1. CPWD Specifications

Central Public Works Department (CPWD) Specifications are followed for execution of Building projects and these specifications are based on codes published by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

2. National Building Code of India

The National Building Code of India (NBC) enforces unified building regulations throughout the country. It is a single document in which the information contained in various Indian Standards is compiled and can be immediately adopted or enacted for use by various departments.

3. Handbooks published by the Bureau of Indian Standards

Bureau of Indian Standards has published the following handbooks which unify the constructional practices being followed by various organizations engaged in construction of residential, commercial and industrial buildings and is mainly based on various Indian standards published in the respective areas of construction. The handbook provides information regarding methods of construction of any particular element of the building using different materials and methods. Some of the handbooks useful for reference are listed below:

i) SP 62  Handbook on building construction practices.

ii) SP 16  Design aids for reinforced concrete to IS: 456.

iii) SP 20  Handbook on masonry design and construction.

iv) SP 21  Summaries of Indian standards for building materials.

v)SP 22  Explanatory handbook on codes of earthquake engineering (IS: 1893 and IS: 4326).

vi)SP 23  Handbook on concrete mixes (Based on Indian standards).

vii)SP 24  Explanatory handbook on Indian standard code of practice for plain and reinforced concrete (IS: 456).

viii)SP 25  Handbook on causes and prevention of cracks in buildings.

ix)SP 32  Handbook on functional requirements of industrial buildings(Lighting and ventilation).

 x)SP 33  Handbook on timber engineering.

xi)SP 34  Handbook on concrete reinforcement and detailing.

xii)SP 35  Handbook on water supply and drainage with special emphasis on plumbing.

xiii)SP 38  Handbook on typified designs for structures with steel roof trusses (With and without cranes).

xiv)SP 40  Handbook on structures with steel portal frames (Without cranes).

xv)SP 41  Handbook on functional requirements of buildings (Other than industrial buildings).

xvi)SP 43  Handbook on structures with reinforced concrete portal frames (Without cranes).

xvii)SP 47  Handbook on structures with steel lattice portal frames (Without cranes).

4. Indian Standard Codes

Codes published by the Bureau of Indian Standards prescribe specifications and standards for various items of building work. It also stipulates the tests to be done and methods of sampling.

5. American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)

ASTM/DIN Standards are suggested to be followed for certain items of work where BIS codes are not published or silent.