Retaining Wall Design

Retaining Wall Design

Soil Structure Retaining Wall

Soil Structure Retaining Wall can design restrained basement walls and cantilever retaining walls.

1. GEO5 Sheeting Check

Intuitive software tool for design of deep excavation and embedded earth retaining walls with advanced non linear elastoplastic analysis method.

2. SN Design Soil Nail Stabilization

Supports uniform and non-uniform nail elements, shotcrete and cast-in-place, temporary and permanent facing elements, external stability, global stability, and staging cuts with multiple soil layers considered.

3. DeepXcav 2010

For design of deep excavation and embedded earth retaining walls with limit-equilibrium and advanced non linear elastoplastic analysis methods. Materials and wall sections databases.It performs ACI 318, AISC, EC2 , EC3 and geotechnical checking.

4. RetainWall

RetainWall is a software mainly designed for the purpose of designing a concrete or masonry retaining wall. The wall may retain soil or other granular material.

5. Retaining Structures Richard Christensen University of Wisconsin-Madison

Download free CWALSHT and free Spreadsheets to calculate Rankine Earth Pressures, MSE Wall design, anchored bulkheads, Sheet Pile

6. aztec informatica

Softare for geotechnical applications

iCad2008 Cantilever Retaining Wall Software

Feature # Global stability, Overturning,sliding and Maximum and minimum ground bearing capacity control safety control for static and dynamic case # Automatic retaining wall and armature,Key, drainpipe, weep hole and granular material drawing

7. MSEW Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls MSE

ADAMA Engineering developed the copyrighted program MSEW Version 1.0 for the US Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), design and analysis of mechanically stabilized earth walls. Based on load resistance factor design (LRFD).

8. LeanWal, leaning wall engineering design software

LeanWall is a software mainly designed for the purpose of designing a concrete or masonry leaning wall. The wall may lean on rock or soil and may retain soil or other granular material.

9. RetainWal, retaining wall engineering design software

RetainWall is a software mainly designed for the purpose of designing a concrete or masonry retaining wall. The wall may retain soil or other granular material.

10. Web design and software for reinforced slopes and retaining wall design

- Geocentrix was established in 1999 to provide software and Internet solutions for geotechnical engineering problems.

11. WinABUD

- WinABUD designs or checks a reinforced concrete abutment using the 1996 AASHTO with Interims and Revisions by Caltrans. The abutment may be a spread footing (with optional key) or multiple pile footing.


- WALLS-FEA calculates excavation retaining wall design by the Finite Element method. The program can be used for the input of the geometry, the soil parameters and the excavation phases.

13. WALLS-Dimensioning

- WALLS-Dimensioning is a program for the interactive design of excavation retaining walls. Wall types considered: timbered walls, optional with concrete or wood infill ("Berliner Verbau"), sheet pile walls,....


- WALLS carries out the analysis and design of retaining walls for deep excavations. It calculates lateral loads, analysis of the mechanical behaviour of the structure, as well as its factor of safety against failure.


- WALLAP is a program for analysing the stability of cantilevered, anchored, strutted, sheet piled or RC diaphragm retaining walls.


- VERCAM is a program for the design and analysis of retaining walls. Analysis is performed by determination of the safety factors to prevent both sliding and toppling.


- UNIBEAR is a program for designing non-embedded retaining walls, bridge abutments and piers. Includes effect of: surcharge loads, surface line loads, tieback loads, moment loads, sloping ground surface,.....

18. Trench

- Trench evaluates the 2D and 3D stability of bentonite slurry supported panels and trenches with established wedge and pressure methods.

19. SupportIT

- SupportIT is a design and analysis tool for cantilevered and propped sheet pile retaining walls.


- STAWAL is used to check the stability of cantilever (Fixed Earth) or propped (Free Earth) retaining walls.

21. SPW 911

- SPW 911 is a program for the analysis of cantilevered or anchored sheet pile walls by the Free Earth Support Method for Steel, Timber, Aluminum, or Concrete Sheet Piling Structures.

22. SPW

- SPW carries out sheet pile wall analysis, modelled as a beam on elasto-plastic springs.

23. SPUNT-A3

- SPUNT-A3 computes reactions of a horizontally loaded sheet-pile wall. The loads due to the excavation are automatically calculated.


- SPOOKS designs an anchored or free sheet pile wall on the basis of a chosen failure mode (Ultimate Limit State Design). The scope of modes includes those treated in Brinch Hansen's theory.


- SHEETWAL uses the limit-equilibrium theory to analyse a sheet-pile wall with or without tiebacks. The program will calculate the minimum penetration, earth pressure, shear force, bending moment, and force on the bulkhead.


- SHEET is a program for the analysis and design of sheet pile walls. Up to 12 soil layers on active and passive side.

27. SEPL-RetWall

- SEPL-RetWall is an add-on module to the structural design package STRUDS which can be used to design cantilever type retaining walls.

28. R-WALL (Inducta)

- R-WALL is a software product for assessment of stability and design of reinforced masonry retaining walls based on a standard analytical approach, which follows AS 4678 - 2002, AS3600 and AS3700 for stability assessment,.....

29. rWall

- rWall performs analysis and design of reinforced concrete cantilevered retaining wall systems. The retaining wall system consists of a wall stem of constant or variable thickness, a base (toe and heel) and an optional key.

30. RIDO

- RIDO calculates the elastoplastic equilibrium of retaining walls or piles in various type of soil. Phased construction can be modeled.

31. ReWaRD

- ReWaRD is a program for retaining wall design to seven international standards: BS 8002, Eurocode 7, CIRIA 104, Hong Kong Geoguide, CP2, British Steel's Piling Handbook and Highway Agency's BD42/94.

32. RetWall (Tsoft)

- RetWall (Tsoft) can be used to analyse cantilever and gravity retaining walls using either the Rankine or Coulomb Theories.

33. Retwall (Archon)

- Retwall provides facilities to analyse soil bearing loads, the wall stability, calculate all wall moments, design the rebar and give design sketches.

34. RetWall

- RetWall is used for gravity and cantilever retaining wall design, and has the following features: All standard checks performed (overturning, sliding, base pressures, bearing capacity);.....


- RETAIN is a program for free standing and propped, cantilever and gravity retaining wall design and analysis to BS8110, BS5400 and DTp BD37/88.

36. QuikWall

- QuikWall provides procedures for the design of cantilevered retaining walls, including the base and stem. It considers equivalent fluid pressure, sloping back fill, vertical and horizontal surcharge and line loads.


- PYWALL considers the soil-structure-interaction by using a generalized beam-column model and analyzes the behavior of a flexible retaining wall or soldier pile wall with or without tiebacks or bracing systems.

38. PARATIE 6.0

PARATIE 6.0 is a non-linear finite element code for the analysis of one or two flexible retaining walls during multiple construction phases.

39. MSheet

MSheet determines the stability, deformations and bending moments of sheet piling during all stages of construction.

40. MACRA 2/Weirs

MACRA 2/Weirs assists in the design of gabion weirs. Gabion weirs are widely used in river training works for the formation of water control structures, reservoirs, soil stabilization and water supply schemes.


LPRES calculates the lateral pressure from all types of surcharge loads on a retaining system.

42. LatPilePro

LatPilePro is a Finite Element based program for the design of anchored or braced retaining walls that calculates the soil pressure, pile deflection, moment, shear, and the anchor reactions and required length.

43. KSP

KSP finds the dimensions for cantilevered and anchored sheet pile walls according to the earth pressure theory for earth retaining structures, described in: Kinematically and Statically Plausible calculations for sheet walls,.....

44. K-REA

K-Rea is a program to design retaining walls using the subgrade reaction method. Main features include: wizards to calculate active/passive pressure coefficients, subgrade reaction moduli, material properties.


HEAVE checks base heave condition and stability of vertical excavation in soft ground.


GWALL carries out two types of gravity and cantilever wall analysis: Limit equilibrium analysis for calculating factors of safety against sliding and overturning;....

47. Groundforce CAD

Groundforce CAD models the forces generated by excavations within stratified soils. Features include: Choice of analysis methods. Variable and 'no-toe' solutions.


GRETA analyses the stability of a gravity retaining wall and determines the bending moments and shear forces within the wall.


GRAVWALL is an interactive program for analysing the stability of gravity retaining walls of arbitrary shape, using Corps of Engineers procedures.


GGU-TRENCH allows the calculation and presentation of inner and outer wall stability of slurry supported retaining wall excavations.


GGU-RETAIN carries out the geotechnical design and structural analysis of all types of anchored, strutted and free retaining walls.


GGU-GABION carries out the design and analysis of gabion foundations and walls.

53. Geo-Tec D

Geo-Tec D is a geotechnical program for the analysis and verification of retaining walls and sheet pilings in general stratified terrain and rock. Only available in Italian.


GEOMUR is retaining wall design software that uses the extended Culmann analysis method.

55. GawacWin

GawacWin conducts the stability analysis of gabion retaining walls. The program checks a number of different situations (geometry, surcharge loads, etc).

56. FREW

FREW analyses flexible retaining structures such as sheet pile or diaphragm walls. The program enables the user to study the deformations of, and the stresses within, the retaining structure through a number of construction stages.


FEWALLS is a finite element program for checking serviceability requirements of retaining walls in accordance with the new Eurocodes.

58. FES

FES is an interactive program for analysis of singly anchored sheet pile walls. Determines the minimum depth of embedment, anchor force, and maximum bending moment using the Free Earth Support method.


EPRES determines the active and passive earth pressures from complex soil, water, and surface conditions with a surcharge load.

60. Earth pressure (Than)

Earth pressure is a program to determine the earth pressure for cohesive soils. Water pressure and earthquake effects are not considered in this analysis.

61. DEEP

DEEP (Deep Excavation Engineering Program) performs conventional multistage analysis of deep excavations with non-linear surfaces, multiple wall types, complex surcharge patterns, groundwater flow calculations,...

62. DDRW-1

DDRW-1 is used for design of rigid retaining walls under sliding and rocking displacements during earthquake loading.

63. DC-Underpinning

DC-Underpinning carries out the analysis of building underpinning and retaining walls. Arbitrary shape of the underpinning unit as a polygon, with bends and jumps in the main axis.

64. DC-Pit

DC-Pit carries out the analysis of excavations supported with bored pile walls, diaphragm walls, sheet piling, girder plank walls, mixed-in-place walls.

65. DC-Cantilever

DC-Cantilever carries out the analysis of cantilever walls. Features include: automatic calculation of active pressure, increasing active pressure or earth pressure at rest,...

66. Daystar RetainWall

Daystar RetainWall carries out the design of poured concrete and concrete masonry retaining walls. Wall thickness and reinforcing can be varied along the wall height.

67. ct-Shoring

ct-Shoring is used for the shoring analysis and design for multiple tieback, cantilever and braced walls including sheet piles and soldier pile walls.

68. CADS Piled Wall Suite

CADS Piled Wall Suite consists of a series of dynamically linked software modules for analysis and design of embedded walls in concrete or steel.


BMWALL analyzes the behavior of a flexible-retaining wall with or without tiebacks. It considers the soil-structure-interaction problem by using the beam-column model.