Consultants - Geologists/Ground Water

Location: Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Type: Ground Water Surveys



Natural Resources Development Co-operative Society Ltd., (NRDCS) is incorporated under Section 8 of the Andhra Pradesh Co-operative Society Act, 1964, in the year 1974 vide Regd.No.T.A.602, Dt. 30.4.1974.  NRDCS is a leading professional water resource identification, development and management consultancy organization, of its kind, promoted under the EPP & EPOC Schemes of the IV th & V th Five Year Plans, with the financial support from the Government of Andhra Pradesh and Government of India. It has more than 4 decades of proven service record in the field

NRDCS renders service to the public the following:

  • Ground Water Investigation
  • Ground Water Exploitation
  • Ground water development/management
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Geo-Technical Investigations, Foundation, & Soil Investigations
  • Diamond core drilling
  • Mineral Investigation
  • Civil Engineering Material Tests & Quality Control Lab