• 1. Complete particulars should be furnished against each item.
  • 2. Application received without registration fees and other document will not be considered
  • 3. Incomplete application will not be considered.
  • 4. The applicants should enclose only attested copies of all the certificates and documentary evidences attested by  Gazetted Officers. If  un-attested copies are received, originals should be produced for verification.
  • 5. Solvency should be 30% of the maximum value of the Registration sought for. For registration in Class-I the minimum solvency is Rs.30.00 Lakhs for registration in class-V solvency is not necessary. (Please see Annexure-A). The Solvency should be in the name of the applicant or any of the partner and should be obtained from the Revenue Department official not below the rank of Tahsildar and issued not earlier than one year from the date of application.
  • 6. The new entrants shall remain in the lowest class (Class-V) for two years for getting promotion to the next higher class and the contractors should remain for one year in each of the higher classes (Class-IV, III & II) for getting promotion to the next higher class.
  • 7. Attested copy of latest Saral submitted to Income Tax Department with a copy of PAN card furnished by Income Tax Department.
  • 8. Attested copy of residential proof by providing either Ration card or Voter Identification card or passport.
  • 9. Attested copy of front page of Bank passbook.
  • 10. Details of contract phone numbers.
  • 11. Audited Balance Sheets for the last financial year. 

The rules for the Registration of Contractors for undertaking Government works are available in Appendix -XXIII of Tamil Nadu Public Works Department Code. The registration is done in the respective Circles by the Superintending Engineers (State level / Circle level) and by the Executive Engineers in the respective Divisions in appropriate class, depending on Contractor’s financial capacity, experience, etc.

Classification of Contractor:

The Contractors can register in PWD in the respective Class depending on their qualification for the following value of works:

  • Class – I        : Above Rs.75 Lakhs
  • Class – II      : Upto Rs.75 Lakhs
  • Class- III        : Upto Rs.30 Lakhs
  • Class- IV         : Upto Rs.15 Lakhs
  • Class- V         : Upto Rs.6 Lakhs

Fee for Application :

Division Level - Rs.1000/- + VAT
Circle Level - Rs.1000/- + VAT
State Level - Rs.5000/- + VA

Fee for Registration :

Division Level (Class V) - Rs.10,000/-
Circle Level (Class V, IV, III, II & I) -Rs.20,000/-
State Level (Class IV, III, II & I) - Rs.50,000/-

Essential qualifications for Registration as Contractors :

  1. Income Tax Return Filed with Income Tax Department with PAN No.
  1. Tamil Nadu State Government “TIN” for Sales Tax.
  1. The solvency certificate not less than 30% of the value of class of registration sought for, on immovable properties issued by Revenue Department. The Revenue solvency should be in the name of the individual, who wish to register (or) one of the partner’s name, if it is a firm / company.
  1. Financial capacity to execute works, for which Certificate on Cash transaction with the Bank for the past one year.
  1. Experience in the relevant fields.   
  1. Tools and Plants available with them.
  1. Technical Staff available with them for Works Supervision

The contractors shall remain for atleast one year in each of the classes (i.e.) Class IV, III and II for getting promotion to next higher Classes.

Head of account for the Registration Fee Remittance : 8782 Cash Remittance PW Other Remittance in items adjustable by Public Works and the credit of Executive Engineer, PWD., Division. (D.P. Code No. 8782 - R - ACAD – 0003).

Rejection of application : The registering authority shall have full powers to reject any application received for registration. But while doing so, he shall issue a show-cause notice to the applicant, stating briefly the reasons for rejection.

For upgrading the contractor from lower class:

The promotion to the next class shall be based on solvency certificate added with the experience and past performance.

 1.  The new entrants shall remain in the lowest class (Class-V) for two years for getting promotion to the next higher class and the contractors should remain for one year in each of the higher classes (Class-IV, III, & II) for getting promotion to the next higher class.

2.  Application for Up-gradation will be issued free of cost. However the cost of application is to be remitted along with the fees for up gradation.

3.  Up-gradation of a contractor’s class will be considered only when the contractor has executed at least one single work for a value upto 80% of the maximum value in the present class or 3 times of the maximum value in multiple works.

4.  Solvency should be 30% of the maximum value of the Up-gradation class sought for, For Up-gradation class-I, the minimum solvency is Rs.30.00 lakhs.

Demotion of Class : The registering authority may demote a contractor, to a lower class. The registering authority may also consider application for reinstatement duly obtaining explanation on merits.

Non-discrimination and accessibility: The Superintending Engineers and the Executive Engineers shall act with Non-discriminated manner as per the guidelines issued from time to time by the Government.

Role of Contractors for availing the above services:

For availing the services, Public can submit filled in application along with the copies of documents like, solvency certificate for the required value, experience certificate, evidences of income Tax Return filed, Sales Tax Registration Certificate, Details in support of financial capacity, Details of Manpower and Machineries available with them, etc., and originals of such document shall be produced for verification by the Superintending Engineers / the Executive Engineers as the case may be.

Grievance Redressal : Grievances, if any, can be solved by contacting the respective Executive Engineer or Superintending Engineer of this Department in person.


The applicant for registration as a contractor should furnish the following documents for consideration.

  1. If a firm, the names of partners, together with details of financial and other business interests of the partners.
  2. If a registered firm, a copy of registration documents.
  3. If a Joint Stock Company, a copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association and the names of the directors.

NOTE:- A partner of a firm, or a director of a company which registered as a contractor in this Board will not be permitted to register himself as a contractor under his name or in any other capacity.

Class-I Class-II Class-III Class-IV Class-V
A Attested copy of the Current Income Tax Clearance Certificate – Minimum Turn Over 100.00 50.00 25.00 10.00 --
B Solvency 30.00 22.50 9.00 4.50 --
C Performance of works (in the respective fields) within the last five years. 10% weightage will be given to each year.          
a Single work (or) 100.00 50.00 25.00 10.00 --
b Multiple work in a single year 225.00 90.00 45.00 20.00 --
D Attested copy of CURRENT Sales Tax Registration / Verification Certificate.


Encl:   1. Challan / D.D / P.O. for Rs. ………….

             2. Details of Firm’s Certificates

             3. Details of Machinery, etc.,

            4. List of work undertaken in the past