35. Cinemas, Theaters and Public Assembly Halls.   

35.1 No permission for construction of a building for a Cinema or other purpose shall be granted by the RMC unless the construction of such building conforms to the rules, under the Jharkhand Cinema (Regulation) Act, or other relevant enactment. (Refer Appendix N, Jharkhand Cinema (Regulation) Rules 1974).

35.2 No person shall erect a building intended to be used for as a Cinema, theatre, or public assembly hall, or convert the use of any existing to any such purpose unless such building is set back at least 9 m. from the regular line of the street or from the street if no such regular line exists. The Cinema, theatre shall be constructed as per the relevant rules under the Jharkhand Cinema (Regulation Act, 1974. And Jharkhand Cinema (Regulation) rules 1974 (Appendix N).  

35.3 In addition, assembly buildings shall conform to IS 4878-1968 Bye-laws for construction of Cinema. See Building Code of India (See Byelaw no. 26.1).  

35.4 Exits and fire safety requirement shall be in accordance with part IV Fire Protection of National Building Code of India (See Byelaw No. 26.1).  

35.5 Requirements of Water Supply and Sanitary Installations shall be in accordance with Part IX Plumbing Services Section (1) Water Supply Section (2) Drainage and Sanitation of National Building Code of India (See Bye-law Nos. 31.2 and 31.3) 
 Misc. Each 0.9 sq. m of floor space for cinema hall including balcony spaces shall be deemed to be occupied by one person. 

36. Factories and Industrial Building. 

36.1  Notwithstanding any provisions contained in the Bye-laws and the relevant Acts and Rules framed under them every factory, building or part hereof shall comply with the additional requirements of 36.2 and 36.3.  

36.2 The location of the factory site shall be governed by the provisions of the development plan (if any). For municipalities having the development plans, the factory site shall have to be approved by the RMC.  

36.3 In the case of factories constructed or converted for use as a factory after the date of these bye-laws the following additional requirement shall apply:  
(a)  Exits and Fire Safety Requirement shall conform to Part IV Fire Protection of National Building Code of India ( See Byelaw no. 26.1).  


(b)  Disposal of trade waste and effluent: In the case of a factory where the drainage system is proposed to be connected to the public drainage systems prior approval of the  arrangements shall be obtained from the RMC and a copy of the approval shall be attached with the notice. All drainage system shall be connected by a suitable trap so as to exclude volatile and other objectionable matters. 

(c) Requirements of water supply and sanitary installations shall be in accordance with part IX Plumbing Service Section 1 water supply section 2 Drainage and sanitation of National Building Code of India. Further the number and location of the spittoons to be provided shall be to the satisfaction of the Chief Inspector of Factories or other appropriate RMC (See Bye-law no. 31.2 and 31.3). 

37. Petrol Filling Station. 

37.1 The location of the petrol filling stations and its layout shall be approved by the RMC in consultation with the Dy. Commissioner of the District depending upon width of roads and traffic generated, location with respect to points of intersections and nearness to occupancies of educational, assembly, storage and hazardous uses.  

38. Burial and Burning Grounds: 

38.1 The RMC shall under the provisions of Section 258 of the Bihar and Orissa  Municipal Act, 1922 regulate the location and area limits of the Burial and Burning grounds, including crematory. Further, the RMC shall prohibit certain burial and burning grounds located in certain area which in their opinion is dangerous or likely to be dangerous to the health and well being of the persons living in the neighborhood or to be offensive to such persons. 

39. Building in Mining Area. 

39.1  Building on mining area shall not be constructed to a height more than one storey without the prior special approval of the RMC.