The Competent Authority shall within twenty one days from the  date of  receipt  of  the  completion report   required    under Regulation   6.2(c)   communicate its   decision   after   necessary inspection about grant of occupancy certificate indicated   in Regulation  No.6.2(d).

The Concerned Authority issuing occupancy certificate    before doing    so shall consult concerned designated  Authority   to  inspect the building  and issue a  certificate  that  necessary  requirements for the fire protection under these regulations as  per  regulation  No.18.2  have  been fulfilled and if not  so,  the  applicant  shall  be asked to carry  out  necessary  additions, alterations  or  rectification to  the  satisfaction of  the designated Authority before issuing occupancy certificate.


The  Authority issuing occupancy certificate before  doing   so shall ensure that

(i) The trees as per the regulation No.31 are planted   on   site or ensure this by taking suitable deposits as decided from time to time for specific period by the Competent Authority.

(ii) Parking space is properly paved & the lay-out of   parking   space    is   provided as   per the approved plans. Sign-  boards indicating  the entrance, exit and location of parking    spaces for  different  types  of  vehicles  shall  be  permanently erected  and  maintained  at  the prominent place in every building unit.

(iii)Certificate of lift Inspector (Government of Gujarat) has been procured & submitted by the owner, regarding  satisfactory  erection of Lift.

(iv)Proper arrangements are made for regular   maintenance   of lift as provided in NBC and in these regulations

(v) The Certificate of  Competent Authority and or fire department for  completion and  or fire requirements as    provided  in  these regulations  has  been procured and  submitted  by the owner.

(vi) Proper arrangements are made for regular maintenance of fire protection services as provided in NBC and in these regulations

(vii)There shall be a percolating well in a building unit having area more than 1500 sq. mts.

(viii) If  any  project  consists  of  more  than  on  detached  or  semidetached  building/buildings  in  a building unit and any building/buildings there of is completed as per provisions of G.D.C.R.. (Such  as Parking,  Common  Plots,  Internal  Roads,  Height  of  the  Building,  Infrastructure facilities,  lift  and  fire  safety  measures),  the  competent  authority  may  issue  completion certificate for such one detached or semidetached building/buildings in a building unit..

The occupancy certificate shall not be issued unless the information is supplied by the owner and  the  Engineer/ Architect  concerned  in  the  schedule  as  prescribed by  the  Competent Authority from time to time


As  per the provisions of Section 39 of the Act and Rule 15  of  the  Rules,  the Office-in-Charge of a  Government   Dept.   shall   inform   in  writing  to  the  Authority  of  the  intention   to   carry  out development for its purpose along with such development  or  construction.

1) An official letter of Government Department addressed to the Authority  or  as  the case may be to the authorised  officer  giving  full  particulars  of  the  development work  or any operational construction.

2) Building   plan  confirming  to the provisions of Development   Control Regulations and Development Plan  for  the  proposed development work to a scale of not less than 1 : 100.

3) Plans   confirming  to  the  provisions  of  Development   plan  showing   complete   details  of  the operational  construction  as defined  under  Clause (xvii) of Section 2 of the Act  such  as detailed alignment, layouts, locations and such other  matters  with measurements.

4) Statement  indicating the use of land   confirming  to  the permissible  land use zone, proposed to be made by the  Government Depth. for carrying out the development work.

5) The  proposals of the Development Plan   or  Town  Planning Scheme affecting the land.

6) A  Site  Plan (of required copies) of the area  proposed  to  be  developed to a scale of not less than 1: 500.

7) Detailed  plan  (of  required  copies)  showing  the  plans,  sections  and  elevations    of  the  proposed development work to a scale  of  1: 100.

8) In case of layout of land or plot:

i) A   site plan (of required copies) drawn to a   scale   of   1:500 showing   the surrounding land and existing access to  the  land included in the layout.

ii)  A layout plan (of required copies) drawn to a scale of not less than   1 : 500 showing   sub- divisions of the land or plot   with dimensions  and area of each of the proposed sub-divisions and their use. Provided that in the   case of   works proposed to   be undertaken by   the local military   Authority of   the    Defence Ministry, the provisions of clause (2) and (3) shall not
apply and such Authority shall be required to submit the layout plans .