Preparation of D.P.R.

Item No. Descriptions Unit Rate

Survey and investigation and preparation of DPR for road work with chain and compass, auto level, theodolite or total station i/c fixing of permanent benchmark and also fixing of bench mark on all the permanent structures, along the alignment, like boundary wall, electrical poles etc. Also marking of locations of boundary wall, electric poles, telephone poles trees etc. in the road boundary, collection and submission of existing inventory of the road all along the alignment conducting survey@20 metre interval for L-section and for single lane X-section interval will be @ 0.75, 1.25, 1.875, 2.60, 3.75, 4.50, 5.50 and 6.50 metre on both side of centre line for two lane four lane interval for x-section shall be as specified in MORT&H Specifications.Data collected as specified above are required to be submitted in both hard and soft copies, L-section, X-section and plan is required to be submitted in the shape of drawing sheets drawn with the help of auto plotter. Soil samples @ every 500 metre or wherever soil appears to change its properties are required to be collected and soil investigation for LL, PL, swelling index and CBR are to be conducted and result too be submitted along with the project report. Job also includes collection of data for traffic census fixing of RTL getting it approved from Engineer-in-Charge and accordingly submission of pavement design in accordance with relevant clauses of IRC. Preparation of estimate complete and submission of same in eight copies duly spiral binded.

  i) For single lane road Km. 6600.00
  ii) For two lane road Km. 7300.00
  iii) For four lane road Km. 8200.00
17.2 Performing details survey and investigation and collection of hydraulic data (essential design data as per IRC special publication No.13 guidelnes for small bridges and culvert) regarding catfchment area, L-section of road and nalla, cross-section of nalla at the point of crossing at upstream and down stream as well as T.P. section result ascertaining and making of HFL/OFL transferring and fixing of pucca bench mark at site etc. complete i/c of all necessary material and labour required for survey work after collection of all data prepare all drawing estimate with computer in eight copies, duly spiral binded.    
  a) For catchment area less then 1.25 Sq.Km. Each 3124.00
  b) For catchment area 1.25 to 2.50 Sq.Km. Each 3806.00
  c) For catchment area beyond then 2.50 Sq.Km. Each 4598.00