This schedule of rates which has been prepared in pursuance of Paragraph 185 of the Public Works Departments Code (Published in 1963) of the Government of West Bengal and in exercise of the powers delegated under item 16 of Schedule-B, Part-II of the said code is intended to cover items of work which generally involve both original and repairs.  

A revised schedule of rates for the Electrical Wing of Public Work Department was published in April 2012 jointly by all the Superintending Engineers  
However, for some time past, it was under active consideration of the Electrical Wing of the Department to review and revise the schedule of rates, on the basis of detailed analysis with current market rates, so as to have reasonable rates to execute works in accordance with specifications and relevant Acts, Rules and Code of practice.  

Accordingly, after an in-depth study of the prevailing market rates of approved materials and corresponding Labour charges, this Volume-I, the schedule of works with rates of Internal Electrical Installation, above ground and underground cable works, LT overhead line installations have been thoroughly amended. In this volume some obsolete items (e.g. wiring by aluminium wire, Iron clad switches etc.) have been deleted. Some new essential items (e.g. VTPN DBs, SFU, Wiring using Modular type Switches, Cable Jointing, Cable Tray etc.) have been incorporated within the ambit of schedule of works.  

The schedule for High Tension / Medium Voltage and Temporary works will be published separately in future.  

The specifications, items of work containing in this part have been drawn in accordance with the established practices and covers the practical details with recommended methods and materials.  

The rates of materials, shown in the schedule of price for approved materials are taken from price list of materials prevailing at the time of preparation of this book, which will serve as general guidelines for rates while preparing of the estimates. A list of basic materials with price have been included in the Annexure-I. The analysis has been prepared on the basis of the basic material price.  But for non-schedule items of works, current market price prevailing at that time need be adopted during the preparation of estimates.   

The schedule of rates will be enforced for entire West Bengal with marginal adjustment as District Charges as mentioned below: -  

The rates appearing in the schedule are directly applicable for works to be carried out in Kolkata, part of Howrah (Howrah Sadar), part of Hooghly (Chinsurah and Serampur Sub-Divn.) and part of North and South 24-Paraganas (Alipur Sadar, Baruipur, Barasat and Barrackpur Sub-Divn.), i.e., within 50 km from Kolkata.  

The percentage of charges as under, are to be added extra to the rate, appearing in the respective schedule for work to be carried out in other Districts and part of some other districts beyond 50 km from Kolkata.  

A (i) Part  of  Howrah  (Uluberia  Sub-Divn.),  part  of  Hoogly (Arambag Sub-Divn.), part of Nadia (Kalyani Sub-Division), part of South and North 24-Pgs. (Bongaon, Basirhat, Canning, Kakdwip & Diamond  2%
(ii) Burdwan, Purba Midnapore, Paschim Midnapore and Nadia District (except Kalyani Sub-Division) 3%
(iii) Bankura, Purulia, Murshidabad, Birbhum and Malda District 5%
(iv) North Dinajpur, South Dinajpur, Siliguri Sub-Divn. of Darjeeling District and Jalpaiguri Sadar & Malbazar Sub-Divn. of Jalpaiguri District 7%
(v) Alipurduar Sub-Divn. of Jalpaiguri District and Coochbehar District 10%
(vi) Darjeeling, Kurseong and Kalimpong Sub-Divn. of Darjeeling District 15%

B. Extras   

I. For works within the perimeter of jail where works are permitted at restricted hours only, extra rates @ 10 % in respect of all items of the Schedule will be allowed for Kolkata & all districts in addition.  

II. Extra rates, in the form of Riverine Charges, will be allowed in respect of all scheduled items to overcome the difficulties encountered in riverine areas. The Riverine Charges will be applicable to sites connected through ferry crossings only as per the following rates and in addition to District Charges :

(i) For crossing a single river 5 % extra
(ii) For crossing each additional river 5 % extra
(iii) GST will be added later as per GST ACT,2017 Extra

The District Charge and Extras are not applicable for supply items.  

The Schedule is meant for use in connection with both original and repairs works under the various Divisions of all Electrical Circles of PWD, including different Districts charges.    In case of any ambiguity or dispute in any matter arising out of the schedule, the Superintending Engineer’s decision will be final.  

Any suggestions for this improvement of the contents are welcome from all quarters. This Schedule of Rates will take effect from the November 2017 and until further order. 

Sd/- R. Roy

Assistant Chief Engineer (Electrical),H.Q.,

Public Works Directorat

 Sd/- N.K. Das  

Assistant Chief Engineer (Electrical),

South Zone

Public Works Directorate

Sd/- K. C.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Dakshy Superintending Engineer,

Presidency Electrical Circle,

Public Works Directorate  

Sd/- B. Mukhopadhyay

Superintending Engineer,

Southern Electrical Circle,

Public Works Directorate 

Sd/- S. Das

Superintending Engineer,

South Western Electrical Circle,      

Public Works Directorate 

Sd/-P.B. Gayen

Superintending Engineer

 Electrical Health Circle,

Public Works Directorate