Part Occupancy



  •  Applicant logs in to the system and create proposal for part occupancy.
  •  Applicant puts of the details of the completed part of the building in the system.
  • Once the required documents for part occupancy are uploaded in the proposal, the applicant pays the pre-approval charges for the proposal
  • The proposal then goes in for two levels of scrutiny.
  • Assistant town planner will check all the uploaded documents, do the site visit, check for details and once approved, will forward the proposal to the chief officer for final approval.
  • Chief Officer will log in to the system and re-check the details of the proposal and if everything is okay, will approve the proposal.
  • On approval of the proposal, the assistant town planner will verify the project for charges levied to the applicant.
  • Applicant will pay the post-approval charges for the proposal through portal.
  • On payment of post-approval charges, the chief officer will digitally sign the part occupancy completion certificate.
  • The Part Occupancy Completion Certificate will be available for applicant to print from the portal.

 Document Checklist

Document List Mandatory / Optional
Appendix - F Mandatory
Sanctioned plans Mandatory

Checklist for Site Visit

  • After receiving the application Online, the file will be transmitted to Assistant Town Planner or Municipal Engineer, who is assigned randomly by computer from the pool of inspectors for Site Inspection.
  • The inspector will “plan a site visit” schedule.
  • The date and time will be intimated to the applicant through SMS. On the scheduled date and time, the Site Inspector shall conduct the inspection as per the checklist enclosed and upload the Inspection Report within 24 hours.
  • The inspector will check the lat-long co-ordinates mentioned in the application and verify the same on-ground.
  • The inspector shall take photographs of the site and surroundings and the report has to be uploaded into BPMS within 24 hours.
  • The applicant can view the site visit report at any time by clicking the “site visit report” button available in his/her console. Even the citizens can also view this from the Dashboard of BPMS Website.
  • The Inspection has to be completed within 3 working days from the date of receipt of application. The Inspector will use the prescribed checklist.
  • Model Site Inspection checklist is given below for the reference of the applicant.
  • Site Visit Checklist for Building Permission
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Sr. No. Scrutiny Questions Answer Options Remarks
1 Final Fire NOC from appropriate authority Yes No  
2 Lift NOC from Competent Authority Yes No  
3 Environment Clearance ( E.C.) Certificate from M.P.C.B. a) Consent to operate b) Consent to establish Yes No  
4 Rain Water Harvesting Compliance Certificate Yes No Remarks if No
5 Solar Energy System Compliance Certificate Yes No Remarks if No
6 Water Assurance Compliance Certificate from Competent Authority / Gram panchayat Yes No Remarks if No
7 Sewerage System Compliance Certificate from Licensed Engineer / Licensed Plumber Yes No Remarks if No
8 Tree plantation compliance certificate from Land Owner / Developer Yes No Remarks if No
9 Indemnity Bond for part Occupancy Certificate Yes No Remarks if No
10 Photographs of complete Building/Buildings     Photo Upload
11 Appendix H- Form for Completion certificate Yes No Remarks if No
12 Collectors NA Order Yes No Remarks if No
13 Copy of the sanctioned plans Yes No Remarks if No
14 Copy of the plinth checking certificate Yes No Remarks if No
15 Structural Stability Certificate from Licensed Structural Engineer. Yes No Remarks if No
16 H - 1 Completion certificate by the Architect Licensed Structural Engineer/ Engineer / Supervisor Yes No Remarks if No
17 H - 2 Completion certificate by the licensed structural Engineer Yes No Remarks if No
18 H - 3 Completion certificate by the Architect Licensed Structural Engineer/ Engineer / Supervisor Yes No Remarks if No
19 Copy of the final demarcated layout showing buildings internal road open spaces amenity spaces, R.P. / D.P. Road etc. from department of land record. Yes No Remarks if No
20 Latest 7 / 12 Extract / Property register card / from no. 2 (in case of TPS) Showing amenity spaces / area under RP road handed over to authority. Yes No Remarks if No

Timeline (SLA for Approval of Building Permission): 8 Days