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Child-Friendly Residential Projects Woo Millennials - Posted on: 23-05-2021

According to a real estate advisory report on millennials, more than 23 per cent of Indian millennials currently staying with their parents will move out of their family homes within the next two to five years and 65 per cent of millennials aspire to buy a property in the future without compromising on the quality of life. We can infer from these statistics that millennials who already are married and have kids or are about to get married and eventually plan kids, will prefer buying homes that offer benefits for children.

Even though children are not direct influencers, their safety, welfare, and facilities for their emotional and social development are big factors in real estate purchases. Parents nowadays, are more conscious and actively involved in providing best facilities, to ensure all-round development of their children. Considering this demand,developers are building child-centric homes that cater to the sensitivities and needs of children both within the house and in surrounding environment.

Open spaces develop multiple intelligence in children

Having open spaces within housing complexes provide children with several sensory stimuli, as mixing with other children, making friends on their own and learning to get along with others, are all important aspects of a child's social and emotional development. It is important that new projects consider this aspect and include open spaces within the residential complex.

Proximity to educational institutes and learning centres are preferred

Residential complexes that have easy connectivity to good schools, colleges, amusement parks, theatres, malls, food outlets and medical facilities are gaining popularity. Developers are also offering within their residential complex special 'learning centers' or 'culture clubs' that have multiple amenities for children within one roof. 'Leon's World' located within Rustomjee Urbania is a similar attempt that offers children a special environment beyond home for various activities; and families can come together to spend quality time with their children.

Inside and outside: Child-friendly amenities

Safety of children is always a priority for parents, hence child-centric homes are carefully curated to make sure children live in a safe environment. Developers are offering facilities like anti-skid tiles, shockproof switches, adjustable basins and sinks suited to a kid's height, non-toxic paint in the home and baby-proof kitchen storage cabinets. Along with this, outdoor amenities for children help in their physical development. Rock climbing wall, roof-top star gazing deck, kinetic sandpit play gardens, kids' swimming pool, crèche facility, child-friendly footpaths, cycle tracks are some of the amenities that modern developers are offering for the overall development and comfort of children.

While there will be constraints of land availability in metropolitan cities like Mumbai and it may not always be feasible for a developer to provide lavish open spaces or gardens in residential complexes. In such cases, developers can always offer child-friendly amenities within homes or create play areas for children by taking advantage of the available podium area. It all comes down to a little bit of smart planning and lateral thinking, which will not involve extravagant budgets or sacrificing precious land. Ultimately, it is the environment in and around the home that plays a significant role in developing and shaping the future of children.

The article is written by Kaizad Hateria.