Moderate Risk based Building


 Procedure for Building Permission

  • In this case, the applicant applies for building permission if he wants to apply for 151-200 sq. mts. Only Ground floor + First Floor construction is allowed for Low Risk Building Permission
  • Applicant fills up the form (Annexure A-1) and submits the application with supporting documents.
  • Applicant also has to submit self-certified plan in drawing and the documents to register the application.
  • This application goes in for approval.
  • Assistant Town Planner / Municipal engineer checks and counter signs on the self –certified plan and documents. ATP / Municipal Engineer verifies the calculation of charges to be paid for building permission. Architect/Owner has to pay the required charges for building permission online.
  • On verification of payment, Assistant town planner digitally signs on the Building Permission certificate which is then available for printing online.


  • Site Visit and Scrutiny inspection verification is not applicable in case of Low Risk.
  • No File movement for Chief Officer or Commissioner for Building Permission.
Document List Mandatory / Optional
Self-Certified documents as:  
Appendix –F Mandatory
Sanctioned Plans Mandatory

  Procedure for Plinth Permission (151-200 sq. mts.)

  •        Applicant submits proposal with self-certified plan and other related document
  •        Site Visit is performed by Assistant Town Planner
  •        On successful site visit, the ATP counter signs on self-certified plan and documents
  •        ATP then digitally signs on the plinth permission certificate which is then available on portal for Architect to download and print.

 Site Visit Checklist

Sr. No. Scrutiny Questions Answer Options Remarks
1 Setback Front as per Building Permission Remarks  
2 Setback Rear as per Building Permission Remarks  
3 Setback Side 1 as per Building Permission Remarks  
4 Setback Side 2 as per Building Permission Remarks  
5 Site dimensions appears in consonance with drawing? Yes No
6 Is the Plinth height as per rule Yes No
7 Is the distance between two building as per sanction plan Yes No

 Procedure for Occupancy

  •  Applicant applies for the proposal of occupancy service.
  •  Applicant submits self-certified completion plan and other related documents along with the proposal.
  •  This application then goes for approval to Assistant Town Planner / Municipal Engineer
  •  Assistant Town Planner / Municipal Engineer checks and counter signs the self-certified completion plan and other related documents.
  •  ATP then digitally signs on the Occupancy certificate.
  •  The Occupancy certificate will then be available to the Architect for printing.