Item No. Descriptions Unit Rate
16.1 Removal of existing cement concrete wearing coat including its disposal complete as per Technical specification without causing any detrimental effect to any part of the bridge structure and removal of dismantled material with all lifts and lead upto 1000m (Thickness 75 mm) sqm 137.00
16.2 Removal of existing asphaltic wearing coat comprising of 50 mm thick asphaltic concrete laid over 12 mm thick mastic asphalt including disposal with all lift and lead upto 1000m. sqm 104.00
16.3 Guniting concrete surface with cement mortar applied with compressor after cleaning surface and spraying with epoxy complete as per Technical specification sqm 1734.00
16.4 Providing and inserting nipples with approved fixing compound after drilling holes for grouting as per Technical specifications including subsequent cutting/removal and sealing of the hole as necessary of nipples after completion of grouting with Cement/Epoxy each 109.00
16.5 Sealing of cracks/porous concrete by injection process through nipples/Grouting complete as per Technical specification.    
  A Cement Grout  kg 70.00
  B Cement mortar (1:1) Grouting kg 144.00
16.6 Patching of damaged concrete surface with polymer concrete and curing compounds, initiator and promoter, available in present formulations, to be applied as per instructions of manufacturer and as approved by the Engineer. sqm 1930.00
16.7 Sealing of crack / porous concrete with Epoxy Grout by injection through nipples complete as per clause 2803.1. kg 2009.00
16.8 Applying epoxy mortar over leached, honey combed and spalled concrete surface and exposed steel reinforcement complete as per Technical specification sqm 1025.00
16.9 Removal of defective concrete, cleaning the surface thoroughly, applying the shotcrete mixture mechanically with compressed air under pressure, comprising of cement, sand, coarse aggregates, water and quick setting compound in the proportion as per clause 2807.1., sand and coarse aggregates conforming to IS: 383 and table 1 of IS: 9012 respectively, water cement ratio ranging from 0.35 to 0.50, density of gunite not less than 2000 kg/cum, strength not less than 25 Mpa and workmanship conforming to clause 2807.6. sqm 384.00
16.10 Applying pre-packed cement based polymer mortar of strength 45 Mpa at 28 days for replacement of spalled concrete sqm 140.00
16.11 Eproxy bonding of new concrete to old concrete sqm 1216.00
16.12 Providing external prestressing with high tensile steel wires/strands including drilling for passage of prestessing steel, all accessories for stressing and stressing operation and grouting complete as per drawing and Technical specification tonne 278209.00
16.13 Lifting of super-structure of bridge for reseting if required/refixing of new bearings including removal of old bearings and inluding all higher and running expenses of all plants, jacks, machines and equipments temporary supports, required for keeping the superstructure in lifted position for completing the operation, lowering of super-structure on bearings, without causing any detrimental effect to any part of the bridge structure complete but excluding cost of replaced bearings.    
  a) Span upto 20m Per Span 67599.00
  b) Span beyond 20m and upto 30m Per Span 81899.00
  c) Span beyond 30m
Per Span 96199.00
16.14 Providing and fixing collapsable M.S. railing of channel of size 75x40x6mm length 2.50 m. at bottom and two nos. vertical post height 0.90 m. with top angle size 50x50x6mm and cross flat size 40x06mm diagonally fixed and braced with nut and bolts dully painted in two coats with synthetic enamel paint and grouted on existing kerbs i/c necessary construction of RCC M-20 block of size 0.50x0.45x0.20 m. complete as per approved drawings RM 2461.00