Settlement Analysis


1. Settlement Analysis

SETTLEMENT ANALYSIS is a dual unit Windows software for the analysisi of rafts, footings, embankments and group piles.

2. Free Schmertmann Settlement Calculator

Calculate settlement in sand using this free calculator.

3. Peysanj Geotechtinal Software

settlement based on Timoshenko method with If (Fox factor) bearing capacity CPT liquefaction

4. Settle3D

Settle3D is a 3-dimensional program for the analysis of consolidation and settlement under foundations, embankments and surface excavations.

5. Ground Loss - Software for tunnelling

Software for prediction of building damage due to tunnelling induced ground movements.

6. SteinP 3DT

SteinP 3DT is a usefull software for contacting settlements calculation. The footing elements can be rectangular, circular or of arbitrary shape. The subsoil strata is defined in form of planes in 3D space.

7. ILLICON for consolidation and settlement analysis, FREE

ILLICON methodology for consolidation and settlement analysis. Model observed compressibility and permeability characteristics of soft clay and silt deposits

8. SteinN Pro

SteinN Pro is a usefull software for contacting preliminary settlements calculation below a rectangular footing. All calculations are contacted according to the procedure described in DIN 4019.


- ZSTRESS is an interactive program for calculating vertical stresses due to surface loads, using the Boussinesq and the Westergaard equations.

10. Xcalcs

- Xcalcs presents online calculation sheets for structural engineers, including analysis of beams on elastic soil.


- WINSTRESS calculates the increment of stresses in a linearly elastic half-space due to surface loads. The program is part of the Productivity Tools for Geotechnical Engineers suite of programs, but is also available separately.


- WINSAF-TR performs one-dimensional consolidation analysis based on Terzaghi's classical theory. The program is part of the Productivity Tools for Geotechnical Engineers suite of programs, but is also available separately.


- WINSAF-I computes one-dimensional settlements by summing the vertical strains along a vertical profile; this is the classic method of estimating settlements under design loads.

14. Winkler

- Winkler models a beam on an elastic foundation.

15. Wickdrain

- Wickdrain is a program for estimating wick drain assisted consolidation times and settlements of surcharged compressible soils.


- VDISP calculates the vertical settlements (and stresses if required) within a layered elastic soil mass arising from vertical pressure loading applied to rectangular and circular loaded areas.


- UNISETTLE calculates stress and settlement distribution (total and differential) in clays and sands. Consider multi-layered soils, multitude of loaded areas placed at different elevations, by excavation to different depths,....


- TUNSET analyses the ground movements induced by tunnelling in terms of three-dimensional displacements and horizontal strains.

19. TSET

- TSET is for the calculation of ultimate settlement due to consolidation of clays. Allowing a variety of load cases, placement and removal of fills and changes in the water table.

20. TCON

- TCON calculates consolidation settlements and rates of settlement. It allows radial as well as vertical drainage providing the capability to simulate sand or wick drains.


- TAILS is used for the calculation of the rate of consolidation of mine and mill tailings and dredge spoils under their own weight and/or surcharge loadings.

22. StrsDist

- StrsDist carries out stress distribution analysis by elastic theory, and has the following features: Change any parameter for immediate re-calculation; Only SI unit system; Exact influence coefficient for a rectangular load;....


- STRESS estimates initial stress profiles determining vertical and horizontal in situ stresses


- SLABS is a finite element program that assists in the analysis and design of rafts and slabs-on-ground, it also analyses suspended slabs.


- SETTLE carries out estimating of settlements in sand and clay


- SET-SAND is an interactive program which calculates the settlement beneath a shallow foundation in cohesionless, granular soils.


- SETOFF analyzes foundation settlement by commonly accepted procedures in which the soil profile is divided into a number of layers, the average stress increase from all of the foundation-loaded area is determined for each layer,

28. SDPS

- SDPS (Surface Deformation Prediction System) provides an integrated approach to the calculation and prediction of ground deformations above undermined areas.

29. Schmert

- Schmert carries out settlement analysis by the Schmertmann Method in sand and has the following features: Multiple layers of different soils with different Es, etc; SI unit system only; Everything on one screen;...

30. SAF-TR

- SAF-TR solves the transient problem of one-dimensional, linear, primary consolidation for different patterns of initial excess pore pressure distribution and for excess pore pressure generated over time.

31. RigidTunnel

- RigidTunnel models a rigid buoyant tunnel in heavy elastic half plane.

32. PVR

- PVR for Windows is an update of the PVR for DOS program for calculating swell potential (potential vertical rise) of foundation clays by the original TxDOT Test Method Tex-124.

33. MSettle

- MSettle determines the direct settlement, consolidation and secondary creep along verticals in a 2D geometry. In addition to different types of weight loads, vertical drainage can be included.


- MINLIN is part of the Oasys Geo suite, but available separately. Calculates elastic horizontal and vertical displacements due to vertical and/or horizontal rectangular patch loads applied to an elastic half space.

35. MINE

- MINE is a finite element program to analyse subsidence due to mine excavation problems. No pre or post processors


- MINDLIN models excavation of a circular cavity in a heavy elastic half plane.

37. Mebra

- Mebra calculates the drain distance and rate of settlement. The program creates graphic and table output.

38. Jeffery

- Jeffery models the uniform radial stress at the boundary of a circular tunnel.


- ISMAP solves the transient problem of 1D, linear, primary consolidation for different patterns of initial excess pore pressure distribution and for excess pore pressure generated over time.

40. GroundLoss

- GroundLoss models uniform radial displacement at the boundary of a circular tunnel.


- GGU-SLAB can design foundation slabs using the subgrade or constrained modulus procedures. To solve the differential equations the finite-element method, with triangular elements, is used.


- GGU-SETTLE allows the calculation of foundation settlement using rectangular or triangular foundations, including mutual influence.


- GGU-ELASTIC calculates linear-elastic deformation in plane and axis-symmetrical strain using the finite element method considering linear-elastic behaviour and Hooke's law. Colour output is supported.


- GGU-CONSOLIDATE calculates the one-dimensional consolidation processes in multi-horizon systems using any pore water pressure distribution and time-dependent loading function.

45. FSConsol

- FSConsol is a one dimensional consolidation program based on the Finite Strain Consolidation Theory. Finite Strain Consolidation describes consolidation problems which involve large strains...

47. FoSSA

- FoSSA is an interactive program for assessing stresses and settlements under an embankment. Version 1.0 was developed for the US Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).


- FOCALS analyses a layered system subject to loading from superstructures such as footings and raft foundations taking full account of the interaction between super-structure, raft and soil.

49. FLEA5

- FLEA5 (Finite Layer Elastic Analysis) is a program that can calculate the stresses and displacements within a multi-layered soil deposit of finite thickness generated by multiple uniform surface loadings.

50. FLAC (University of Sydney)

- FLAC (Finite Layer Analysis of Consolidation) calculates the time-settlement behaviour of uniform circular, strip or rectangular loadings which are applied to the surface of a horizontally layered soil deposit.

51. FIDES-Settlement

- FIDES-Settlement calculates the expected settlements of a foundation according to DIN 4019 for rectangular, circular and strip foundations.

52. FEAR

- Program FEAR (Finite Element Analysis of Rafts) is a DOS based program that allows the analysis of rafts constructed on foundations that consist of several horizontal soil layers.


- ENKONS/PC is a finite element program for 1D consolidation of soils with stress dependent confined compression modulus and stress or strain dependent permeability.


- EMBANK computes the one-dimensional vertical settlement due to embankment loads. The program follows the equations presented by Lambe & Whitman (1969), Ladd (1973), Poulos, and Davis (1974).


- ELPLA (Elastic PLAte) is a program for analyzing the soil-structure interaction of slab foundations of arbitary shape by the finite element method. Foundations may be flexible, elastic or rigid. It can model the effect of external loads,...


- DISTRIB determines stress distributions assuming elasticity, plasticity, 2:1 and uniform loading


- DISTRIB determines stress distributions assuming elasticity, plasticity, 2:1 and uniform loading

58. DC-Settle

- DC-Settle carries out the analysis of the settlement of any number of rectangular foundations with mutual influence for flexible and rigid loaded areas.


- CYCON performs a one-dimensional consolidation analysis of a soil in which the soil properties may vary with depth and which can have values of compressibility and coefficient of consolidation which can be different for the normally-consolidated...

60. CONSOL (Virginia)

- CONSOL (Virginia) is an interactive program for analysis of magnitudes and rates of consolidation settlement. Uses 1D finite difference equations.

61. CONSOL (SoilVision)

- CONSOL (SoilVision) is a finite difference, one-dimensional solutions to the Terzaghi equation, and large strain consolidation. Solved on EXCEL 5.0 spreadsheets.

62. ConSetle

- ConSetle is consolidation settlement analysis software with the following features: Multiple layers of different soils with different Cc, e, unit weight; SI unit system only; Brief help screens for the theory and usage; Formatted printer output.

63. CON2D90

- CON2D90 is a plane strain finite element program for analysis of stresses, displacements, and consolidation in saturated and partly saturated earth masses.

64. ComplexTunnel

- ComplexTunnel provides complex variable solutions of elastic tunneling problems in a pdf book format.

65. ComplexMindlin

- ComplexMindlin provides complex variable solution of Mindlin's problem in a pdf book format.

66. CLOG

- CLOG is part of the Oasys Geo suite, but available separately. Calculates the long term consolidation or swelling due to the changes in load over a limited area (assumed square) of the surface of a soil.

67. CADA

- CADA (Consolidation And Desiccation Analysis) models a new rational desiccation theory for the overall consolidation and desiccation process of soft fine soils using a nonlinear finite element method.

68. Mestor dealing with land-use management, civil engineering, and risk management

- MESTOR is a private SME established in Catania (Italy) with specific skills in the development of high-tech software solutions.