The applicant can fill the application by logging into online website

Registered user can login with credentials.

New user can  register himself  in the  ink “Click Here for Architect / Engineer / Surveyor Registration or Citizen Registration (As the case may be)

Complete the registration process duly entering the required fields.

After completion of the registration process, the entered User-ID and Password will be sent through SMS / Email that is provided at the time of registration.

Login through the credentials received.

Select New application from Applications Tab.

The filled in application to be submitted along with corresponding documents and plan by paying the initial fee through online.

The Building application will be processed automatically by the designated staff as per the ULB area jurisdiction, to the respective TPBO/TPS.

Online submitted application form will be scrutinised under various steps viz.., Title scrutiny, Technical scrutiny & site inspection by the concerned Town planning staff.

The TPBO/TPS carries out the field inspection, scrutinizes the proposal online with reference to Master Plan, Zoning Regulations & Building Rules (GOMs.No.168, Dt.07-04-2012) and forwards, to Town Planning Section Head.

The Town planning Section Head submits his recommendation online to the Commissioner for approval / rejection / issue of endorsement of shortfall information.

Timely notifications are automatically sent to the applicant by SMS & email alerts.

If the extent of plot area is 300-1000 sqmts, the proposal is forwarded online to Regional Director of Town Planning for technical clearance.

If the extent of plot area is above 1000 sqmts, the proposal is forwarded online to Director of Town & Country Planning for technical clearance.

If the proposals are in order, the applicant is informed to pay the fee online and furnish affidavits and undertakings for issue of Building permit. Else, the applicant is informed to furnish the shortfall of information for scrutiny.

Once the applicant complies with the above, the proceedings are generated once the development fee is paid and the proposal is forwarded to the Section head through online. The Building permit No is generated through online along with the conditions on the copies of the submitted plan in the TP section. The proceedings checked by the T.P section head along with the plans is forwarded to the commissioner for final approval.

The approved proceedings and the plans along with the application form from the Municipal Commissioner is made available online for communication of the Building Plans and Permit to the Applicant.

The status of the file can be tracked by citizen through online portal in citizen/Application search along with the approved plans & proceedings.