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Religious Conversion and Impact on Property Rights - Posted on: 18th September 2020

In a country with over a billion people, instances of religious conversion are sizeable. While the ancestral property is a right that Indians, no matter what religion they belong to, at times, families might not be willing to share that property with those within the family who converted into another religion. But, do converts have a rightful share in the ancestral property? Let's look at what the law says: Hindu Succession Act A Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) is governed by the Hindu.. Read more

"Alarming Rates Of Transmission is a wake-up call for all of Virus In Europe": WHO - Posted on: 18th September 2020

The health body also said it would not change its guidance calling for a 14-day quarantine period for anyone exposed to the novel coronavirus. Copenhagen, Denmark:  The World Health Organization warned Thursday of "alarming rates of transmission" of Covid-19 across Europe and cautioned countries against shortening quarantine periods. The WHO's regional director for Europe Hans Kluge said the number of coronavirus cases seen in September "should serve as a wake-up.. Read more

Demand Surges Jindal Steel To Produce 19% More Steel This Year - Posted on: 18th September 2020

Jindal Steel and Power Ltd (JSPL), one of the country's top steel makers, expects to produce a record 7.5 million tonnes of the alloy this fiscal year, betting on buoyant overseas and domestic demand, a top company official said on Thursday. JSPL aims to produce 19 per cent more steel in the year to March 2021, as it expects an eight-fold increase in its export orders, Vidya Rattan Sharma, managing director of JSPL told Reuters in an interview. The company is likely to export 2.5 milli.. Read more

Vastu, a science and an art that deals with matter of building and architecture - Posted on: 17th September 2020

Why Is Vastu More Popular Today Than Ever.? Among the many unique selling points of their projects, real estate developers offer boast of them being Vastu compliant. This is not just an exercise to pad up the text in marketing and branding brochures. This does help developers make the desired impact. Buyers of today are well sensitised about the many benefits of living in Vastu Complaint houses. Vastu, a science and an art that deals with matter of building and architecture, is an old In.. Read more

Tatas Will Build New Parliament Building For ? 861.9 Crore - Posted on: 17th September 2020

The Tatas beat Larsen and Toubro, who had submitted a bid of ? 865 crore. New Delhi:  The new parliament building will be constructed by Tata Projects Limited at a cost of ? 861.90 crore, officials said today. The Tatas beat Larsen and Toubro, who had submitted a bid of ? 865 crore. The Central Public Works Department opened the financial bids for the construction of a new parliament building today. The project is likely to be completed in a year.. Read more

Building debris disposal rules here: Rules to handle construction and demolition waste. - Posted on: 16th September 2020

Behind the glitz of new and tall buildings in the city is a trail of chunky construction debris with no accountability for its management or disposal - until now. The Centre has come out with new rules to handle construction and demolition waste (2016). The norms include segregating construction debris into steel, concrete and iron and depositing at a collection centre, a ban on dumping them in the open or on the road, and the mandatory use of water sprinklers to suppress dust and, thereby, p.. Read more

China Laying Cables To Boost Communications At Ladakh Flashpoint - Posted on: 15th September 2020

They have been laying optical fibre cables on the southern bank at breakneck speed Leh:  Two Indian officials said Chinese troops were laying a network of optical fibre cables south of Pangong Lake in Ladakh, suggesting they were digging in for the long haul despite high-level talks aimed at resolving a standoff there. Such cables, which would provide forward troops with secure lines of communication to bases in the rear, have recently been spotted to the south of Pangong Tso lake .. Read more

Let us all Celebrate the Birthday of Bharat Ratna Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya - Posted on: 15th September 2020

Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya KCIE FASc, more commonly known as Sir MV, was an Indian civil engineer and statesman and the 19th Diwan of Mysore, serving from 1912 to 1919. He received India's highest honour, the Bharat Ratna, in 1955. The Birthday of Sir Mokshagundam (15 th September) is celebrated as Engineer'sday in India. EARLY LIFE: Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya was born on 15 September 1861 into a Telugu Brahmin family. His father, Mokshagundam Srinivasa Sastry, was a sc.. Read more

What Is The Format Of A Rental Agreement.? - Posted on: 14th September 2020

Rental agreement A rental agreement is a legal document which lays out the pre-discussed terms and conditions under which the rented property is leased out that is to be followed between the landlord and the tenant. In India, 11 month lease period is preferred by most landlords while entering into property rentals.  Here is the format of lease agreement used in India: RENT AGREEMENT This Rent   Agreement is made on this __________ (da.. Read more

Images Of Coronavirus Infecting Respiratory Cells Published by New England Journal of Medicine - Posted on: 14th September 2020

Showed the structure and density of SARS-CoV-2 Using a higher power magnification The images were re-colorised, and show infected hairy ciliated cells with strands of mucus attached to cilia tips. Washington:  Scientists have produced images of the novel coronavirus infecting lab-grown respiratory tract cells, findings that illustrate the number of virus particles that are produced and released per cell inside the lungs. The researchers, including Camille Ehre from the Univ.. Read more

Chinese Virologist says she has evidence to prove that Coronavirus was made in Wuhan lab - Posted on: 14th September 2020

Chinese Virologist Li Meng-Yan In a shocking revelation, a Chinese virologist, Li-Meng Yan, who had earlier claimed that China and WHO knew about the Wuhan coronavirus long before they made it public, has now stated that Coronavirus is lab-manufactured virus and she has proof to back it up. Yan, who had fled Hong Kong fearing retribution from Chinese authorities for making claims that expose China’s coverup of the coronavirus crisis, recently said that she would soon publish evi.. Read more

2020 worldwide resembles 1918 despite science advance - Posted on: 13th September 2020

Treatment of Spanish flu-1918 Washington: Despite a century’s progress in science, 2020 is looking a lot like 1918.In the years between two lethal pandemics, one the misnamed Spanish flu, the other COVID-19, the world learned about viruses, cured various diseases, made effective vaccines, developed instant communications and created elaborate public-health networks. Yet here we are again, face-masked to the max. And still unable to crush an insidious yet avoidable infectious dise.. Read more

Till Medicine Is Found,social distancing is the most effective weapon against the virus: PM Modi - Posted on: 13th September 2020

Prime Minister Narendra Modi India has been reporting close to one lakh coronavirus cases daily for the last few days New Delhi:  Prime Minister Narendra Modi has cautioned the masses against being careless amid the coronavirus pandemic. He - while addressing a gathering in Madhya Pradesh via video conferencing on Saturday - shared a slogan to highlight the significance of social distancing and masks in the fight against the illness until a cure or vaccine is developed. "Ja.. Read more

Legal Rights of a Landlord - Posted on: 12th September 2020

While we talk a lot about the rights of a tenant and how to safeguard them, there is other side of the transaction, too. A landlord. Under the rental laws in India, there are rights that safeguard the interests of a landlord, too. The Rent Control Act is one important act passed by the Government of India in 1948, post which several states like Delhi,  Maharashtra and Karnataka have undertaken modifications to the same. The act, however, seen as pro-tenant, also, talks about the pro.. Read more

Long-Range Wireless Power Transmission Test in New Zealand - Posted on: 12th September 2020

A famous image of inventor Nikola Tesla shows him casually sitting on a chair, legs crossed, taking notes—oblivious to the profusion of artificial lightning rending the air meters away. By then, Tesla and raw electricity were like an old married couple. The experiments, conducted in Colorado, led to one of Tesla’s most audacious proposals: To power the world without wires. He made headlines with plans for a “world wireless system,” and won funding from JP Mor.. Read more

Risk management measures that every Homebuyer should know. - Posted on: 11th September 2020

Homebuyers, purchasing a home is one of the most important financial decisions they make in their lives. When a buyer searches for a house, he looks at various aspects like the location, affordability, price, etc. The new-age individuals have become smart enough to cross check other safety measures too. These may be the stability of the house, reputation of the developer, quality of the construction material and better financial deals that can make the house a promising investment prospect... Read more

Deficit Monetisation : Covid-19 Likely To Force Government To Borrow More - Posted on: 11th September 2020

The officials have already discussed the possibility of monetising the debt, whereby the central bank prints money to bridge the fiscal deficit. Revenue shortfalls in India, the major economy hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic, are likely to force the government to borrow more, but it will only consider monetising its deficit as a last resort, sources familiar with discussions told Reuters. Borrowing plans for the second half of the financial year, ending on March 31, will be reviewed.. Read more

Sensex, Nifty Decline For Second Straight Day Dragged By Banks - Posted on: 10th September 2020

On the other hand, media, metal and pharma shares witnessing buying interest. The S&P BSE Sensex and NSE Nifty 50 indexes fell for second session in a row on Wednesday dragged down by selling pressure in banking, financial services and information technology shares. The benchmarks had opened lower in trade today mirroring losses in other global markets where in the Sensex fell as much as 430 points from its previous close of 38,365.35, and the broader Nifty 50 benchmark briefly dropped be.. Read more

Central Cabinet approves amendments to 3 Labour codes - Posted on: 10th September 2020

The codes – to be moved in the forthcoming monsoon session of Parliament – will allow states to introduce significant changes to their labour laws framework, such as rules for retrenchment, through notifications. New Delhi: The Union cabinet on Tuesday approved amendments to the labour codes on social security, industrial relations, and occupational safety and health (OSH), which could include pension and medical benefits to gig workers, government officials said. The codes.. Read more

What If Your Bank Loses Your Sale Deed? - Posted on: 9th September 2020

After a home loan borrower pays his outstanding debt in entirely, a no-dues certificate is issued by the bank. After that, the bank returns him the sale deed that is kept with it after property registration. That is a simple fact home loan borrowers are aware of. Now, what happens if the bank, somehow, loses your sale deed? It is the responsibility of the bank to apply for a new copy of the sale deed from the Sub-Registrar’s Office. Meanwhile you could also file a compl.. Read more

Cement makers claim comes under the BIS Lens - Posted on: 8th September 2020

The overall cement production capacity in the country was nearly 545 million tonnes in the financial year 2020. Cement manufacturers may soon have to change the way they market or differentiate their products. The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), a central body responsible for the standardization, marking and quality certification of goods, has directed cement manufacturers to refrain from making claims that are not backed by the relevant Indian standards. The cement department comes under.. Read more

KV Kamath Panel Identifies 26 Sectors For Debt Resolution affected due to COVID-19 - Posted on: 8th September 2020

Under the proposed guidelines, lenders can also consider their own financial parameters to decide on resolution plans for their customers. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) said on Monday that it had broadly accepted recommendations made by a committee on loans restructuring for COVID-19-affected businesses. The RBI-appointed panel, under eminent banker KV Kamath, recommended five financial ratios for 26 sectors - including aviation, construction, power, real estate and automobiles - which coul.. Read more

Low-carbon solutions: Plastic-bottle kerbstones and waste-based building blocks - Posted on: 7th September 2020

From plastic-bottle kerbstones to waste-based building blocks, countless companies are now touting greener building materials. Miles Rowland surveys this fast-changing sustainability scene Historic portraits look down from the wood-panelled walls of the lecture hall at the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). Before them stands a large red and brown block – a section of wall fashioned from a composite of clay and straw derived from hemp. At first glance it .. Read more

Bengaluru Hospital Reports First Case Of Covid Reinfection In City - Posted on: 7th September 2020

Patient with reinfection had "not developed immunity", says Infectious Diseases Consultant of Fortis Hospital after testing for presence of coronavirus-fighting cells. Bengaluru:  Bengaluru has reported its first case of coronavirus reinfection - a 27-year-old woman who had first tested positive in July and was discharged upon full recovery from a mild form of the disease. Tests conducted on the patient, who did not have any co-morbidities, show she did not develop any immun.. Read more

Legal Rights of A Landlord - Posted on: 5th September 2020

While we talk a lot about the rights of a tenant and how to safeguard them, there is other side of the transaction, too. A landlord. Under the rental laws in India, there are rights that safeguard the interests of a landlord, too. The Rent Control Act is one important act passed by the Government of India in 1948, post which several states like Delhi, Maharashtra and Karnataka have undertaken modifications to the same. The act, however, seen as pro-tenant, also, talks about the protectio.. Read more

Does Conversion To Another Religion Affect Your Rights On Ancestral Property? - Posted on: 4th September 2020

As families grow, inheritance of ancestral property becomes a complicated issue. In case there are other changes, too, inheritance-related issues become further complicated. India's judicial system from time to time keeps bringing clarity to matters that are complex in nature. Let us have a look at cases where inheritance laws gained further clarity in the recent past: What are the rights of an adopted child? Under the Hindu Succession Act, 1956, a legally adopted child is a Class-I he.. Read more

How To Ensure Personality Development In Children Through Room Décor - Posted on: 3rd September 2020

Decor for personality development The time between 7 to 13 years of age is known to hold paramount importance in the intellectual, emotional and mental development of young adults. At a time like this, a well-planned bedroom that acts as their exclusive private space goes a long way in raising their self-esteem, overall morale and in creating a sense of belonging. This is also the period during which their imagination reaches its peak. So, it is imperative to understand the role their private.. Read more

Loan Moratorium Can Be Extended For 2 Years: Centre To Supreme Court - Posted on: 2nd September 2020

The central government on Tuesday informed Supreme Court that loan moratorium period can be extended by two years as per the RBI's circular. The government on Tuesday informed the Supreme Court that the loan moratorium period can be extended by two years as per a Reserve Bank of India circular. That came a day after a moratorium - or temporary relief - on loan repayments allowed to lenders due to the coronavirus pandemic ended. The central bank had allowed banks and other financial i.. Read more

"Worst Is Behind, Recovery Clearly On," Chief Economic Adviser to Government - Posted on: 2nd September 2020

Chief Economic Adviser to Government Krishnamurthy Subramanian Official data on Monday showed the country's gross domestic product (GDP) contracted a record 23.9 per cent in the quarter ended June 30. The coronavirus pandemic has caused an exogenous shock to India, but "the worst is behind us" and economic recovery "is clearly on", Chief Economic Adviser Krishnamurthy Subramanian told to media on Tuesday. His remarks, in an exclusive interview to NDTV.. Read more

Former President Bharat Ratna Pranab Mukherjee Passed away At 84 - Posted on: 1st September 2020

Former President Pranab Mukherjee has passed away, announced his son Abhijit Mukherjee New Delhi:  Pranab Mukherjee, the elder statesman of Indian politics, has passed away at 84 on monday evening. The former President of India, who had tested positive for coronavirus, had been in coma after a brain surgery earlier this month. "With a Heavy Heart , this is to inform you that my father Shri Pranab Mukherjee has just passed away inspite of the best efforts of Doctors of RR .. Read more

GDP Contracts For First Time In Over Four Decades - Posted on: 1st September 2020

The data comes as the government is strategically removing restrictions imposed in March to curb COVID-19 infections, which have caused a big blow to an already-slowing economy. India's gross domestic product or GDP contracted 23.9 per cent in the April-June period  much worse than economists' estimates, official data showed on monday, as the coronavirus pandemic brought key industries to a halt and rendered millions of people jobless. That marked the worst incidence of negative .. Read more

Green environ decreases mental disorders - Posted on: 31st August 2020

Being surrounded by greenery in childhood may improve mental health of the future urbanites.   There is a close relationship between green space, urban life and mental disorder. Washington:  A new study now finds that children who grow up with greener surroundings have up to 55 per cent less risk of developing various mental disorders later in life. The study by Aarhus University, Denmark, emphasises the need for designing green and healthy cities for the future. Wit.. Read more

One Nation One Health Card everyone Need To Know - Posted on: 31st August 2020

'One Nation One Health Card' will digitize the health records of all Indians, making patient data accessible and inclusive in one card. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his 74th Independence Day speech, announced the launch of National Digital Health Mission (NDHM). The 'One Nation One Health Card' will digitize the health records of all Indians, making patient data accessible and inclusive in one card. The 'One Nation One Health Card' will be voluntary, with the ch.. Read more

Documents To Check To Avoid Property Fraud - Posted on: 30th August 2020

With our lifetime savings, we all plan to buy our dream home. While the cost of the property and the means to fund it are important, it is equally critical that you don't end up becoming the victim of a fraud. Hence, it is essential to know which documents need to be checked when you buy a property. Sale deed This is the core legal document, a proof of sale as well as the transfer of ownership from the seller to you. A sale deed should be registered, apart from ensuring that t.. Read more

Unlock4: Metros Can Resume, No Lockdowns Outside Containment Zones - Posted on: 30th August 2020

Schools, colleges, swimming pools and indoor theatres will remain closed. New Delhi:  Metro train services can resume in a phased manner from September 7 and lockdowns can't be imposed outside containment zones, the central government said on Saturday as it announced new steps to ease COVID-19 restrictions as part of the fourth phase of unlocking. Social, political, academic, sports, religious and other functions will be allowed with a limit of 100 people as part of the new rul.. Read more

Tips to cut down your water consumption. - Posted on: 29th August 2020

Monthly bills paid for water usages are often negligible, irrespective of the amount of water wasted. The only thing that can act as a deterrent for water wastage is that there is a limit to which water is available to us with cities like Chennai and Bengaluru already experiencing an acute water crisis. A little consideration on our part would lower the risk to a great extent. In this article, we share nine tips to cut down your water consumption. Keep things dry: A great deal of water g.. Read more

Assessment To Gauge Extent Of Economic Disruption Under Lockdowns - Posted on: 29th August 2020

Forecasts for GDP in the quarter through June range from a contraction of 15 per cent to a decline of 25.9 per cent, with a median estimate of -19.2 per cent. The coronavirus pandemic has made the job of predicting India's economic growth already a fraught process in normal times even harder. Economists are bracing for possible big swings in the quarterly gross domestic product data scheduled for release on August 31 and significant revisions going forward. The statistics off.. Read more

"Atal Tunnel", the Highest Tunnel of world will be opened by September end - Posted on: 28th August 2020

India to get most important strategic tunnel " Atal " between Manali & Leh by the end of September The 8.8-km strategic Rohtang Tunnel, being built at 3,000 metre above sea level between Himachal Pradesh’s Manali and Leh in Ladakh, will be opened by September-end. The Rs 3,200-crore tunnel will shorten the 474-km distance between Manali and Leh by 46km, which means the eight-hour journey will be cut by two-and-a-half hours. The tunnel is also called "Atal Tunnel&qu.. Read more

Coronavirus in the bathroom of an unoccupied apartment in China,Suggests Spread through drain pipes - Posted on: 28th August 2020

The discovery of coronavirus in the bathroom of an unoccupied apartment in Guangzhou, China, suggests the airborne pathogen may have wafted upwards through drain pipes, an echo of a large SARS outbreak in Hong Kong 17 years ago. Traces of SARS-CoV-2 were detected in February on the sink, faucet and shower handle of a long-vacant apartment, researchers at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention said in a study published this month in Environment International. The contaminated ba.. Read more

Whole Country is in Locked Down, Now Give Relief: Top Court To Centre - Posted on: 27th August 2020

Supreme Court was hearing petitions that wanted waiver of interest on loan repayment during moratorium period, announced due to the coronavirus lockdown. The Supreme Court on Wednesday sought the government's stand on waiving interest on loan repayments during the moratorium and said it "cannot hide" behind the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Reacting sharply to the centre's comment that the move would hit businesses and banks, the Supreme Court said: "This happened b.. Read more

NEET and JEE (Mains) will be held during September..? - Posted on: 27th August 2020

Several political leaders, activists, students, parents, and other stakeholders have raised concerns over holding the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) and National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) in September amid the Covid-19 pandemic. While NEET is scheduled to take place on September 13, JEE (Mains) will be held from September 1 to September 6. Here are the highlights to know about the NEET-JEE exams so far: Exam dates extended twice due to Covid-19: Over 8.58 lakh and 15.97 l.. Read more

Stilt Parking and How Does It Impact A Building’s Safety.? - Posted on: 26th August 2020

In the past decade, rules regulating apartment buildings in India were changed to make provisions for stilt parking spaces. Civic authorities in Delhi, for example, made stilt parking mandatory in all new apartment societies spread between 100 and 1,000 square metres. In its master plan of 2021, the Delhi government also announced its plan to offer additional floor areas ratio to buildings offering stilt parking. As a result of this, several housing societies in the national capital region (NCR).. Read more

15 Injured, Around 70 Feared Trapped After Maharashtra Building Collapse - Posted on: 25th August 2020

Raigad Building Collapse: A multi-storey building in Maharashtra's Raigad district collapsed on Monday. Several people are feared to be trapped under the debris. Raigad (Maharashtra):  At least 15 people were injured and around 70 were feared to be trapped under debris after a multi-storey residential building in Maharashtra's Raigad district collapsed on Monday. There are said to be 45 flats in the five-storey building. Three teams of National Disaster Response Force or.. Read more

Loan Restructuring Plan Will Help Revive Economy, Says RBI Chief - Posted on: 25th August 2020

Reserve Bank of India Governor Shaktikanta Das said the moratorium was a "temporary solution" for lockdown and not a permanent fix New measures to allow Indian lenders to restructure loans will provide a "durable" resolution for cash-strapped businesses and help revive the economy, according to the central bank's chief. "On one hand health of banks is very important and on the other hand businesses are under a lot of stress due to covid," Reserve Bank of Indi.. Read more

Innovation 2050: 10 predictions for the future of the construction industry - Posted on: 24th August 2020

The construction industry will be taken over by robots. Not completely, but more and more construction sites will become human-free. That’s the message from Balfour Beatty in its latest report, Innovation 2050.  Here, we take a look at the 10 predictions for the construction industry of 2050. It may seem far away, but with the incredible advances in technology, 2050 seems just around the corner. The industry will become increasingly focused on innovation and both contra.. Read more

Financial planning involves visualising the future. - Posted on: 24th August 2020

Insurance is important to protect your loved ones from future eventualities, but you still don't buy coverage Financial planning involves visualising the future. In what ways will the world change in 30 years? How much should you save for retirement? In which city should you buy a house? It’s important to keep seeking answers to these questions. The future’s an unpredictable place. You don’t want an unexpected turn of events to take you by surprise and catch you fin.. Read more

Stamp Duty On Property Purchase In Top Indian Cities - Posted on: 23rd August 2020

When you set out to buy a property, you have to budget additional expenses that you would have to incur during the process that include stamp duty and registration charges. From time to time, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has been nudging banks to factor in additional expenses on property purchase while granting home loans. However, banks typically offer only 80 per cent of the property value as home loan, without factoring in stamp duty and registration charges that inc.. Read more

India Crosses 3 Million Coronavirus Cases - Posted on: 23rd August 2020

The total cases in India are now 30,05,281, up by 29,580 since the last update 24 hours ago. India is behind Brazil and the US in biggest number of cases New Delhi:  The number of coronavirus cases in India crossed 3 million just 15 days after the country reported 2 million cases, according to data. India logged more than 2 million coronavirus cases on August 7. The total cases in India are now 30,05,281, up by 29,580 since the last update 24 hours ago. India is behind Brazil and t.. Read more

Indoor Air Pollution can be twice or five times more toxic than the air outside - Posted on: 22nd August 2020

Sources of Indoor air pollution The air quality in Delhi and the neighbouring cities is deteriorating to alarming levels. The toxic smog blanketing the atmosphere is affecting lives leading to road accidents and flight delays as well as posing grave health risks. Several health experts are warning of rising instances of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. As people are resorting to using of masks and air purifiers, Dr Randeep Guleria, director, All India Institutes of Medical Scienc.. Read more

RBI Constrained In Cutting Lending Rates Due To Inflation - Posted on: 21st August 2020

RBI governor Shaktikanta Das said that at this juncture it is important to keep our arsenal dry and use it judiciously The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) believes that there is room for further rate cut but it is unlikely to implement it any time soon due to rising inflation, minutes of the central bank's last monetary policy committee (MPC) meeting suggested. According to the minutes released on Thursday, RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das  said, "Although there is headroom for further .. Read more

German Chancellor Merkel hosts Greta Thunberg for talks on climate crisis - Posted on: 21st August 2020

Climate activist Greta Thunberg The meeting comes exactly two years after Thunberg started to strike outside Swedish parliament to call attention to climate crisis Berlin: German Chancellor Angela Merkel hosted Greta Thunberg and other leading Fridays for Future activists in Berlin on Thursday for talks on the EU's climate goals, with the campaigners expected to condemn "political inaction". Merkel said Swedish 17-year-old Thunberg and her co-campaigners Luisa Neubauer.. Read more

PMAY(Urban) to generate 3.65 crore jobs in construction of sanctioned houses : Union minister - Posted on: 20th August 2020

Union minister Hardeep Singh Puri Union minister said that it is estimated that 158 lakh metric tonnes of steel and 692 lakh metric tonnes of cement would be consumed in construction New Delhi: Union minister Hardeep Singh Puri on Tuesday said around 3.65 crore jobs would be generated in the construction of houses sanctioned under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (Urban) in the country. Speaking at a webinar organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry, Puri said that so far.. Read more

Humanity’s greatest challenge at hand:Ideas to deal with worsening climate indicators in the next decade. - Posted on: 19th August 2020

As per the National Health Portal, a combination of severe heat, extreme weather events, water and food shortage, increasing allergens, air pollution, and social problems such as forced migration would precipitate serious health complications. I don’t want you to be hopeful, I want you to panic, famously said teenage activist Greta Thunberg about humanity’s greatest challenge at hand: the climate emergency unfolding right before our eyes. As I write this, the Air Quality Index in .. Read more

Larsen & Toubro Unit Wins Over ? 2,500-Crore Contracts, Shares Jump - Posted on: 19th August 2020

Larsen & Toubro (L&T) shares jumped as much as 4.67 per cent to ? 949.60 apiece on the BSE after the announcement. Construction major Larsen & Toubro (L&T) said on Tuesday that its unit, L&T Construction, bagged contracts worth more than ? 2,500 crore. L&T Construction was awarded large contracts for its various businesses, the Mumbai-based Larsen & Toubro said in a regulatory filing. The engineering major classifies orders in the.. Read more

Covid-19, tax break push July housing sales in UK to highest in a decade - Posted on: 18th August 2020

The prospect of long-term remote working and fresh fears of virus resurgence have led people to move out to countryside saw record-high sales. The UK housing market saw a surge in activity last month after a government tax break pushed sales to the highest in more than a decade, according to Rightmove. The property website said the number of agreed sales jumped in July, with the value hitting 37 billion pounds ($48 billion). That’s the most since Rightmove began tracking the dat.. Read more

Economic Growth To Contract By 16.5% In Q1 As Coronavirus Spreads: SBI Report - Posted on: 18th August 2020

Corporate earnings indicate more than 25 per cent decline in revenues and more than 55 per cent decline in profits. The country's economic growth is likely to see its first contraction in many years as the Coronavirus continues to spread, the country's largest lender - State Bank of India said in a report. "India's GDP is expected to contract by 16.5 per cent during the first quarter of current fiscal as the current Covid-19 pandemic is spreading at a much faster rate after t.. Read more

From waste to wealth - Posted on: 17th August 2020

Hyderabad couple Amey Marathe and wife Sujata are working to transform food wastes and greenhouse gases into useful fuels and green energy. One of the microbial consortia plants set up by the organisation. According to a World Health Organisation report, 11 out of the 12 most polluted cities in the world are from India. While the Prime Minister has been creating awareness through his Swachh Bharat campaign, a city-based couple is pro-actively doing something for the environment. .. Read more

AICTE releases revised academic calendar for technical institutes - Posted on: 17th August 2020

The last date for commencement of classes for existing students of technical courses except PGDM/PGCM courses is September 1 In a latest revised academic calendar for all AICTE approved institutes and universities, the statutory body and a national-level council for technical education, the All India Council for Technical Education said that the classes maybe started in online/offline or blended mode, following the prescribed protocols and guidelines related to COVID-19. As per the latest .. Read more

"Consider Me Retired": MS Dhoni Announces End Of An Era - Posted on: 16th August 2020

Ms Dhoni announced his retirement from international cricket, bringing down the curtain on his illustrious 15-year career as an India player. MS Dhoni announced his retirement from international cricket on Saturday, as he brought the curtain down on his illustrious 15-year career as an India cricketer when he posted on Instagram, calling an end to his international playing career. MS Dhoni has been one of the best wicket-keepers to play international cricket and his record speaks for itself. .. Read more

The right temperature for a building - Posted on: 15th August 2020

Buildings are one of the largest consumers of energy and emitters of GHG emissions. Gaurav Burman, who heads a building intelligence solutions provider, tells Dhiraj Shetty how to tackle this issue With air-conditioning becoming almost de rigueur in the modern office, arguments over the temperature inside are not uncommon. The temperature inside an office affects the productivity of the employees inside. In fact, some people are even uncomfortable with air-conditioning itself. Interestingl.. Read more

The Indian health system is unable to carry out contact tracing: confederation of medical association of Asia - Posted on: 15th August 2020

Hyderabad:  For every three symptomatic Covid-19 patients, there are 100 asymptomatic patients in Asia, according to analysis by the confederation of medical association of Asia and Oceania (CMAAO). In India, the stats change to 30 asymptomatic cases to every symptomatic patient tested positive, and 20 go untested. This is because the Indian health system is unable to carry out contact tracing, the social stigma surrounding Covid-19 and the limited understanding of the disease among t.. Read more

Know All About Income Tax Benefits Available Under Section 80C - Posted on: 14th August 2020

Have you fully utilised the income tax benefit available under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act.?. If not, it may be a great time to sort out your investments and curb your income tax outgo. Many wealth planners emphasise on the importance of income tax benefits available under Section 80C, often considered one of the most popular avenues to save money among salaried assessees. Every year, from wealth planners to chartered accountants to economists and the common man, all eagerly await any.. Read more

Stilt Parking and Building’s Safety - Posted on: 13th August 2020

In the past decade, rules regulating apartment buildings in India were changed to make provisions for stilt parking spaces. Civic authorities in Delhi, for example, made stilt parking mandatory in all new apartment societies spread between 100 and 1,000 square metres. In its master plan of 2021, the Delhi government also announced its plan to offer additional floor areas ratio to buildings offering stilt parking. As a result of this, several housing societies in the national capital region (NCR).. Read more

Kamala Harris Pick Sparks Delight In India And Jamaica - Posted on: 13th August 2020

Senator and Vice-Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris Joe Biden announced that he had selected Senate Kamala Harris as his running mate, he made history New Delhi:  At 5 a.m. on Wednesday, Gopalan Balachandran's phone woke him at his home in New Delhi. It was his sister in south India calling with exceptionally good news: their niece could become the next vice president of the United States. When Joe Biden announced that he had selected Sen. Kamala Harris as his running.. Read more

“BANANA” Fibre In Concrete - Posted on: 12th August 2020

Banana Fibre Now a days we are facing Environmental protection problem. Many things, which are invented for our luxurious life are responsible for polluting environment due to improper waste management technique. One of them is banana fibre. To address this issue the fibres from stem fibre of the plant were added in various percentages in M30 Grade Concrete. This Paper describes the performance of Banana Fibre Reinforced Concrete (M30). An Experimental work has been carried out on the Spec.. Read more

Russia Claims 1st Covid Vaccine "Sputnik V" - Posted on: 12th August 2020

Tuesday, for the first time in the world, a vaccine against the new coronavirus was registered" in Russia, Vladimir Putin said during a televised video conference call with government ministers. Moscow:  Russia on Tuesday declared itself the first country to approve a coronavirus vaccine with President Vladimir Putin saying one of his daughters had been inoculated. Dubbing the vaccine "Sputnik V" after the Soviet-era satellite that was the first launched into sp.. Read more

Vastu Tips For A West-Facing Home - Posted on: 11th August 2020

How Vastu affects one’s life, but when it came to buying a property, made sure they did some due diligence. “A Vastu-compliant home is easy to sell in the secondary market. So, we did not want to take a chance on that. Plus, there is no harm in opting for a house that everyone deems fit,”. When the couple zeroed down on a property, they were unable to make up their mind about the west-facing unit that they were shown around. Many of our readers might also be in the same dile.. Read more

Maintain Your Property’s Health - Posted on: 11th August 2020

If not attended to with utmost care, your property may start showing signs of decay. Small issues, hence, could to turn into a much bigger problem. In addition to spending a lot of money to fix the problem, this may also entail a great deal of inconvenience for the residents. Simply put, your house needs regular care and listed here are some ways to ensure the same. Regular paint job A fresh coat of paint at regular intervals, would refresh the house, while also ridding it of unwanted.. Read more

Keep Your Plots Safe From Illegal Occupation: Important Tips - Posted on: 10th August 2020

Property-related frauds aren’t uncommon in India, especially when it comes to land purchase. In this article, we discuss how buyers can prevent themselves from becoming victims of land-related frauds. Make sure you have all the necessary documents:  Documents prove the seller’s ownership over a plot. Aside from getting their document verified through a professional lawyer, the buyer must also check the land record in the local revenue department office to be doubly sure. Amon.. Read more

5 Effective Tips To Reduce Construction Cost of a Building - Posted on: 9th August 2020

Estimating the overall cost of building construction is a complex process. A mismatch between anticipated costs and actual expenses can lead to project failures, irrespective of whether it is a residential or a commercial property. It is also a crucial component of the total housing cost, the magnitude of which is very high in most of the big Indian cities. Effective cost management and value engineering are keys many professional builders rely on for ensuring a profitable business. If you have .. Read more

RBI Allows One-Time Restructuring Of Corporate, Personal Loans - Posted on: 7th August 2020

RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das In a major relief to corporate and retail borrowers, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on Thursday permitted banks to go for one-time restructuring of loans that are facing stress due to the COVID-19 crisis with a view to mitigating risks to financial stability. The restructuring will be allowed as per the prudential framework issued on June 7, 2019, RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das said. RBI also announced setting up of an expert committee headed by veteran banker.. Read more

Mumbai Whipped By Winds At Cyclone Speed Of 107 Kmph, Heavy Rains - Posted on: 6th August 2020

Strong winds with speed reaching 107 km per hour along the coast are prevailing and likely to continue during next three to four hours, the Meteorological Department has said. Mumbai:  The weather in Mumbai -- which is being pounded by heavy rains for more than two days -- slid a few more notches this afternoon as the winds picked up, reaching up to 107 km per hour by late evening. The cyclonic wind velocity and rain drew warnings from the city police and Maharashtra minister Aaditya .. Read more

Ayodhya Temple To Have 360 Pillars, Pink Stones To Be Brought From Rajasthan - Posted on: 5th August 2020

Each of these pillars will have 16 intricately carved statues. The stones are being brought for carving from Bansi Pahadpur in Rajasthan's Bharatpur. New Delhi:  Nearly four lakh cubic feet of pink stone will be brought from Rajasthan for building Ayodhya's Ram Temple, whose design was revealed on Tuesday by the trust supervising the construction of the mammoth structure. The place of worship will witness a grand ground-breaking ceremony on wednesday, which will be attended.. Read more

Beirut blast: Dozens dead and thousands injured, blaming highly explosive materials stored in a warehouse - Posted on: 5th August 2020

A large blast in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, has killed at least 70 people and injured more than 4,000 others, the health minister says.The blasts took place on Tuesday evening (around 6.10 pm local time), shaking buildings all over the city while also causing severe damages and casualties.  Officials are blaming highly explosive materials stored in a warehouse for six years. President Michel Aoun tweeted it was "unacceptable" that 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate was stor.. Read more

Guidelines by the Government For Gyms and Yoga centres To Reopen - Posted on: 4th August 2020

Yoga centres and gyms: The yoga or gym floor should have space of four metres per person. Equipment should be kept six feet apart, and wherever possible, they should be moved outdoors New Delhi: New guidelines have been released for yoga institutes and gyms across the country that are allowed to reopen from Wednesday as part of the centre's "Unlock 3" plan amid the coronavirus pandemic. The guidelines seek to minimise physical contact between staff and visitors at yoga cen.. Read more

Digital Platforms For Residential Properties Launched by Minister for Housing and Urban Affairs - Posted on: 3rd August 2020

Hardeep Singh Puri, Minister for Housing and Urban Affairs launched 'CREDAI Awas App' and NAREDCO online portal ''  The country's real estate sector has been witnessing a prolonged slowdown prior to the Covid-19 pandemic due to liquidity issues and NBFC crisis. The pandemic only worsened matters as homebuyers turned cautious about their immediate spending plans. In a move to boost the moribund housing sector and in line with the government's targe.. Read more

Government To Release List Of Strategic Sectors Soon: Nirmala Sitharaman - Posted on: 2nd August 2020

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had announced in May that there would be a maximum of four public sector companies in strategic sectors. New Delhi:  The government will soon come out with a new policy on public sector enterprises that will define strategic sectors which will not have more than four public sector undertakings, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said on Saturday. "We are working on it... it should go to Cabinet soon," she told media when asked about .. Read more

COVID-19 Emergency Committee highlights need for response efforts over long term - Posted on: 2nd August 2020

Geneva,Switzerland The Emergency Committee on COVID-19, convened by the WHO Director-General under the International Health Regulations (2005) (IHR), held its fourth meeting on 31 July. In its statement following the meeting, published on Saturday, it expressed “appreciation for WHO and partners’ COVID-19 pandemic response efforts, and highlighted the anticipated lengthy duration of this COVID-19 pandemic, noting the importance of sustained community, national, regional, and globa.. Read more

Forgotten lesson from Spanish Flu that killed 4 crore people - Posted on: 31st July 2020

Hospital during 1918-Spanish Flu The Covid-19 pandemic has brought back conversations around past pandemics. History repeats itself. It's an old cliché that we hear often. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought back conversations around past pandemics. Four of them are being talked about the most -- 2009 Swine Flu, 1968 Hong Kong Flu, 1957-58 Asian Flu and 1918-20 Spanish Flu. The MERS of 2012-13 was not a pandemic. All these historical pandemics being talked about right now have bee.. Read more

Unlock3: Curfew Ends, No Schools Till End-August, Gyms Can Reopen - Posted on: 30th July 2020

Schools, colleges and educational institutions will remain shut till the end of August, the government said in the fresh guidelines issued today. New Delhi:  Night curfew has been scrapped altogether and gyms and yoga institutes that are not in containment zones have been allowed to reopen in Unlock3 -- the third phase of lifting of coronavirus-related restrictions across the country -- declared by the government today. But restrictions remained in place in all other spheres that invo.. Read more