The vital parameters to be checked while inspecting the pump set are:

  1. Discharge (in cum/hr)
  2. Head (in m)
  3. Pump Efficiency (in %)

Prior to conducting the inspection, it should be ensured that the factory furnishes the detailed.. 

Quality Assurance Program (QAP):

  • Check whether the make of the pumpset as is per agreement specifications.
  • Check whether the specification details of the above parameters on name plate is as per the agreement specifications. The name plate of the pump set should have following details furnished :

1) Name of manufacturer

2) Serial Number

3) Type

4) Size

5) Speed (rev/min)

6)  Discharge

7)  Head (meters)

8) Pump input ( kW)

Dimensional Check

  • Measure the dimensions of the various components of the pumpsets such as base frame, suction flange, delivery flange etc  and ensure the same is as per the approved pumpset drawings.

  • Sampling (As per IS 10572-1983)

The number of pumpset to be selected from a lot shall depend upon the size of lot and in accordance with table given below:

Outside dia of steel Pipe (mm)

Minimum Thickness 

of lining (mm)

Tolerance (mm)

168.3 to 323.9



355.6 to 610



660 to 1219



1321 to 2540



  • Performance test (As per IS 1710:1989)

The Performance test of Pumpset  is conducted at the factory . The discharge of the pump is observed at different total head (Static Head + Delivery Head +Velocity head) and different Pump input power. The discharge, total head and Pump Input power are directly recorded:

  1. Discharge: Discharge of the pump is measured by means of standard venturi tube or orifice meter.
  2. Total Head is taken as summation of the static head, delivery head & velocity head. The total head is calculated with respect to datum level.
  3. Pump input is determined using vertical dynamometer or a calibrated electric motor.

Based on the above values pump output power & efficiency of pumpset is calculated as:-

Pump Output Power (in KW), Po = (Q * H)/102

Where Q= Discharge (in Liters/sec), H= Total Head in meters

Pump Efficiency (?)  in %= ( Po/Pi )*100

Where Pi = Input Power of Pumpset (in KW) which depends on motor efficiency.

Following graphs are plotted in the performance test of the Pumpset:

  1. Head vs Discharge
  2. Efficiency vs Discharge
  3. Pump Input Power vs Discharge

Based on the above plotted graph the pumpset shall be guaranteed for their performance of the nominal volume rate of flow and the nominal head at the guaranteed point. The overall efficiency of the pumpset shall be guaranteed at the declared point only.