Revised Building Permission



  • Register Applicant/Architect logs into the system and fill in the application form (Appendix A-1) and submits the form
  • E-KYC of Owner is then done by sending the OTP number on registered mobile number. Application is generated which needs to be printed and signed and scanned as pdf for further uploading in the system
  • Applicant/Architect then fills in details of the proposal, upload the necessary documents/credentials needed for the proposal and submits the proposal.
  • Applicant need to verify project details and submit approval.
  • Applicant then pays the scrutiny fees/processing fees required for scrutiny.
  • This proposal now goes in for two levels of scrutiny. First Level scrutiny will be done by Assistant Town Planner/Municipal Engineer and second will be done by the Chief Officer.
  • The ATP/Municipal Engineer verifies the documents uploaded by the applicant.
  • Once the documents/drawings are verified, site visit is done for the proposal. Engineer/ATP himself go for site visit inspection and fill in the questionnaire drafted for site visit of REVISED BUILDING PERMISSION.
  • Consolidated Scrutiny is also performed based on the comparison of drawings uploaded, the proposal details and the DC rules.
  • On successful inspection, the application is verified with remarks and then is forwarded to the Chief Officer (CO) for further round of inspection.
  • CO will re-verify all the documents and the Scrutiny inspection report of the proposal.
  • CO will check for any concession/relaxation requested and check whether to allow for any concession/relaxation on the proposal.
  • Once the proposal is approved, the applicant needs to pay the other post approval charges (Development charges, labour cess etc.)
  • On post approval payment, the CO will check and digitally sign the REVISED BUILDING PERMISSION certificate.
  • Applicant can print the digitally signed REVISED BUILDING PERMISSION Certificate online through the portal.
  • This procedure right from application to approval of REVISED BUILDING PERMISSION should take 30 working days as per the government regulations.

 Document Checklist

Document List Mandatory / Optional
Revised XML File Mandatory
Revised TP File Mandatory
Original Sale Deed /Lease Deed/Power of attorney/enabling ownership document Mandatory
V.F. No 7/12 extract or CTS Card show of area holding Mandatory
Tax Receipt / Assessment copy of current year Mandatory
Certified Copy of Measurement Plan of Plot /Layout plan Mandatory
Statement of area of holding Optional
Affidavit From Owner Regard To Area on plan Optional
Affidavit From Architect/Engineer/Supervisor/Structural Designer Optional
NA Order Optional
Third party interest created by way of agreement of sale or mortgage etc. Optional

Is land leased by Government or local authorities? YES,Attached NOC of Government or local authorities.

Proposed Plan Mandatory

Checklist for Site Visit

  • After receiving the application Online, the file will be transmitted to Assistant Town Planner or Municipal Engineer, who is assigned randomly by computer from the pool of inspectors for Site Inspection.
  • The inspector will “plan a site visit” schedule.
  • The date and time will be intimated to the applicant through SMS. On the scheduled date and time, the Site Inspector shall conduct the inspection as per the checklist enclosed and upload the Inspection Report within 24 hours.
  • The inspector will check the lat-long co-ordinates mentioned in the application and verify the same on-ground.
  • The inspector shall take photographs of the site and surroundings and the report has to be uploaded into BPMS within 24 hours.
  • The applicant can view the site visit report at any time by clicking the “site visit report” button available in his/her console. Even the citizens can also view this from the Dashboard of BPMS Website.
  • The Inspection has to be completed within 3 working days from the date of receipt of application. The Inspector will use the prescribed checklist.
  • Model Site Inspection checklist is given below for the reference of the applicant.
  • Site Visit Checklist for REVISED BUILDING PERMISSION
Sl. No. Scrutiny Questions Answer Options   Remarks
1 Is the location as per approved layout of Town and Country Planning Department yes No  
2 Verification of the boundaries as per plan & as on ground position Tally Not Tally Remarks if Not Tallied
3 Ownership of Approach Road Public Road Private Road  
4 Nature of Approach Road:      
  a) Kaccha Yes No  
  b) Water Bound Macadam (WBM) Yes No  
  c) Bituminous (BT) Yes No  
  d) Cement Concrete (CC) Yes No  
5 Are there any Services over approach road      
  a) Drains Yes No  
  b) Storm Water drains Yes No  
  c) Telephone wires Yes No  
  d) Electricity HT Lines (33 KV) LT Lines (11 KV)  
6 Nature of Proposed Site:      
  a) Site Topology: Slope of the site? 1.5 No  
  b) Plain Land Yes No  
  c) Undulated Yes No  
  d) Rocky Terrain Yes No  
7 Are there any old structures existing on site:      
  a) No Structures Yes No  
  b) Temporary Structure Yes No Remarks if Yes
  c) Permanent Structure Yes No Remarks if Yes
8 Is site within the vicinity of structure identified by the archaeological department? Yes No  
9 Nature of Water Body:      
  a) Nala Yes No  
  b) Canal Yes No  
  c) Lakes Yes No  
  d) Streams Yes No  
10 Does proposed site falls under Restricted Zone like Defence Area/ Air Funnel Zone/ CRZ Area/ Blue line/ Red Flood Line etc. Yes No Remarks if Yes
11 Are there any trees on the site? Yes No  
12 Are the trees going to be demolished? Yes No Remarks if Yes
13 Is the site covered by:      
  a) Temple Yes No  
  b) Religious Structures Yes No  
  c) Open Well Yes No  
  d) Graveyard Yes No  
  e) Heritage Structure Yes No  
14 Is site filled with offensive material like carcasses excreta? Yes No Remarks if Yes
15 Is there proper sanitation on the site? Yes No Remarks if Yes

Timeline (SLA for Approval of REVISED BUILDING PERMISSION): 30 Days