Tree felling procedure



  • Applicant logs in to the system and apply for tree felling through Form – ‘C’ Application under section 8(2).
  • In the application, applicant will specify the description of trees to be felled along with the reasons for cutting.
  • Form – ‘C’ once filled will be printed for counter signature.
  • Form – ‘D’ Undertaking under section 11(2) will also be filled by applicant as an undertaking to plant new trees in decided location. Form D will also be printed for counter signature.
  • Along with the application, the applicant will upload the documents as layout plan showing position of trees to be felled, land ownership documents, photograph of trees to be cut, printed and signe
  • Form C and Form D
  • On receipt of application, the tree officer will publish a notice in local newspaper for objection (if any).
  • If objection is raised, the process will flow until hearing
  • Tree officer will then go and personally do the site visit and create the inspection report.
  • Tree officer needs to upload the inspection report within 48 hours from the site visit date.
  • The tree officer will forward the application to Chief Officer / Tree Authority for approval based on the number of trees to be cut.
  • If the trees are less than equal to 25, then the application will be approved by the Chief Officer. However, if the number of trees are more than 25, the application needs to be forwarded to the Tre
  • Authority for approval.
  • As per the powers of Chief Officer and Tree Authority, they will further check the inspection reports, the documents attached and give the approval/rejection.
  • The applicant is informed about the approval/rejection of the application.
  • In case of rejection, Rejection letter will be sent to applicant.
  • In case of approval, Applicant is asked to pay the fees required for the proposal.
  • Applicant will pay the fees online or through RTGS.
  • On successful payment of fees, The CO/Tree Authority will digitally sign on the NOC for Tree Felling which is then available to the applicant to print the certificate online.

Document Checklist

Document List Mandatory / Optional
Layout Plan showing position of trees to be felled Optional
Land Ownership Documents Mandatory
Approved Building plan for construction (if any) Optional
Undertaking as per section 11(2) Form-D Mandatory
Undertaking as per section 8(2) Form-C Mandatory

Site Visit Checklist for Tree Felling

Sl. No. Scrutiny Questions Answer Options Remarks
1 Trees / uneven growth of trees is dangerous Yes No
2 Trees / uneven growth of trees bring obstacle for construction Yes No
3 Required Documents attached for application Yes No
4 Whether space available for new plantation Yes No
5 No. of Trees and their names which do not obstruct the construction    
Sl. No. Name of Tree Circumference (mtr.) Height (mtr.) Place of Tree Actual Status Recomme ndation