Sri K. Srinivas,M.Tech.,MIE.,M.I.G.S.,

Engineer-in-Chief (Admn)(FAC) & Chairman, Board of Chief Engineers,

Water Resources Department,

Ramavarappadu, Currency Nagar, Vijayawada.

Lr.No. ENC/IW/SE(P&M)/EE.1/DEE.2/AEE(K)/SoR 2019-20/VOL-4 dt: 25.10.2019


Sub: Schedule of Rates for the year 2019-20-Incorporation of revised sand rates and issuance of correction slip for typographical error under "General Guidelines for materials other than covered under WR work items" -Reg.

Ref: 1.T/o Proceeding.ENC/IW/P&M/EE.1/DEE-2/AEE(K)/ SoR 2019-20/Vol.3 dt:24.09.2019, 2. G.O. Ms. No. 70, IIIC(Mines-II) Dept. dt. 04-09-2019

A)Incorporation of Revised sand rate in the SoR 2019-20

While issuing SoR 2019-20, the sand rates are kept unchanged from that of SoR 2018-19 rates for the time being. It was also informed that once the sand rate per Cum is arrived as per the latest sand policy, the same shall be communicated in due course.

Accordingly, the Board of Chief Engineers meeting held on 17.10.2019 for finalization of sand rate per Cum based on the sand rate fixed by the Government @ Rs.375/-tonne.

The BoCEs after detailed discussions have finalized the rate per Cum for various categories of sand for incorporating the same in the SoR 2019-20.

SoR Item No. Description of the item as per SoR nomenclature

Unit of measu

For Read asExcluding GST and Seignorage Charges
27(a)     Fine Aggregate / Sand (unscreened) for Concrete and Filtering items Cum Rs.100/- Rs. 510/-
27(b)    Fine Aggregate / Sand (unscreened) for filling Cum Rs.100/- Rs.375/-
28 Fine Aggregate/ Sand (screened) for Mortars, Plastering items and sand  blasting items(including screening charges) Cum Rs.182/- Rs.590/-

Note:The above sand rates shall be applicable for all the estimates prepared after the announcement of New sand policy by the Government.

B) Correction slip:

 It is observed that under the "General Guidelines for materials other than covered under WR work items", the following typographical error crept un-noticingly and the same may be read as follows for the SoRs 2018-19 & 2019-20. 

For Read as
2.The rates for materials is inclusive of GST,duties and other local levies 2.The rates for materials is exclusive of GST, duties and other local levies 

Hence, all the Heads of the Department are requested to communicate the addendum to their sub-ordinate officers. 
Yours faithfully,

Sd/-K.Srinivas,Engineer-in-Chief(AW/IW)& Chairman,BoCEs