Poly Ironite Ceramic Cementitious Mortar

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Location: Baner, Pune, Maharashtra, India

Type: Repair Mortar for Hydraulic Structures & Roads


PICC is Durable and maintenance free, inorganic, UV Resistance, impermeable,Porosity(less than 1%),High Resistant to abrasion, Excellent Long term Adhesion to Stones-Mortar-Lime Surkhi Mortar-Concrete, High Compressive Strength, High Tensile and Shear Strength, Monolothic application, non toxic, SELF CURING, Suitable for Pointing  Masonary Joints,Concrete re-surfacing,Spillway Coatings, Lining of Acquiducts and Canals  and Heavy Vehicular traffic Road Repairs.