Land Reclaimation


Sl. No. Item Unit Rate for 2017-18 (Rate in Rs.)
Completed Item Labour
226 Item No.226 :-
Collecting and filling soil samples in plastic bag of size (15X23 cm) 200 gauge and cloth bag of size (18X25 cm) with inside flap of 4 X 5 cm for address tag and packing properly including cost of bags etc. complete.
Per augur hole 70.2 48.1
227 Item No.227 :-
Taking well observations in the command area including collecting data of well water level, taking photos of wells for GPS Based Monitoring, with Software developing, Maintainance of Web & Producing reports, Syncronisation of reloads through Internet. & Cloud storege, Water samples, visual observation of crops and preparing data base recording in well observation book collecting water samples.
No. 71.2 71.2
228 Item No.228 :-
Taking augur bores of 10 cm.dia.with augur for classifying strata including putting the excavated stuff in cyclic order, dewatering for recuperating results etc. complete.
Rmt. 435.35 435.35
229 Item No.229 :-
Taking augur bores of 10 cm. dia. with augur for classifying strata including putting the excavated stuff in cyclic order, dewatering for recuperating results etc. complete. (Augur karkoon engaged departmentally)
Rmt. 342.05 342.05
230 Item No.230 :-
Measuring drain discharge in every season including transporting and installing temporarilly available measuring device such as " V " notch on site with all labour, material, recording in well observation book etc. complete
No. 264.6 264.6
231 Item No.231 :-
Collecting & filling water samples in plastic bottles including cost of plastic bottles etc. complete.
No. 2.8 0
232 Item No.232 :-
Testing of soil sample obtained auger as per depth, doing weight of 100gm of soil sample mix distilled water with 1:2 hence 200ml for 5 minutes, Testing Ec & pH of each sample filling result in prescribe forms cleaning of equipments, measuring cylinder etc. complete.
No. 29.15 25.8
233 Item No.233 :-
Labour charges for removing grass, thorny shrubs, Jungli shrub, Kubabul and alike grass along and in the drain / canal making the ground clean by showel and phavaras etc. complete.
Sqm. 10.1 10.1
234 Item No.234 :-
Taking open pits, one open pit per, including refilling of open pit after taking down all necessary morphological observations. Size of pit - Length 2.5 m. x Width 1.20 m and Depth of open pit up to 2.50 m. or up to hard strata, if met first.
No. 543 543
235 Item No.235 :-
Carrying out infiltration tests at the location of open pits in the command area.
Test 264.6 264.6
236 Item No.236 :-
Carrying out phase level mapping for confirmation of morphological properties of soil and their interconnection in field for various phases such as texture, erosion, slope, salinity, rockiness, stoniness etc.
  699.8 699.8
237 Item No.237 :--
Carrying out drying, pounding, sieving of soil samples in laboratory including washing the sets of soil samples after every test and discarding of tested soil samples at the laboratory.
  12.7 12.7