Life of a pavement system can be improved by timely and proper maintenance. Reconstruction of the pavement becomes inevitable, if timely maintenance is not carried out. This section covers the different types of surface and layer failures noticed on bituminous surfaces and the commonly followed remedial measures. The section also covers restoration of the eroded embankment and shoulders, repairing of concrete pavement etc.


The eroded portions of the embankment and shoulders due to storm water flow shall be rectified using appropriate material and compacted to the required density. The specification of materials and construction procedures are given under Clause 3002 of MoRTH Specifications.

  • Materials for restoration of rain cuts shall satisfy the requirement specified in Clause 305.2 of MoRTH Specifications.
  • The irregularities or loss of material from the shoulder due to movement of traffic shall be rectified using suitable approved material.

The specification of materials and construction procedure are given under Clause 3003 of MoRTH Specifications.

  1. The density of the compacted layer shall not be less than 97% of laboratory density tested as per IS: 2720 (Part 8).
  2. The cut surface shall have a uniform density of at least 97% of MDD obtained as per IS: 2720    (Part 8).
  3. If the surface is not uniformly compacted, it shall be excavated to a depth of 150 mm, the soil mixed with water and compacted at OMC to get the required density of 97%.

The repairing of spalled joint grooves of contraction joints, longitudinal joints and expansion joints in concrete pavement is done using epoxy mortar or epoxy concrete. The specification of materials and construction procedure are given under Clause 3005 of MoRTH Specifications.


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