a Pavement Base or Sub-Base
 58 IRC:75-2015 Guidelines for the Design of High Embankments (First Revision)
59  IRC:76-1979 Tentative Guidelines for Structural Strength Evaluation of Rigid Airfield Pavements
60  IRC:78-2014 Standard Specifications and Code of Practice for Road Bridges, Section VII- Foundations and Substructures (Revised Edition)
61  IRC:79-1981 Recommended Practice for Road Delineators
 62 IRC:80-1981 Type Designs for Pick-up Bus Stops on Rural (i.e., Non-Urban) Highways
63  IRC:81-1997 Guidelines for Strengthening of Flexible Road Pavements Using Benkelman Beam Deflection Technique (First Revision)
64  IRC:82-2015 Code of Practice for Maintenance of Bituminous Surface of Roads” (First Revision) (with CD)
65  IRC:83- 20015
Standard Specifications and Code of Practice for Road Bridges, Section IX Bearings, Part I : Roller & Rocker Bearings (Second Revision)
66  IRC:83-
2018(Part II)
Standard Specifications and Code of Practice for Road Bridges, Section IX – Bearings (Elastomeric Bearings), Part II (Second Revision)
67  IRC:83-2018(Part III) Standard Specifications and Code of Practice for Road Bridges, Section IX – Bearings, Part III: POT, PIN, Metallic Guide and Plane Sliding Bearings (First Revision)
 68 IRC:83-
2018(Part III)
Standard Specifications and Code of Practice for Road Bridges, Section IX – Bearings (Spherical and Cylindrical)
 69 RC:85-2015 Recommended Practice for Accelerated Strength Testing & Evaluation of Concrete (First Revision)
70  IRC:86-1983 Geometric Design Standards for Urban Roads in Plains
71  IRC:87-2011 Guidelines for Formwork, Falsework and Temporary Structures (First Revision)
72  RC:88-1984 Recommended Practice for Lime Flyash Stabilised Soil Base/Sub-Base in Pavement Construction
 73 IRC:89-1997 Guidelines for Design and Construction of River Training & Control Works for Road Bridges (First Revision)
 74 IRC:90-2010 Guidelines of Selection, Operation and Maintenance of Bituminous Hot Mix Plant (First Revision)
 75 IRC:92-2017 Guidelines for Design of Interchanges in Urban Areas (First Revision
 76 IRC:93-1985 Guidelines on Design and Installation of Road Traffic Signals
 77 IRC:98-2011 Guidelines on Accommodation of Utility Services on Roads in Urban Areas (Second Revision)
 78 IRC:99-2018 Guidelines for Traffic Calming Measures in Urban and Rural Areas (First Revision)
79  IRC:101-1988 Guidelines for Design of Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement with Elastic Joints
 80 IRC:102-1988 Traffic Studies for Planning Bypasses Around Towns
81  IRC:103-2012 Guidelines for Pedestrian Facilities (First Revision)
 82 IRC:104-1988 Guidelines for Environmental Impact Assessment of Highway Projects
 83 RC:105-1988 Tentative Specification for Bituminous Concrete (Asphaltic Concrete) for Airfield Pavements
 84 IRC:106-1990 Guidelines for Capacity of Urban Roads in Plain Areas
85  IRC:107-2013 Specifications for Bitumen Mastic Wearing Courses (First Revision)
 86 IRC:108-2015 Guidelines for Traffic Forecast on Highways (First Revision)
 87 IRC:109-2015 Guidelines for Wet Mix Macadam (First Revision)
88  IRC:110-2005 Standard Specifications and Code of Practice for and Construction of Surface Dressing
 89 IRC:111-2009 Specifications for Dense Graded Bituminous Mixes
90  IRC:112-2011 Code of Practice for Concrete Road Bridges
91  IRC:113-2013 Guidelines for the Design and Construction of Geosynthetic Reinforced Embankments on Soft Subsoils
 92 IRC:114-2013 Guidelines for use of Silica Fume in Rigid Pavements
 93 IRC:115-2014 Guidelines for Structural Evaluation and Strengthening of Flexible Road Pavements Using Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) Technique” (with CD)
 94 IRC:116-2014 Specifications for Readymade Bituminous Pothole Paching Mix using Cut-Back Bitumen
 95 IRC:117-2015 Guidelines for the Structural Evaluation of Rigid Pavement Falling Weight Deflectometer (with CD)
96  IRC:118-2015 Guidelines for Design and Construction of Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement (CRCP)
 97 IRC:119-2015 Guidelines for Traffic Safety Barriers
98  IRC:120-2015 Recommended Practice for Recycling of Bituminous Pavements
 99 IRC:121-2017 Guidelines for Use of Construction and Demolition Waste in Road Sector
 100 IRC:122-2017 Guidelines for Construction of Precast Concrete Segmental Box Culverts
 101 IRC:123-2017 Guidelines on Geophysical Investigation for Bridges
102  IRC:124-2017 Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Design Guidelines for Indian Cities
103  IRC:125-2017 Guidelines on Dozers for Highway Works
104  IRC:126-2017 Guidelines on Wet Mix Plant
 1 IRC:SP:4-1966 Bridge Loading Round the World
 2 IRC:SP:12-2015 Guidelines for Parking Facilities in Urban Roads” (First Revision)
 3 RC:SP:13-2004 Guidelines for the Design of Small Bridges and Culverts (First Revision)
IRC:SP:14-1973 A Manual for the Applications of the Critical Path Method to Highway Projects in India
 5 IRC:SP:15-1996 Ribbon Development Along Highways and Its Prevention
 6 RC:SP:16-2004 Guidelines for Surface Evenness of Highway Pavements (First Revision)
IRC:SP:17-1977 Recommendations About Overlays on Cement Concrete Pavements
IRC:SP:18-1978 Manual for Highway Bridge Maintenance Inspection
 9 IRC:SP:19-2001 Manual for Survey, Investigation and Preparation of Road Projects (Second Revision)
 10 IRC:SP: 20-2002 Rural Roads Manual
 11 IRC:SP:21-2009 Guidelines on Landscaping and Tree Plantation
 12 IRC:SP:
Recommendation for the Sizes for each Type of Road Making Machinery to Cater to the General Demand of Road Works
 13 IRC:SP:
Vertical Curves for Highways
 14 IRC:SP:
Guidelines on the Choice and Planning of Appropriate Technology in Road Construction
 15 IRC:SP:
Gopi and his Road Roller-Guidelines on Maintenance of Road Rollers
16  IRC:SP:26-1984 Report Containing Recommendations of IRC Regional Workshops on Rural Road Development (with Supplementary Notes)
17  IRC:SP:27-1984 Report Containing Recommendations of IRC Regional Workshops on Highway Safety
18  IRC:SP:28-1995 Road Transport and Energy (First Revision)
19  IRC:SP:29-1994 Directory of Indgenous Manufacturers of Road/ Bridge Construction Machinery & Important Bridge Components (First Revision
 20 IRC:SP:30-2009 Manual on Economic Evaluation of Highway Projects in India (Second Revision)
21  IRC:SP:34-1989 General Guidelines About the Equipment for Bituminous Surface Dressing
 22 IRC:SP:35-1990 Guidelines for Inspection and Maintenance of Bridges
23  IRC:SP:36-1991 Guidelines on Format for IRC Standards
 24 IRC:SP:37-2010 Guidelines for Evaluation of Load Carrying Capacity of Bridges (First Revision)
 25 IRC:SP:38-1992 Manual for Road Investment Decision Model (with CD)
26  IRC:SP:39-1992 Guidelines on Bulk Bitumen Transportation & Storage Equipment
27  IRC:SP:40-1993 Guidelines on Techniques for Strengthening and Rehabilitation of Bridges
28  IRC:SP:41-1994 Guidelines on Design of At-Grade Intersections in Rural & Urban Areas
 29 IRC:SP:42-2014 Guidelines on Road Drainage (First Revision)
 30 IRC:SP:43-1994 Guidelines on Low-Cost Traffic Management Technique for Urban Areas
 31 IRC:SP:44-1996 Highway Safety Code
 32 IRC:SP:45-1996 Time Series Data on Road Transport Passenger and Freight Movement (1951-1991)
33  IRC:SP:46-2013 Guidelines for Design and Construction of Fibre Reinforced Concrete Pavements
 34 IRC:SP:48-1998 Hill Road Manual
 35 IRC:SP:49-2014 Guidelines for the Use of Dry Lean Concrete as Sub-base for Rigid Pavement (First Revision)
 36 IRC:SP:
Guidelines on Urban Drainage
 37 IRC:SP:
Guidelines for Load Testing of Bridges (First Revision)
 38 IRC:SP:
Bridge Inspector’s Reference Manual
 39 IRC:SP:53-2010 Guidelines on Use of Modified Bitumen in Road Construction (Second Revision)
 40 IRC:SP:54-2000 Project Preparation Manual for Bridges
 41 IRC:SP:55-2014 Guidelines on Traffic Management in Work Zones” (First Revision)
 42 IRC:SP:56-2011 Guidelines for Steel Pedestrian Bridges (First Revision)
43  IRC:SP:58-2001 Guidelines for Use of Flyash in Road Embankments
44  IRC:SP:59-2002 Guidelines for Use of Geotextiles in Road Pavements and Associated Works
 45 IRC:SP:60-2002 An Approach Document for Assessment of Remaining Life of Concrete Bridges
46  IRC:SP:61-2004 An Approach Document on Whole Life Costing for Bridges in India
 47 IRC:SP:62-2014 Guidelines for Design and Construction of Cement Concrete Pavements for Low Volume Roads” (First Revision)
 48 IRC:SP:63-2004 Guidelines for the Use of Interlocking Concrete Block Pavement
 49 IRC:SP:64-2016 Guidelines for the Analysis and Design of Cast-in-Place Voided Slab Superstructure (First Revision)
50  IRC:SP:65-2018 Guidelines for Design and Construction of Segmental Bridges (First Revision)
51  IRC:SP:66-2016 Guidelines for Design of Continuous Bridges (First Revision)
 52 IRC:SP:67-2005 Guidelines for Use of External and Unbonded Prestressing Tendons in Bridge Structures
 53 IRC:SP:68-2005 Guidelines for Construction of Roller Compacted Concrete Pavements
54  IRC:SP:69-2011 Guidelines & Specifications for Expansion Joints (First Revision)
55  IRC:SP:70-2016 Guidelines for the Use of High Performance Concrete (Including Self Compacting Concrete in Bridges) (First Revision)
56  IRC:SP:71-2018 Guidelines for Design and Construction of Precast Pre-tensioned Girders for Bridges (First Revision)
 57 IRC:SP:72-2015 Guidelines for the Design of Flexible Pavements for Low Volume Rural Roads” (First Revision)
 58 IRC:SP:73-2015 Manual of Specifications & Standards for Two Lanning of Highways with Paved Shoulders” (First Revision)
59  IRC:SP:74-2007 Guidelines for Repair and Rehabilitation of Steel Bridges
 60 IRC:SP:75-2008 Guidelines for Retrofitting of Steel Bridges by Prestressing
 61 IRC:SP:76-2015 Guidelines for Conventional and Thin Whitetopping” (First Revision)
 62 IRC:SP:77-2008 Manual for Design Construction & Maintenance of Gravel Roads
63  IRC:SP:78-2008 Specifications for Mix Seal Surfacing (MSS) Close-Graded Premix Surfacing (CGPS)
 64 IRC:SP:79-2008 Tentative Specifications for Stone Matrix Asphalt
65  IRC:SP:80-2008 Guidelines for Corrosion Prevention, Monitoring and Remedial Measures for Concrete Bridge Structures
 66 IRC:SP:81-2008 Tentative Specification for Slurry Seal and Microsurfacing
 67 IRC:SP:82-2008 Guidelines for Design of Causeways and Submersible bridge
 68 IRC:SP:83-2008 Guidelines for Maintenance, Repairs & Rehabilitation of Cement Concrete Pavements
 69 IRC:SP-84-2014 Manual for Specifications & Standards for Four Laning of Highways Through Public Private Partnership (First Revision)
 70 IRC:SP-85-2010 Guidelines for Variable Message Signs
 71 IRC:SP-86-2010 Guidelines for Selection, Operation and Maintenance of Paver Finishers
 72 IRC:SP-87-2013 Manual of Specification & Standards for Six Laning of Highways through Public Private Partnership (First Revision)
 73 IRC:SP-88-2010 Road Safety Audit Manual
 74 IRC:SP-89-2010 Guidelines for Soil and Granular Material Stabilization Using Cement Lime and Fly Ash
75  IRC-89 (Part II)- 2018 Guidelines for the Design of Stabilized Pavements (Part-II)
 76 IRC:SP-90-2010 Manual for Grade Separators and Elevated Structures
 77 IRC:SP-91-2010 Guidelines for Road Tunnels
 78 IRC:SP-92-2010 Road Map for Human Resource Development in Highway Sector
 79 IRC:SP-93-2017 Guidelines on Requirements for Environmental Clearance for Road Projects
 80 IRC:SP-95-2011 Model Contract Document for Maintenance of Highways
 81 IRC:SP-96-2012 Guidelines for Selection, Operation and Maintenance of Concrete Batching and Mixing Plants
82  IRC:SP-97-2013 Guidelines on Compaction Equipment for Roads Works
 83 IRC:SP-98-2013 Guidelines for the use of Waste Plastic in Hot Bituminous Mixes (Dry Process) in Wearing Courses
 84 IRC:SP-99-2013 Manual of Specifications and Standards for Expressways`
 85 IRC:SP-100-2014 Use of Cold Mix Technology in Construction and Maintenance of Roads Using Bitumen Emulsion
 86 IRC:SP-101-2014 Interim Guidelines for Warm Mix Asphalt
 87 IRC:SP-102-2014 Guidelines for Design and Construction of Reinforced Soil Walls
 88 RC:SP-103-2014 Guidelines on Tree Plantation along Rural Roads
 89 IRC:SP-104-2015 Guidelines for Fabrication and Erection of Steel Bridges
 90 IRC:SP-105-2015 Explanatory Handbook to IRC:112-2011: Code Practice for Concrete Roads Bridges
91  IRC:SP-106-2015 Engineering Guidelines on Landslide Mitigation Measures for Indian Roads
 92 IRC:SP-107-2015 Guidelines for Gap Graded Wearing Course with Rubberised Bitumen-Rubber
 93 IRC:SP-108-2015 Guidelines on Preparation and Implementation of Environment Management Plan
 94 IRC:SP-109-2015 Guidelines for Design and Construction of Small Diameter Piles for Road Bridges
 95 IRC:SP-110-2017 Application of Intelligent Transport System (ITS) for Urban Roads
 96 IRC:SP:111-2017 Capacity Building of Road Agencies In Charge of Implementation of Road Projects in Urban Areas
97  IRC:SP:112-2017 Manual for Quality Control in Road and Bridge works
 98 IRC:SP:113-2018 Guidelines on Flood Disaster Mitigation for Highway Engineers
 99 IRC:SP:114-2018 Guidelines for Seismic Design of Road Bridges
 100 IRC:SP:115-2018 Guidelines for Design of Integral Bridges
101  IRC:SP:116-2018 Guidelines for Design and Installation of Gabion Structures
MORT&H Manual for Maintenance of Roads, 1983
MORT&H Pocketbook for Bridge Engineers, 2000 (First Revision)
 3 MORT&H Pocketbook for Highway Engineers, 2002 (Second Revision)
 4 MORT&H Specifications for Road and Bridge Works, 2013 (Fifth Revision)
 5 MORT&H Standard Plans for 3.0 m to 10.0 m Span Reinforced Cement Concrete Solid Slab Structure with and without Footpaths for Highways, 1991
 6 MORT&H Standard Plans for Highway Bridges R.C.C. TBeam & Slab Superstructure – Span from 10 m to 24 m with 12 m width, 1991
MORT&H Standard Plans for Highway Bridges PSC Girder and RC Slab Composite Superstructure for 30 m Span with and without Footpaths, 35 m Span with Footpaths and 40 m Span without Footpaths, 1991
MORT&H Standard Drawings for Road Bridges – R.C.C. Solid Slab Superstructure (15° & 30° SKEW) Span 4.0 m to 10.0 m (with and without Footpaths), 1992
 9 MORT&H Standard Drawings for Road Bridges R.C.C. Solid Slab Superstructure (22.5º Skew) R.E. Span 4m to 10m (with and without Footpath), 1996
10  MORT&H Standard Plan for Highway Bridges – Prestressed Concrete Beam & RCC Slab Type Superstructure Volume-II
 11 MORT&H Standard Plans for Single, Double and Triple Cell Box Culverts with and without Earth Cushion
12  MORT&H Type Designs for Intersections on National Highways, 1992
13  MORT&H Standard Bidding Document Procurement of Civil Works, Part I : Complete Bidding Document, Part II: Forms
 14 MORT&H Addendum to Ministry’s Technical Circulars and Directives on National Highways and Centrally Sponsored Road & Bridge Projects (August 88 to December 92), 1993
 15 MORT&H Addendum to Ministry’s Technical Circulars and Directives on National Highways and Centrally Sponsored Road & Bridge Projects (January 93 to December 94), 1996
 16 MORT&H Addendum-5 to Technical Circulars & Directives on National Highways and Centrally Sponsored Road & Bridge Works Projects (Jan. 1998 to Dec. 2001)
 17 MORT&H Addendum-6 to Technical Circulars & Directives on National Highways and Centrally Sponsored Road & Bridge Works Projects (January 2002 to December 2004)
 18 MORT&H Addendum No.7 Technical Circulars and Directives on National Highways and Centrally Sponsored Road and Bridge Projects
 19 MORT&H Model Concession Agreement for Small Road Projects
 20 MORT&H Road Development Plan : Vision – 2021
21  MORT&H Manual for Construction and Supervision of Bituminous Works, 2001
 22 MORT&H Guidelines for Maintenance Management of Primary, Secondary and Urban Roads
 13 MORT&H Guidelines for Expressways Part-I and Part-II
  National Highways Authority of India
 1 NHAI Works Manual - 2006
(National Rural Roads Development Agency)
 1 MORD Specifications for Rural Roads-2014 (First Revision)
 1 Seminar, 1986
(Preliminary Publication)
International Seminar on “Road Safety”, Srinagar, September 17-18, 1986
 2 Seminar, 1999
International Seminar on “Highway Rehabilitation and Maintenance”, New Delhi, 12-13 November, 1999
 3 Seminar, 2000
Seminar on “Financing, Implementation and Operation on Highways in 21st Century”, New Delhi, 24-25 September, 2000
 4 Seminar, 2001
(Technical Papers) (Vol. I)
International Seminar on “Sustainable Development in Road Transport”, New Delhi, 8- 10 November, 2001, Vol. I*
 5 Seminar, 2001
(Technical Papers) (Vol. II)
International Seminar on “Sustainable Development ion Road Transport”, New Delhi, 8-10 November, 2001, Vol. II* *Note : For both Volumes Price is Rs.2000.00
 6 Seminar, 2002
(Technical Papers)
Seminar on “Financial Management and Institutional Reforms in Highway Sector”, New Delhi, 18-19 Nov., 2002
 7 Seminar, 2002
Seminar on “Financial Management and International Reforms in Highway Sector”, 18- 19 Nov., 2002
 8 Seminar, 2003
Seminar on Integrated Development of Rural and Arterial Road Network for Socio-Economic Growth, New Delhi, 5-6 December, 2003
 9 Seminar, 2004
Seminar on “Design Construction and Maintenance of Cement Concrete Pavements”, New Delhi 8-10 October, 2004
10  Seminar, 2005
(Technical Papers)
Seminar on “High Speed Road Corridors”, New Delhi 23-24 November, 2005
 11 Seminar, 2006
(Technical Papers)
International Seminar on “Innovations in Construction and Maintenance of Flexible Pavement”, Agra, 2-4 September, 2006 Vol.-I & Vol.-II
 12 Seminar, 2009
(Technical Papers)
Seminar on Public Private Paratnership in Highway Sector 28-29 August, 2009
 13 Seminar, 2009
Seminar on Public Private Paratnership in Highway Sector 28-29 August, 2009
 14 Seminar, 2010
(Technical Papers)
Seminar on Roads in High Precipitation Areas
 15 Seminar, 2011
(Technical Papers)
International Seminar on Reducing Carbon Footprint in Road Construction 17-19 February, 2011
 16 Seminar, 2011
International Seminar on Reducing Carbon Footprint in Road Construction 17-19 February, 2011
 17 Seminar, 2012
(Souvenir/    Technical Paper)
Seminar on Recent Trends in Highways Development 10-11 October, 2012
 18 Seminar, 2013
(Souvenir/    Technical Paper)
International Seminar on Experience Gained in PPP Projects in Road Sector-The Way Forward 11-12 November, 2013
 1 HRB SR. No.1,2000 State-of-the-Art-Report:Lime-Soil Stabilization
 2 HRB SR No.3,1999 State-of-the-Art-Report: Compaction of Earthwork and Subgrades
 3 HRB SR No.10,1989 State-of-the-Art-Report: Behaviour of Concrete Under Sea-Water and in Marine Environment
 4 HRB SR. No.11,1992 State-of-the-Art-Report: Granular and Bound Bases and Sub-Bases
 5 HRB SR. No.12,1994 State-of-the-Art-Report: Application of Geotextiles in Highway Engineering
 6 HRB SR No.13,1994 State-of-the-Art-Report: High Embankments on Soft Ground, Part A – Stage Construction
 7 HRB SR No.14,1994 State-of-the-Art-Report: High Embankments on Soft Ground, Part B – Ground Improvement
HRB SR No.15,1995 State-of-the-Art-Report: Landslide Correction Techniques
 9 HRB SR. No.16,1996 State-of-the-Art-Report: Reinforced Soil Structures Applicable to Road Design & Construction
 10 HRB SR No.18, 1996 State-of-the-Art-Report: Corrosion and Corrosion Protection of Prestressed Concrete Bridges in Marine Environment
 11 HRB SR No.19,2001 State-of-the-Art-Report: Underwater Scanning and Repairing of Bridge Components
 12 HRB SR No.20,2004 State-of-the-Art-Report t : Development of Bridge Bearings
13  HRB SR No.212012 State-of-the-Art-Report: Use of Jute Geotextiles in Road Construction and Prevention of Soil Erosion/Landslides
14  HRB SR No.222012 State-of-the-Art-Report: Areas of Application and Techniques of Instrumentation in Traffic Engineering
 15 HRB SR No.232014 State-of-the-Art Report: Design and Construction of Rockfall Mitigation Systems
 16 HRB SR NO.24 HRB SR No.24, 2015 State of the Art Report: Instrumentation for Highways
 1 Paper Nos.109 & 112, 1946 Standard Specifications & Code of Practice for Road Bridges, Sections I & II (with Explanatory Notes & Discussions)
 2 Paper No. 238,1996 Considerations in the Design and Sinking of Well Foundations for Bridge Piers (B. Balwant Rao & C. Muthuswamy)
Paper No. 257,1967 Construction of a Ghat Road from Bodinayakanur to Bodimettu by E.C. Chandrasekharan
 4 Paper No. 278,1969 The Use of Restrained-Neoprene bearings in Civil Engineering by J.W. Slottje & P.S. Gokhale
 5 Paper No. 317,1997 Experience in the Improvement and Modernization of Roads in Tamil Nadu by E.C. Chandrasekharan
 6 Papers on Some Important Papers on Design, Construction and Maintenance of Hill Roads, 1985
 7 Paper for Panel Discussion on Consultancy in the Highway Sector, 1993
Panel Discussion,  1994 Paper for Panel Discussion on Urban Transportation with Emphasis on Urban Road Network, 1994
Compendium (Vol. I & II) Compendium of Papers on Problems, Distress and Rehabilitation of Bridges Vol. I & II
 1 Monthly Indian Highways
 2 Quarterly Journal of the Indian Roads Congress
 3 Bi-Annually Highway Research Journal
    IRC Technical Paper for the Year 2004 IRC Technical Paper for the Year 2005 IRC Technical Paper for the Year 2006 IRC Technical Paper for the Year 2007  IRC Technical Paper for the Year 2008