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File No.:- F.59. STP/DLB/Building-B.Laws/ (41)/16/285  Date : 28.04.2016.


   In respect of Model Rajasthan Bhawan Viniyam, 2013 (For Class 1 Cities excluding Jaipur, Jodhpur & Bhiwadi), Model Sthaniya Nikay (Nagriya Kshetra) Bhawan Viniyam, 2010, Jaipur Development Authority (Jaipur Region Building) Byelaws, 2010, Jodhpur Development Authority Building Byelaws, 2013 & Greater Bhiwadi Byelaws, 2013 action on the following provisions shall be taken and displayed on website by concerned Local Authority within a period of 30 days:-

1. Provision for registration of technical experts - Architects, engineers, Town Planners is made with desired qualification. Under the Provisions of above mentioned building byelaws responsibilities and penalties are also prescribed for registered technical experts. All Competent Authorities shall register technical expert as per the provisions of building byelaws.

2. Approval procedure, checklist and timeline for approval of building plans shall be prepared and display in a separate link on website.

3. Implement a system that allows application and payment for approval of building plans.

Sd/- (Sanchita Bishnoi)

     Director, Local Bodies cm Special Secretary