Slope Stability (Rock)


1. GEO5 Rock Stability

Intuitive software tool for performing planar or polygonal rock slope stability analysis and design.

2. The Geotechnical Engineering Company

Teico, geotechnical engineering company evaluates risks of natural hazard to the environment, property and humans and provides prevention solutions.

3. Slope Stability Analysis Software (STABL)

- STABL is a computer program written in FORTRAN for the general solution of slope stability problems by two-dimensional limiting equilibrium methods.

4. TAGAsoft

- Slope stability, finite element analysis, pile and pile groups, settlement and consolidation, seismic analysis and foundation design software.

5. GOC Rocsience

- Geomechanics software and research

6. Mitre Software Corporation

- Slope stability and inclinometer software.

7. Geotechnical database management and slope stability software

- MZ Associates Ltd has ceased trading. Mark Zytynski, the author of the packages SID and STABLE will continue to support these systems on an informal basis. SID and STABLE are available for download free of charge from this site.

8. Wedge Failure Analysis

- Wedge Failure Analysis is a wedge failure analysis package. It includes a stereonet view of the planes the user inputs and a printable summary of the analysis.


- WEDGE is part of the Prokon suite of programs, but is also available seperately. It is used for the analysis of a tetrahedral wedge formed by the intersection of two planar discontinuities in a rock slope.

10. Swedge

- Swedge (4.0) is an interactive analysis tool for evaluating the geometry and stability of surface wedges defined by two intersecting discontinuity planes and a slope surface.


- SLOPEPACK is a rock slope stability pack including programs Geoslide, Proslide and Disit.


- ROTOMAP is a 3D model for rock falls and the design of protection measures. It uses a statistical approach that simulates a large number of rockfalls and identifies the optimum areas for intervention,....

13. RocPlane

- RocPlane is an interactive software tool for performing planar rock slope stability analysis and design. It evaluates the probability of failure of potentially unstable planar wedges.


- ROCKPF is part of the Prokon suite of programs, but is also available seperately. It is used to calculate the factor of safety of a planar failure in rock for a range of input parameters.


- ROCKPACK III is a package of 18 programs linked together by a master menu for rock slope stability analysis based on "Rock Slope Engineering" by Hoek and Bray,...

16. ROCK3D

- ROCK3D is a program that reconstructs the shape of potentially unstable rock blocks and determines the measures necessary to stabilise them.

17. RocFall

- RocFall (4.0) is a statistical analysis program designed to assist with a risk assessment of slopes at risk of rockfalls.

18. Plane Failure Analysis

- Plane Failure Analysis calculates the factor of safety for plane failures in rock and soil slopes where defined discontinuity planes exist. A view of the slope analyzed may be saved as a bitmap with a summary printed alongside.

19. Kbslope

- Kbslope is a module of the PTWorkshop package, but is also available separately. It carries out the limit equilibrium method of analyzing stability of rock wedges in slopes in jointed rock masses.

20. Geoslide/Proslide

- Geoslide/Proslide is a pair of programs for rock wedge sliding analysis. Geoslide has the normal features to examine the kinematics of sliding and will do a single wedge analysis for any loading condition and slope geometry.

21. GeoRock (GeoStru)

- GeoRock (GeoStru) carries out a statistical simulation of rock falls using the Lumped Mass or CRSP model. For the Lumped Mass method the slope profile consists of a number of straight line segments;...

22. EzSlide

- EzSlide Version 2.70 is used for the probabilistic analysis of both single and multiple rock wedges and has tools to analyze the safety factor distribution.


- CLU_STAR is a program for rock mass discontinuity cluster analysis and rock mass stability analysis. It allows filing, calculation and graphical representation of geological discontinuity data.


- ACCECALC carries out the analysis of rock slopes under seismic conditions through the evaluation of movements of a block of rock subject to dynamic forces, based on the form of a given accelerogram.

25. Slope stability and inclinometer software

- GSLOPE: Limit Equilibrium Slope Stability Analysis for slopes with and without reinforcement. GTILT: Slope Inclinometer Data Analysis and Presentation. (pronounced "jee-tilt")


- Our objective at GEO-SLOPE is to create software that is both technically comprehensive and easy to use, making geotechnical modeling accessible and practical for all geotechnical engineers.